150 D & D Pickup Lines to Win Your Fantasy Crush’s Heart

Our Millenials know about Dungeons & Dragons; D & D. This game is related to role-playing.

This fancy tabletop game was designed by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax and published by Tactical Studies Rules in 1974.

So, if you plan to impress someone who was or is a fan of D & D, then you are at the right place. 

We have over 100 D & D pickup lines, which would help you. Read the article and choose the best pickup lines that will work for you.

Cheesy D & D Pickup Lines

If you want to flirt, you will do it without any additional help or anything, but if you want to impress, especially the one who follows the D & D, you can come to us.

We have a lot of Cheesy D & D pickup lines that you can try.

Your smile has more music and magic than my lyre! Can I be your humble servant? 

Virtue and valor are confined in your heart, but I am a humble follower.

I believe your voice is more beautiful than the sound of the spheres.

Your beauty is more precious than any continent like Faerun.

Excuse me, dear, you are the inflamer of my eyes,

You are the life of my soul and the eternal prize of my heart. 

You are so beautiful that you deserve poetry, but unfortunately, my words can not do justice.

Even the spell of the Arcane Tradition can do the magic as your eyes can do.

I am from Bardic College and have learned how to use my tongue.

I don’t think it’s just a longsword you are equipped with. You are just happy to look at me.

I don’t think you are from this planet cause you look out of this world. 

Crazy D & D Pickup Lines

For the Crazy D & D fans like you, who want to tell everyone about it, we have a few Crazy D & D Pickup Lines for you, That you can try anytime and with anyone. 

Excuse me, sweetheart, can’t you come to my home tonight? I want to show you my Wand of Staff/ Wonder of the Immovable/ Python rod.

It’s okay if you do not believe in love at first sight. I can come to you again.

I forgot about the casting of Summon Celestial, but thanks to god, here you are. 

Being an elf or half-elf, usually, I am immune to being charmed, but I will make an exception in your case.

Baby, do not worry about me. I’m a fighter and a lover.

Can you feel Tunic? Is it friendly, right? Do you know what it is made up of? It is made of girlfriend/ boyfriend material.

Do you know I have five extra magic fingers – if you know, you know

Besides being sexy for the whole day, what else do you do in the town?

Are you some words from the print box? Cause you are so finely printed.

I can go on all night long cause I just took the Endurance feat. 

Baby, do you think we need to cast Stone Skin to make out bedrock?

Rare D & D Pickup Lines

You must have been tired of repeating those old romantic pickup lines by now, right? Even your date must be annoyed by this.

So, what to do? Well, you don’t have to do anything cause we have Rare D & D Pickup lines for you. 

One of my friends, a Monk, taught me some quivering Palm techniques… let me try it on you.

I am sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier. I couldn’t say anything for a while when I saw you.

Dude, you are so divine. I can feel some radiant damage just by standing here.

You are even more glorious than the noontide sun.

A kiss is just a joy for a few minutes; let’s make it all night long.

Your words are even sweeter than the sound of lyres. Let’s sing on.

Your face is as welcomed as the light to the day and as the health of a sick person.

You are that star I want to reach towards – I would wear you forever in my heart.

Even the sun didn’t meet the summer with this joy and excitement as I met you. 

Girls, your eyes are as pretty as stars – they can even make the night sky jealous.

It is a paradise enjoying your company.

Funny D & D Pickup Lines

D & D is all about fantasy role-playing. So, if you love D & D too, you should try these Funny D & D Pickup Lines and share them with your friends.

You have offered me an honor impossible to requite by granting me the happiness of your company this day.

Others to you are like glimmering stars compared to the full moon

This is my duty to obey your fair commands – you are the only person I have the ambition to honor

You are the star by which my fate is led

You are beauty without parallel; in your face, all the Graces and your mind, all the Virtues are met.

May I compare you to a summer’s day?

Your art is more lovely and more temperate.

The hot blood begets the hot thoughts, and the hot

thoughts beget the hot deeds, and the hot deeds are love.

I love you more than any word can wield the matter,

Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty.

Flirty D & D Pickup Lines

You are bored of those old and dull pickup lines. Why try something ordinary when you can always go for something extraordinary?

So try these Flirty D & D Pickup Lines and enjoy the fame. LOL.

I don’t know whether my heart loved till now til now? Foreswear it, sight!

I have never seen true beauty till now. 

I think you are a Paladin. Cause you can lay your hands on my body whenever you want.

Do you know who Charm Person is? Cause girl, you are chanting with me through your eyes. 

I don’t need a Cleric when I’ve your sweet smile. 

 I guess you are an Arcane Trickster? Cause you just stole my heart and bewitched me!

Can you tell me your armor class? I want to hit that shit.

I think you are a Bard. Cause you play with my heartstrings like a master.

I want to thank Cleric for that summoned you, angel. I want to thank them!

I guess you are a mimic? Cause your beauty is too good to be true.

Hey girl, can you come towards mine back so that you can slip into something with a lower armor class?

Short D & D Pickup Lines

If you find making new friends or asking someone for a date difficult, you need to work on your conversation skills.

But that would take a long time, right? Don’t worry; you have Short D & D Pickup Lines that you can try for fun and talk with her. 

I guess you are Druid. Because in my pants, an animal needs to be handled.

I am ready to be the Polymorph into a Beholder if it means I could be holding you!

Do you want to come to my back? Then you can go prone, and we can grapple each other.

Are you okay? It might have hurt you when you fell on the portal in the Celestial Plane.

Baby, may I put my Rod of Lordly Might in your Bag of Holding?

Let me wear my robe and wizard hat.

Well, SOMEONE rolled high during creation.

Excuse me, are you a barbarian? Because you’re all the rage.

Wanna wield a broadsword?

I always suggest this one when this pops up…

I just wore my robe and wizard hat…

Best D & D Pickup Lines

Below is a list of the Best D & D Pickup lines for crazy fans like you.

Try it with your group and enjoy their responses. 

Girl, I guess you just rolled off a crit on DAMN.

Half-off on a roll of 5? They must have some crazy charisma

I guess you are a Wizard cause you just cast a spell on me.

It’s okay; this will be over in a few time.

Hey girl, I think you are a Medusa cause you make me feel hard.

I know I don’t gnome you well, but your beauty dwarfs all the expectations.

I guess you have 10+ charisma.

Thank you. It is my dump stat.

Girl, I think you are a cleric cause every time you make me feel good.

Girl, I believe you are fighting because I don’t want to leave your side.

Super Cheesy D & D Pickup Lines

If starting a conversation or initiating things is not your game, you can try pickup lines.

If you know your date likes D & D, you should try these Super Cheesy D & D Pickup lines. 

I think you are Wizard cause you just cast a spell on me. 

 I think you are a sorcerer. Cause a pretty face like yours must be innate cause it can not be learned. 

Looking at you, I feel like a beholder,

The beauty filled in my eyes.

Hey, I need fire resistance because you are too hot to handle.

Hey, are you a druid because you need to handle this animal?

Girl, I think you are a sorcerer because a pretty face like yours must be innate and not learned.

Contrarily, it would probably be an insult if I asked you to do a Spot Check to see a guy’s D***.

I guess you are a fighter. Because I don’t wanna (c)leave your side.

Baby, your gorgeous beauty flanked me cause I was feeling a bit flat-footed.

Excellent D & D Pickup Lines

If you like someone who loves playing D & D and want to impress their heart, then dude, you should try these Awesome D & D Pickup Lines.

This would help you for sure. So give it a try and let us know about their responses.

Baby, I guess you are feeling wild. It’s okay. I know how to handle animals.

Hello lady, I believe you are Lawful Good Paladin cause I want to tt some Anal.

Girl, you look, I’m taking -2 to attack rolls.

Have you ever been with the Rogue? Cause I want to do it from behind.

Hey girl, are you searching for the back of beholding? ‘because I have got a bag and you can hold it.

Girl, I guess you are a rebel drow house cause you cause the stir in my Underdark…

Baby, I should be the Displacer Beast because then I can be beside myself if you will not come to my home tonight.

Hey baby, I think you are a beholder. Because I want to feel the love of holding on to you!

(Simply, beauty in the eyes of the beholder)

  1. Hey, are you a bard? Because you are plucking my heartstrings. 

(Actually, just BORED, and not bard)

Beautiful D & D Pickup Lines

Who doesn’t want to try the adventures of D & D? But as we know, it is fictional, so we can’t do anything. But at least we can try these Beautiful D & D Pickup Lines, right? 

Hey, are you a paladin cause right now, you look lawful good!

(I think the paladin should be a palindrome cause you have got this one all backward)

I guess you roll a natural 20 cause you have to criticize my heart.

(She is just a natural 10)

Your Dad was a Rogue because he had stolen the stars from the skies and put them in your eyes.

(She might have a two-glass eye, be a little more considerate)

 I guess you have a 20 constitution. Cause you were running on mind all day, nonstop!

(I know she might have a constitution, but her independence declaration is only reserved for Nicolas Cage )

Somebody, please apply fire resistance on me. This lady over there is on fire and too hot. 

(Yeah, because there will be a lot of people out there who wanna see you burning)

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