119 Best Elevator Pick Up Lines to make heart race faster

Below is a collection of slick, dirty elevator pick-up lines and opening pinnacles that work better than Reddit and Tinder openers. 

Cheesy Elevator Pickup lInes

Mentioned below are a few Cheesythat you must try. 

Is it an elevator because you can get on and off?

Are you an elevator ’cause I want to go up and down in you

Are you the elevator? Whenever I’m down, you always pick me up.

The elliptical wasn’t the only one that got my heart rate up!

Are you an elevator ’cause I want you to get off If you hurt your knee, put it on my shoulder.

If you’re looking for shit, you can stop looking. i can lift you

Damn girl, are you an elevator? Because I want to beat you!

Girls are you ready to lift your spirits and deepen your spirits? Because every time I see you are an elevator, my expectations drop.

Are you an elevator ’cause I want you to get off

Hey girl Is it an elevator because I’m going up?

Hey girl are you a magician? Because it grows without being touched.

are you an elevator I want to ride you

wow, you’re so tall

Are you an elevator ’cause I want you to get off

If you were in an elevator, which button would you press to get off?

I am originally claustrophobic. I hate elevators, especially crowded elevators. except you and me

They elevate the checkout to a mystical event worthy only of gods and champions.

Elevators aren’t the only things that go up.

If love were an elevator, I would have been on it with you all day.

I may not be an elevator, but you can ride my shaft. Mind you, I’ve been known to monitor flash floods at your lower elevations.

Rare Elevator Pickup lInes

Try these Rare Elevator Pickup lInes, wehave mentioned below.

Are you a boxer? Can you kneel and hit me twice in the head?

Does the high jump raise my hurdles?

Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only 10 I see!

do you like fitness? How about incorporating mine into yours?

Are you using that adduction device to crush me between your thighs later?

Are your feet tired? You were in my head all day long. Can I have a jersey? What is your name and number?

can you close the bracelet

Can you tell me how to operate this machine?

did you fart Because you blew my mind!

Have you heard the latest health report? It says that you should increase your intake of vitamin ME.

Do you believe in love with the first sentence? Or do you need to curl that barbell 10 more times?

do you have plaster Because it’s cut!

Do you have a card? I keep getting lost in your eyes

Do you have duct tape cause I’m completely ripped

Do you know any exercises to reduce breast size? Mine is a little too big and unwieldy.

Do you know karate because your body is really kicking.

Do you hang out here often?

Do you like the teacher in this class? Want to see you doing squats?

I saw you checking the package, so do you work for UPS?

Don’t go to the zoo today… (turns) There’s a python outside.

Short Elevator Pickup lines

Mentioned below are afew Short Elevator Pickup lInes, these lines are so cool, you must try these.

Sorry, I think I dropped something! my chin

Girls need to up your protein macros? Because I want to stab you with meat

Girl, I heard you like fitness. How about a fitness cock in your mouth?

Girls/Boys, you make your workout look good!!!!

You don’t even sculpt like that when you go to a sculpting class.

Hi. Would you believe me if I told you that the ball is bigger than your biceps?

Hey baby are you a boxer? You are such a good KO that you should!

Hey baby, how much does a polar bear weigh? Neither did I, but it broke the ice.

Hey baby, I have sarcoplasmic hypertrophy all over my body.

hey there! I saw you from across the room when you came in, so it’s your turn to find me.

Hello, it seems you are new to this gym. I want to bother you first.

Hello, I think you just arrived here. I want to be the first man to disturb you. Hello, my name is [name]. Remember, you’ll be yelling at it later tonight.

Would you like to be my special push-up partner?

Why don’t you come over to my house and sit on my legs while I do my sit-ups?

How about a long romantic walk on the treadmill? I was stopped at the airport last week for trying to bring these guns onto a plane.

On my way here, I was stopped by a police officer. He told me it’s illegal to carry these guns in public.

I have more masses on Sundays than churches!

Can you hear me thirsty? Well I have a six pack here!

I’ve heard that the missionary position has the effect of strengthening the pectoral muscles and triceps in men… Can you help me confirm this?

I heard you like lifting weights, but you’ll love putting nuts in your mouth.

Best Elevator Pickup Lines

Try these Best Elevator Pickup Lines mentioned below.

We hope that you have learned about CPR. Because CPR takes your breath away…and she just rode the elliptical for an hour and is a little dizzy.

I hope you’ve taken Flintstones vitamins today as I’m building your foundation!

I hope you’re into yoga tonight because you’ll have a good stretch tonight.

I know a fun activity that burns 500 calories an hour…

I may not be the most handsome guy here, but I’m the only one talking to you. I wouldn’t do that, but I think you’re cute and I’m tired of waiting for you to talk to me.

I should be exercising now, but I’m telling you. do you want to see a movie

I wish this gym had exercise bikes for two.

I’m sorry, but I need to ask you to move out. Your sexy body makes other girls look really bad here.

I have my whey with you!

Too soft for shirts… Too soft for shirts… Too flexible…

I have her 6 inch tongue. Please teach me how to use it.

Once you have rearranged the alphabet, put “U” and “I” together.

If you say you have a beautiful body, can you tell me the exercise program that got you there?

If you really want to loosen up the pectin, skip the squats and stretch. Is it a train in your pants or am I glad I noticed the size of your cock?

Is your tank top made of felt? [No] Do you want to be like this?

Women do you where there is plenty of women’s gear for you to use.

Let’s rush. Let’s do some midget boxing, get on your knees and punch

Without you, I’m like a sneaker without laces.

It’s not just the adductor muscles that are long.

My feelings for you are like diarrhea and I can’t stand it!

Crazy Elevator Pickup lines

Try these below mentioned Crazy Elevator Pickup lines. You will love it.

My personal her trainer said that as part of my routine, you and her should talk for five minutes.

My personal trainer told me that you and her should talk for five minutes as part of my routine.

Sudden lingering arrhythmia says I love you

Beautiful legs! When do you open?

nice legs. So when do they open?

Since you just got here, I’ll tell you where the fountain is…the next drink is my responsibility.

Sex burns him 300 calories an hour.

I’m sorry, but you owe me water. [“Why?”] Because I dropped mine when I saw you. It’s not just the Stairmaster that makes my heart beat…

It’s a stain on your bra top, isn’t it? (points to chest)

The weights in this gym aren’t heavy…can you sit on my face while I do the crunches?

Missionary position is said to help men build chest and triceps, is that true?

Want to sit on my lap while I use the rowing machine?

I heard it’s good for bone density if we don’t train together. And I don’t mean just my skeleton. What are the 145 teeth holding up The Incredible Hulk? My zipper.

What do we say when we go to GNC to get a bottle of Human Growth Hormone?

Today’s word is feet, do you want to spread it back to me?

No need to waste time on the treadmill. You were on my mind all day long. I have a new Apple iPhone. Should I go for 10 Gig or 30 Gig?

You must be a star in track and field because you’ve been running marathons in my head all day.

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