210+ best Egg Pickup Lines to straordinary Flirting

Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, the answer does not matter because there are some egg pickup lines that you can use to dupe your crush completely and stay on their mind for the longest time but in the most positive way.

These are best in their own ways if your go-to move is to surprise and steal attention from others. 

Cheesy Egg Pickup Lines 

These are the ones to go for when you want to make your crush laugh with no reservations.

They are funny and cute, and I will definitely get them rolling in the best way possible. 

Are you an egg? I want to see your crack. 

You look good whole, but your crack entices me. 

You turn me into goop like the egg yolk. 

You got me saying the L in yolk because I definitely feel the love for you. 

You are so hot you got my fingers burning 

You are so hot to me, and I wish you knew. 

I feel the urge to blow you whenever I see you.

I wonder if you would be down with some blowing action. 

People told me to take my time with you, but I am too hungry not to touch you. 

You smell magnificent. 

Your smell makes me so hungry. 

You look so fair, and you remind me of an egg. 

You got me smiling like I just received the sunny side up. 

You are sizzling hot. 

I can not wait to devour your sunny side. 

You would do me good if you let me turn you over. 

Your hotness makes me want to flip you around and have you. 

If I had you, I am sure my insides would be coated with your love. 

I want your lingering taste in my mouth. 

Your insides will look tasty with some scrambling. 

I have a spatula to scramble you up totally. 

Your eggs would look great scrambled. 

You are so warm in my mouth, and you remind me of scrambled eggs. 

You taste just as delicious as yolk. 

You are as bright as the sunny side up. 

Your skin glistens like a fried egg. 

You got me tasting you more than anything.

You are like the crunchy edge of a fried egg because I can not get enough of you. 

You would look better in oil. 

Your clothes remind me of an egg because I can not wait to peel you. 

You would look a-peeling after I have peeled you. 

You look like you got some good yolk. 

You make me want to lick your yolk off of my fingers. 

Your insides are as soft as boiled eggs. 

You are the only curve I want to see except the omelet I eat every day. 

Funny Eggs Pickup Lines 

These are the ones that would definitely get you laughing along with your crush. These have hilariousness stuffed to the brim, and you can use them to make everybody giggle together.

So whether it is a meeting or a friend group, lighten up your mood as well as your friend with these funny ones. 

Your smile is like my sunny side up. 

My day is incomplete without your smile as my sunny side up. 

I do not have any eggs for breakfast, so how about you become my breakfast? 

While you think over what comes first, the chicken or the egg, I will get your number. 

No matter who comes first, I will always make sure you come before the chicken or egg. 

Your coup looks empty without me. 

I do have a loud male chicken. It will definitely wake you up. 

I got something to feed your hungry coup. 

I think your coup would look better stuffed. 

Let me stuff your coup as much as I can. 

I got something gooey for your eggs. 

Your eggs would look better on my table. But since they are not out of you yet, why don’t you get on my table?

You would look adorable as my very own breakfast platter. 

You are the healthy breakfast I have been looking for. 

I will definitely check how long it will take for you to crack. 

I bet if I hold you from the sides, you will crack. 

Eggs crack when you touch the edge. So, would your edge be your neck?

I will touch you against the edge of my lips, and I bet you will come undone. 

You leave a sticky mess all over e if I am not careful. 

I will treat you with utmost care like I care for my eggs. 

Your egg would look so good in my mouth. 

You think eggs look better fertilized, do you not?

Let us consummate and use our gametes to form a viable egg. 

You complete me like my bacon needs its eggs. 

Without you, my day does not begin. 

I could have you for all the meals and every day, and I will never get tired. 

You taste salty but so do eggs, and you do not see me complaining. 

Complaining does not become of me when someone as delicious as you are in front of me. 

I bet I will get laid tonight if I treat you right.

You would look better on my table instead of the egg. 

You are so hot I can cook eggs on you. 

You make my albumin coagulate with your hotness. 

You are like an egg because you do make it hard for me to breathe as if I have cholesterol blocking my arteries. 

Eggs are a mandatory food item in diets, and so are you. You are mandatory in my lifestyle. 

My life would be incomplete without your graceful presence and eggs. 

My bald spot does make me look like an egg, but that will never stop me from loving you. 

Flirty Egg Pickup Lines For Her

These will be the most flirtatious adventure of your life, so you better choose the best partner for yourself with the help of these. Compatibility in humor is important for the general sustenance of a relationship. 

I got some bacon to complete your meals. 

You will definitely complete all of my meals. 

I can have you in so many ways you can not even imagine. 

I can not wait to dip my bacon in you. 

You are so hot you can definitely fry me up. 

You have enough charisma in you to fry me up and serve me to people without any problems. 

I never thought someone would make me feel as hopeless as an egg, but you do. 

I will defy physics for you, just like an egg. 

I do not want to get any of my egg yolks in your hair. 

Oops, there goes some of my egg whites. 

I think eggs are good for your skin because you are glowing. 

You are as moist as a boiled egg. 

I feel like if we go to a sauna together, you will come out as a boiled egg. 

You definitely have my proteins breaking down. 

If my barriers were protein, you definitely have them breaking. 

You have skin like the golden crust around my fried egg. 

You would look adorable looking at me as I feed you yolk off the table. 

That hairstyle does indeed make you look like an egg, but I love eggs, so you are ok. 

Fear not about love because I love eggs. 

I can not wait to put you into my mouth. 

My mouth definitely looks lonely without you. 

You got me tasting so good I can not stop. 

I would devour you with or without salt and pepper. 

I can give you some egg hunt. 

You would definitely have fun looking for eggs in me. 

Eggs would be a good thing to look for. Do you want to use my tongue?

I think if I use my tongue, I can reach your eggs better. 

I got two eggs for you that you can look at. 

I may not have melons, but I do have ostrich eggs for you. 

Thanks to you, my eggs would be much better once they are warm and cozy. 

Cheap Egg Pickup Lines

Sexual innuendos are good, but pickup lines that subtly hint at the attraction are better, and these definitely do that. So be classy with your sexual innuendos with these. They will definitely strike a chord with your crush.

You look a little empty. I bet you would feel better with my help. 

What is a coup without any chicken? An empty coop. 

Let me fill up your life with some chicks. 

I always have like chicks for eggs. 

I can see you blossoming into a chick from the egg you are. 

I will put an egg in you. 

I got some sausage, and you have some eggs. We can make some breakfast. 

Let us make breakfast, sausage, and eggs all the way. 

Your tongue would definitely like the taste of my eggs. 

Your eggs would look better scrambled. 

I do hope you like eggs because you will be staying back for tonight.

My bed will be warm for you, and I will give you a warm breakfast every day. 

Days look better when I begin them with you because you are as bright as the sunny side up. 

You always make the best circular eggs I have seen. But my favorite curve about you is when you smile. 

Tell me how you like your eggs please because I will definitely cook them for you. 

I will make breakfast for you tomorrow, so stay over. 

You would never leave me once you taste the way I make eggs. 

I want to see you across the table from me. 

Your cheeks are as soft-boiled eggs. 

Your sausage would be good dipped in my egg. 

My fluffy egg white will taste better if you just take a shot. 

For you, I will put every egg in you. 

I will put my eggs in your basket. 

I would bet on you as I bet on this basket. 

Please take care of me and my heart like you take care of these eggs. 

I am basically like eggs because I am definitely fragile. 

I will break if you are not gentle. 

I think your dog definitely likes me. 

You would be so cute with my eggs in you. 

I think I look good with unfertilized eggs. 

Fertilizing my eggs would require some wining and dining. Are you down for that?

I hope you are excited to wine and dine with me in the hopes you get t to fertilize my eggs. 

My eggs are definitely crying for your gametes, but I would prefer to deprive myself and you of that pleasure.

Crazy Egg Pickup Lines

Have you ever wanted to blow your crush’s mind without coming off as weird? Say the following if you want to do that to your crush’s mind because these will do that.

These are hilarious and totally out of this world, making them perfect for use.

You can bring the dipping sauce, and I will bring the eggs. 

You can come to break me any time you want. 

You are definitely the one I want to break for. 

You can shatter me.

Step on me, and I promise I will melt. 

You have me broken for you but in a good way. 

I am sure the yolk would come out of me if you stepped on me. 

I may not be the brightest, but I am a good egg. 

I am the best egg you will ever get, or at least please treat me like that. 

Meeting you began my life story, just like the egg theory states. 

Excellent? No. I would rather it be eggcellent. 

I am more into egg-cercise than exercise. 

Eggspedition with you sounds like a great idea. 

You make my life very adventurous, almost like we are on an eggspedition. 

Breakfast date at the park? I will bring the eggs, and you can bring the sausage. 

You look good, but you would look better covered in my juices. 

You seem like an egg, but you would be the hottest chick for me.

Are you introverted? Would I love to get you out of your shell? 

Rare Pickup Lines

These may be rare, but that makes them most sought after because they will surely get your crush wondering how you could do something so creative without any issues.

These are one of a kind and will make you feel more creative than anything. They are perfect, and they will love these.

Hope that is not an egg in your pocket. 

I wonder if I squeeze, will there be some egg whites all over your pants? 

Guessing from those stains, I definitely think those were egg whites, but I could be wrong. 

I will be the sauce you have wanted for the longest, and you will want me for the rest of your life. 

I will give you the opportunity to scramble me completely. 

Your shell will be broken and done for when I am done with you. 

You will look cute on top of my head, like this little chick. (Insert picture of a chick on someone’s head)

I will definitely get the temperature rising because I am an egg incubator. 

Trust me to take care of your eggs because I am a poultry farmer. 

Please let me keep going until I get you out of your shell. 

Once your shell is broken, I hope you will be willing to date me. 

I will keep you warm at night, just like the egg incubator keeps eggs warm at night. 

Best Egg Pickup Lines Ever

These live up to their name. Being the perfect blend of funny, hilarious, and joking that it is, these will definitely get your crush laughing and falling in love with you. So shoot your shot with these. 

Do you want to be the duck sauce for my rolls?

I got some egg rolls for you. 

I wonder, if I roll, would you consider me to be an egg roll?

I am an egg, for sure, but I am YOUR egg. 

I heard you feel like an egg often, and I want you to know that I would love you either way. 

I will definitely unfertilized those eggs. 

I will maintain the state of your eggs as they were until you tell me you want otherwise. 

You look like the quiche recipe because you would look better stuffed with eggs. 

Your eggs are begging to be stuffed. 

Your body tells me that those eggs of yours are calling for me. 

If I play with your eggs, will you fertilize mine?

We are a match made in heaven because you are the pig, and I am the chick. 

I am so ham for you, but I will treat you in the most eggcellent way possible. 

You are the perfect company for my sausage. Blood sausages taste better when dipped in the yolk. 

Your yolk looks so good when it is runny. 

I like my egg poached. 

You remind me of egg pouches. So delicious. 

The only thing I like raw is eggs. 

Eggs are good, but seggs are better. 

I do love eggs, but I like them with an S on the front. 

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