137 Doctor Pickup Lines to Heal Your Heart

Are you looking for some exciting pickup lines that are creative as well? We have more than a hundred doctor pickup lines for you.

Anyone who is a medical Science student would love these pickup lines, and these creative lines would help you stand out as an intellectual guy. So let’s read the article and find the best pickup line.

Cheesy Doctor Pickup Lines

Cheese might be bad for your health, but you can at least try cheesy pickup lines.

Listed below are a few Cheesy doctor pickup lines for you, which can make you look more brilliant in class, but don’t use them in front of your professor. 

Even an Apple can keep you away from me.

Is my blood sugar level increasing, or am I interested in you?

You must be Broca’s Aphasia cause you est me speechless.

You must be COPD cause you just took my breath away.

You must be a C-reactive protein cause you have a-cute phase.

You must be a cause you just treated my erectile dysfunction.

We’ll go to the swimming pool; don’t worry, I’ll give you CPR if you swim.

You must be Appendix because I just want to take you out ASAP.

May I dissect your brain to check whether you are thinking about me too?

I may not be the doctor, but you can remove your wants in my exam room if you are not feeling okay.

Could you please call a code blue, cause my breath stopped when I saw you.

Crazy Doctor Pickup Lines

Are you planning to be admitted to Medical school? So let’s prepare for the freshers’ party.

You can make many friends by using these crazy pickup lines and start a good school life with them in no time. 

Can you be my Ophthalmologist cause I can’t take my eyes off you?

I can touch your forehead to check whether you have a fever or are naturally hot.

Let me check your temperature; you look really hot today.

Some studies say Sex can kill. Do you want to die happy with me?

What is the line that a person can say in the clinic room and bedroom as well? “Come inside and take off your pants.”

Are your RBCs cause you to take oxygen from the lungs to the heart?

I may not be a doctor, but take your clothes off, and I can treat you well.

I think something is wrong with my Vestibular Apparatus cause I can’t stop falling for you.

I think my Cerebellum is damaged cause I’m falling everywhere for you.

You know we both breathe oxygen; there’s so much common between you ad me.

Eat as many Apples as you want; no one can keep you away from me. 

Flirty Doctor Pickup Lines

Do you want to impress that senior from Medical School? So you have to look smart, right?

So try these Flirty Doctor pickup lines with them and start a good conversation. You might end up having a suitable date or at least a friend.

I just injured myself falling for you; I do have a band-aid.

Let me check your temperature, whether you have a fever or are just hot as usual.

Could you please give me an inhaler cause you just took my breath away?

Are your minerals? Cause you are critical to my body.

Is your left eye working well? “Why?” Cause you were looking Right all day.

You must be water cause my body needs you the most.

If you were Receptor, I’d be the Ligand, and we’ll be perfect for each other.

Well, you can eat as many Apples as you want cause nothing can keep you away from me.

I want to be a Plastic Surgery. Can you please show me how a perfect body looks?

I guess you just dropped something, “What?” My Jaw.

You must be an Osteoporosis cause you gave me a severe BONE problem.

Short Doctor Pickup Lines

Hospital is a place where no one wants to go. Facts! The environment there is already very serious and depressing!

So try these short doctor pickup lines and make people happy.

I may not be the doctor, but if you ever have any problem, I can be your Gynecologist.

I know there’s nothing like Perfect Chromosome, but yours are combined beautifully.

You must be a Defibrillator cause you are giving straight shocks to my heart.

Your beautiful bone structure is giving me a Bone structure.

Do you know we humans are 80% water? “Yeah” Great, that means we are 80% similar.

Are you a Medical student? “Yes,” Wanna study Anatomy?

If i” ll give you my heart, can i become an organ donor?

I don’t know whether you are into Yoga, why don’t you show me your flexibility?

Are you a specialist? Cause you look pretty special to me.

I may not be the doctor, but if you need me anytime, I can be your Emergency contact.

Roses are red; Violets are blue; no COPD can help me as breathless as you.

Awesome Doctor Pickup Lines

There’s a hubbub of cheesy pickup lines all over the internet, which annoys me. But, these doctor pickup lines could be something different and something that will work for you.
So, there is no harm in trying, we say. 

You must be a Doctor cause you know how to treat a person well.

Can I get medical attention? Cause I just hurt myself falling for you.

My mom advised me to eat healthy, and you seem pretty good to me.

Are you okay? I guess you are lacking some Vitamin ‘Me’.

I may not be the Doctor, but I can study your Anatomy; it seems pretty well.

I may not be the Coronary Artery, but I want to wrap it around your heart.

I may not be a Lysozyme, but I’ll make sure to protect you and digest anyone who’ll hurt you.

I don’t have to be your Doctor to check your body.

You must be a Urologist because I want you inside me.

I may not be a Doctor, but if you need it, I can give you CPR.

I don’t need an MMBS degree to do my breast examination.

Best Doctor Pickup Lines

Today’s Anatomy lecture might not be the best, or was it Worse? Okay, sorry for you. Anyways, you can still make it enjoyable and light up the mood of the class; just give a shot to these unique doctor pickup lines and enjoy it with your classmates.

If you ever want a Love doctor, let me know; I have a medicated degree.

I’m fine, but the way you talk left me Aphasic.

Your left eye must be hurting, as you have been looking Right the entire day.

I’m an MBBS student, and I know how to palpate you.

If i” ll give you my Copulatory organ, can I be an Organ Donor?

I got your test reports; doctors said, you lack Love. So do you want me to give you some?

I’m a Doctor; I can diagnose you while talking only.

You know life is Dangerous; you should sleep with a Doctor.

I may not be a Gynocologist, but I would love to check up.

I can see you lack some Vitamin D.

I don’t know about your antibody, but your body looks fine.

Good Chat up Doctor Pickup Lines

The last days of College are always emotional cause you don’t want to lose your buddies. But, you can play many games and add pickup lines to make your special days memorable.

I played Doctor during childhood, but I just want to play Gynecologist.

I’m alright, but how you looked at me left me Aphasic.

Doctors say you should wear comfortable clothes at night. Well, what about wearing my tee?

Can you treat my Erectile Dysfunction?

You might not feel safe at night in the dark. You should sleep with an EMT.

Well, the study says we should play to stay healthy. So, how about playing Gynecologist?

We have exchanged enough information till now; let’s move toward exchanging Genetic information.

We are medical students, so we should know how bodies look. So, what about private time at night?

Do you know what’s common between you and a Febrile patient? You both are hot.

Doctors say, ‘Where there is a pulse, there’s always some chance.’

Always listen to your heart and go out with me.

Rare Doctor Pickup Lines

After a dull and long lecture, nobody wants to hear the old and boring pickup lines. So, here we have a few rare doctor pickup lines. 

Baby, I don’t need to be a doctor to give you a complete body examination.

Do you know frequent hugs and kisses can relieve the chances of Depression? Well, what about treating each other?

Keep that medicine away from you cause it says, “Keep away from extremely hot temperature.”

Are you a Cardiologist? Cause you treat my heart well.

Can you fill my Caudate Nucleus with Dopamine?

I think you are magical cause you make my heart racing like an Epinephrine drip.

Humans have 206 bones in the body. You gave me an extra one every time I saw you.

You must be my Coronary Artery cause you are covered in my heart.

Something about you makes me change from simple squamous to stratified columnar.

Are your Pulmonary Embolism causing you to take your breath down?

Just like Epinephrine, you make my heartbeat drop.

Catchy Doctor Pickup Lines

You can’t catch a doctor’s handwriting. That’s just so difficult to read, but at least you’ll understand these simple and catchy doctor pickup lines and can use them anytime for fun and gatherings with your medico group. 

Are you my Appendix organ cause my inner feeling says I should take you out?

I don’t know whether I’m highly attracted to you or it’s just Volatile blood sugar.

Are you okay? Cause ICU in a dream last night.

I don’t know what is unique about you; you increase my Dopamine levels every time. 

If you were a Pulmonary, I’d be Systemic. Divided but together as one.

Don’t mind, but I saw you drowning last night. Do you need CPR?

I wish you were a Cardiologist cause I want to give you my heart so you can treat it well.

Are you the Sinoatrial Mode of my heart? Cause no one can save me without you.

I have exchanged enough notes for today; wanna exchange some genetic information.

You are so hot that you got me sick.

I’m madly in love with you, and no one can diagnose me better than you.

Super Cheesy Doctor Pickup Lines

We’ll never advise you to be extra cheesy on your pizza toppings, but extra cheese on the pickup lines is no harm.

You can try it any time, but we’ll advise you to try these at any teacher’s farewell; they will surely like it, and you’ll have a memorable day.

I don’t mind drowning if you are there to give me mouth to mouth.

I have studied all the causes of heart attacks, but I can’t figure out what you do to my heart every time.

I know an Organ transplant could be dangerous, but I’ll still give you my heart.

You must be a Flacainide because my heartbeat stopped looking at you.

Donation is good for health. So I want to be your love donor.

Do you exhale CO2, right? Oh my god, I can’t believe there is so much in common between us. 

Our heart beats to pump blood, but my beats for you too.

I wish I could be your emergency contact.

I wish I could be your Stethoscope cause I want to wrap it around your neck.

You make me feel good, better than any doctor.

I just checked your blood sugar level. You are sweet enough.

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