120+ rare Eiffel Tower Pickup Lines to Sweep Them Off Their Feet

Do you love the Eiffel Tower or are you visiting Paris? Use these Eiffel Tower-related pickup lines; this will help you flirt in a romantic setting.

These Eiffel Tower pickup lines are dirty, fun, and cute. It will help you win the heart of the man or woman you love.

Cheesy Eiffel Tower Pickup Lines

Try the below-mentioned cheesy Eiffel Tower pickup lines, and we are sure that you will love them.

Are you French? Because I guess Eiffel for you.

Are you a historic building? Because I guess Eiffel for you.

The Eiffel Tower grows six inches in the summer! I will do that too when I see you

You must have built the Eiffel Tower, your suction power is breathtaking!”

Hey, girl are you Luke? Because I guess Eiffel for you.

Miss, are you French? Because I guess Eiffel for you.

Is your name Paris Because you think my Eiffel Tower is yours

French or BC Eiffel for you Because the girl is French or Eiffel for you.

If you were a TSA agent, I’d like you to do a body scan of me.

Are you Vietnamese ’cause I’m falling for you.

Are you really from Korea? ‘Cause you’re my soul buddy

Will you let me drink in Dubai?

Short Eiffel Tower Pickup Lines

You’re going to love these short Eiffel Tower pickup lines.

Do you have a card? I keep getting lost in your eyes

Are you from China? I am Chinese so please get your number

Are you a customs broker? I feel like I have to declare my love to you. 

Are you Jewish ’cause you’re RAELI HOT?

I want to live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way

Are you from Mars because your ass is out of this world?

I think the connection is strong, is there WiFi here?

You are like a dictionary – you give meaning to my life!

Baby, I’m no weatherman, but I can predict a few inches tonight

Hey girl. Do you know what my sweater is made of? Boyfriend material.

You’re on my to-do list tonight

Would you disagree with me if I said your body was great?

What is a nice girl like you doing with a dirty head like mine?

Nice legs, When are you going to open them?

Call me baby because I want to be in you for the next nine months. How about an Australian kiss? like a french kiss.

Rare Eiffel aTower Pickup Lines

Do you wanna try some Rare Eiffel Tower Pickup Lines? Then this is a good place for you. Try these and let us know how you like them.

I’m like a boomerang I just come back to you.

Are you Australian ’cause you’ll meet all my koala fiction If you were a verb tense, you would be plus-que-parfait?

If you were a vegetable, you would be a “sweet cucumber”.

No wonder the sky is gray. All colors are in your eyes.

If I were an octopus, all three of my hearts would be for you. Forget hydrogen! you are my most important element.

Are you a magician? Because every time I see you, everyone else disappears.

Even if the earth had no gravity, I would still fall in love with you.

are you an electrician Because you brighten up my day!

You are like a dictionary – you give meaning to my life.

is your name google? Because you are everything I was looking for.

You know… Didn’t you take a class with me? We could have sworn we had chemistry. I’m not a photographer, but I can photograph the two of us together.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you have to go by it again?

If I were a cat, I would spend nine lives with you.

You make my dopamine levels dizzy!

Are you Luke or Eiffel for you? Are you lost, Madam? Because heaven is far from here.

Funny Eiffel Tower Pickup Lines

These Funny Eiffel Tower Pickup lines are so good, you must try them.

You fascinated me with your impeccable spelling and correct use of grammar.

We want our love to be like Pi – irrational and infinite.

You get electrocuted, so it must have something to do with Nikola Tesla.

It took me less time to fall in love with you than it took my DNA to replicate.

I don’t know what position you play in Quidditch, but you certainly look like a keeper. Is it the Hogwarts Express? Because you and I feel like we’re going to a magical place.

Your lips are made for kisses. Let’s not waste them.

I’m not drunk I’m crazy about you Your lips look lonely can I hang out with them?

Are you a wizard because every time I’m near you everything else disappears?

I’m lost without you.

I never saw my dreams come true until the day I met you. 

If I had stars every time I thought of you, I would have the entire galaxy.

I want to steal your heart and commit the perfect crime.

A sore lip, want a kiss to fix it?

Someone calls her 9-1-1. Because my heart stops every time I’m near you.

You are almost always in my heart. Is being sexy your full-time job?

My heart stops, does anyone know how to perform CPR?

Your eyes are like the setting sun Beautiful and hard to look away from.

My heart stopped beating when I saw you.

I want to toss a coin Head, I’m your cock, your mine!

I’m no photographer, but you can easily imagine us together.

You don’t think you have a chance with me, do you? Well, you got it completely wrong.

Quick Eiffel Tower Pickup Lines

Try these quick Eiffel Tower Pickup lines and let us know how you like them.

What was heaven like when you left?

did you feel it You rocked my world when I met you?

If being sexy is a crime, you are 100% guilty.

Kiss me if I’m wrong But T-Red is still alive, right?

Excuse me, I think you owe me a drink because you dropped it when you passed by.

Kiss me if I’m wrong But is your name Sam? Beautiful pants! what are they made of? Boyfriend material?

Do you like Star Wars? Because I want Yoda.

I flirt with you, but I want to seduce you with mine (insert body parts). You’re definitely on my to-do list tonight.

Your body is my wonderland and I want to be your Alice.

Tell me your name so I know what to shout tonight

I don’t need Twitter. I already follow you and like what I see. I lost my teddy bear. Will you be my teddy bear tonight?

Are you a fireman? You’re getting hot and you’re drenching me.

are you a soccer player I want you to touch down there?

You must be in debt because you can feel their growing interest in you.

Are you Siri I think you are autocorrecting me?

Best Eiffel Tower Pickup Lines

These Best Eiffel Tower Pickup lInes are so romantic, you should try them.

Arrested? Because they think it’s illegal to be so good-looking.

Hello, I’m Microsoft. can I crash with you?

Do you like raisins? What is a date like? I think your popsicles are melting. Shall I lick you?

Roses are red, violets are blue, you excite me and I want you to do the same.

are you tired? Because you were in my head all day long.

I’m addicted to you, so I must be a raindrop.

The best time has come, let’s work the magic.

If you were a Transformer, I would call you Optimus FINE.

Hold me so I can tell everyone that an angel touched me.

Wait, let me hold my breath. Because you stole your good looks from me. 

Are you the type of man every girl wants?

You look a lot like the future boyfriend I dreamed of.

If you were words on paper, you would be fine print.

You are very beautiful. You are like sunshine!

My love for you is a circle it never ends. 

Why do I want to see the stars when I can always see them in your eyes?

I am happiest when I am with you!

Even if God made something more special than you, He had it all to himself.

If I had roses every time I thought of you, I’d have more roses than they’ve given single people over the years.

I’m lost in your eyes, so I need a map.

Wow, someone like you only existed in my dreams until now. I finally found the girl of my dreams, you!

Want to know what my life would be like without you? (covers his eyes) Nothing. nothing without you.

If your beauty is time, you will last forever.

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