111+ top Crystal Pickup Lines to Win Their Heart

Do you like crystals and precious stones? These crystal pick-up lines are available for different colors of crystals, diamonds, topaz, quartz, and more.

Flirt and impress with these crystal pickup lines. Add love and sparkle to your romantic life.

Cheesy Crystal Pickup Lines

These Cheesy Crystal Pickup lines are effective and good to try casually.

If your lover is Crystal Lake, I’m Jason Voorhees. Because I’m drowning in it.

No, I’m a wizard. do you want to see my crystal ball?

Baby, how many crystals do I have to spend to bring you into my world? Girls, do you prefer crystals or credit cards? I have both.

I will spend thousands of crystals on you, so you must be a Nat 5.

Girl, your smile shines brighter than Illum’s Khyber crystals.

It must have been difficult for God to make your eyes out of the clear seawater. Is it a crystal in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Are you a crystal ball? Because without you I can’t see my future.

my life is empty You are the crystal of life, the fruit of life that completes me.

Is your name Crystal? Because it looks like you’re taking a stimulant

Your crystal ball baby, I can see the future written in your eyes.

are you an end crystal? I want you to dance on my tower.

Hey baby what’s your birthstone?

You gave me a hardness of 10 so I must be a diamond now

The throat looks empty. How about a pearl necklace for yourself?

you are a sweetheart!

I need a red garnet stone to cure my heart palpitations when I see you.

you have beautiful jewelry Perfect for my bedside table.

August is your birthday Because you are peridot.

You must be an emerald because you can see eternal youth.

are you ruby Because you are beautiful and smart.

Short Crystal Pickup LInes

Impress your partners with a crystal ring and these Short Crystal Pickup Lines.

Your green eyes shine like emeralds. Are you an amethyst? Because you need to control my evil thoughts.

Because December is your birthday zircon.

Kissing the hand of someone you truly love is more beautiful and valuable than diamonds and gemstones. Are you Amber? Because I want to be inside you, like the mosquito in Jurassic Park.

You are perfect like a diamond.

April is your birthday because you are a diamond. If I could be a jewel, I would carve it in the shape of a heart and give it to you.

You must be a black diamond because you are not of this world.

Baby, are you an aquamarine crystal ball? Because I see myself in you

I believe God took the pigment out of the aquamarine and put it in your eyes. Your eyes are blue like aquamarine stones. It is so clear that you can see the sea.

Baby, you’re like an alexandrite. because you are beautiful in every light.

February is your birthday because you are an amethyst. I’m looking for diamonds May I go deep into your mine?

you have beautiful jewelry

You must be Blue Sapphire because it is fate that we meet.

You sparkle and it reminds me of a diamond necklace. I believe God took the brown topaz gemstone and erased your eyes from it.

I believe God took the emerald stone and made your eyes out of it.

You must be Ruby because you are better than all the girls in the room.

If I could be a jewel, I would be a garnet, so wear me and stay healthy.

can I borrow your kiss I promise to return it?

What do you do for a living other than being very hot?

Jailbreak or this look is illegal.

You must be very tired because it’s been on your mind all night.

Rare Crystal Pickup Lines

Try these Rare Crystal Pickup lines and enjoy how it works.

is your name chamomile? Because you look like hot tea. You are so hot that I feel like getting a tan just by standing here.

Does my tongue taste weird?

If you were a flower, you would be a fucking lunatic.

Does your name start with ‘C’? If we meet tonight, we can do a “C”. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

do you have a shovel I like the way you look

Can you help me get on Santa’s prank list this year?

you have something on your face Wait, no, I’m just missing something. my face.

You look like a sip of water and I’m parched.

I called heaven and asked for an angel, but they wanted me to send a demon like you instead.

Do you feel sick? Because I believe you are deficient in Vitamin Me.

You’re dressed to kill, so I volunteer to be your victim tonight.

Your lips look lonely Would you like to introduce me to mine?

Throw in your car keys and let them drive you crazy.

are you a curriculum? Because I’ve been studying you like crazy.

It’s so hot that the equator looks like the North Pole.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you have to go by it again?

If being sexy is a crime, then the prosecution will make you guilty.

I’ve been a little lethargic lately. Can you give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? 

I saw a documentary about lips being the most sensitive part of the body. Want to know if it’s true?

beautiful pants. can I talk you out of it?

Funny Crytal Pickup Lines

These funny Crystal Pickup Lines are so good to try, you should share these.

Let’s make a deal: If you make me breakfast, I will make you dinner.

do you believe in karma? Because we know the location of some good “Karma” scriptures that we can try.

Is your body a map? because I like to travel

What is a nice person like you doing with a dirty head like mine?

you are very sexy My zipper catches your eye. I love my bed, but I’d rather be in your bed.

Want to be guilty of your next confession?

Your belt looks very tight. can you solve it for you

I hate to see you go, but I love to see you go. You look good in that outfit, but I bet you look even better in your birthday suit.

I’m very up-to-date these days. Would you like to be one of them? 

Did you make the bed this morning? Shall we break it together?

Pretend I’m a pirate and give me the loot.

These jeans suit you, but do you know what suits you better?

I can’t sleep alone… Will you sleep with me? I love your shirt, can I see what it’s made of?

Were your parent’s bakers? Because you have a nice set of bread.

I flip the coin… whichever side it lands on, you get tonight. It’s a nice smile, but it looks better if you just wear it.

Do I know you from somewhere? I don’t think I recognize you by all your clothes.

Are those jeans from GUESS? Who would want them to be? If I invite you to dinner, will you be the dessert?

Is that Halloween candy in your bag or are you happy to see me?

If I were the judge, I’d put you to bed.

What are you doing tonight but me?

Quick Crystal Pickup Lines

These quick crystal pickup lines are good to try for romantic scenes. 

I love your outfit I wish it was piled more crumpled up on my bedroom floor.

is your name winter? I’ll be here soon.

I wish I was on your phone, you were with me all day.

The Roses are red. Sumire is fine. I’m 6 and you’re 9 Are you a Slytherin? I want you to sneak into my secret room.

Are you a light switch ’cause you turn me on

I hope you remember my name because I’m going to yell at you later. can you call me I swear the donkey is calling me?

I thought I’d try to save more water, but would you like to take a shower with me?

It’s cold, so can I wear earmuffs on my thighs?

are you a woodchuck? Because I can see your wood perfectly.

If what we’re eating is real, I can be you tonight.

Feeling depressed? because I want to feel you

Do you want to be an Ajin when you have a baby? Are you my homework because I never do it to you when I should?

Are you an elevator? Because I want to match your pace

I want to lick it, so it must be ice cream. What time do you get off? can I see

Are you a trampoline? Because I want to jump on you.

I need a good place to think. May I sit on your lap?

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