How to Create a Dedicated Home Office Space: 51+ Proven Ways

Work from home is the new normal now and to be as productive and efficient in your home as you were in the office, you would need to create a similar office-like atmosphere in your home sweet home and if that sounds like a plan, go through the following. 

Here are Tips to create a dedicated home office space

Have the right furniture. Have the kind of furniture that you usually see at an office. A proper desk makes all the difference in the world and you need to get one best suited for you. Pick one with a lot of small compartments to stay organized. 

Mirror your office desk. The simplest way to turn your house into your little office would be to get an identical desk that you had in your office. Just click a picture and search online or just show it to a carpenter that you know. 

Get the right lights. Lights are very important for your workspace. Lights play a huge role in your brain. If the light is not right, you might feel sleepy, you might feel sluggish, and to say the least, lose efficiency in your work, pick the right ones. 

The technology should be on point. Technology is going to be the heart and soul of your home office. Get the right computer, the correct printer, and a power management system to make your working smoother and more productive. 

A good internet connection is a must. Nothing makes you feel happier than a good internet connection. Your efficiency and happiness can be directly proportional to the speed of your internet connection, so get the optic fiber now. 

Get a comfortable chair. A chair plays a major role in your home office. You would be spending the majority of your time sitting and working on it so you need to make sure that it provides the right kind of support to your back. 

Get a good pen stand. A pen stand is a must-have for any desk. You could take the easy way out by buying the same pen stand that you had in your office or you could get creative and buy something that would make your workspace fun and interesting. 

A miniature that was in the office. Small statues and miniatures are what we miss the most when it comes to our office desk. Make sure your desk is all decked up with the right symbols and miniatures that make you feel comfortable working. 

The coffee needs to be perfect. Your coffee is all the fuel that you need to stay focused and keep working at your personal best and get through the day. if you can’t brew a cup yourself, order one and store it for later. 

Have the same morning routine. Follow the same morning routine that you have been following for all these. Do everything in the same way that has worked out for you. Do not change your routine just because you would be working from home. 

Dress as if you were going to the office. Dress like you are about to show up to work, dress in a way that reminds you of your office, and more importantly, dress in the way that you were used to working in for so long. 

Work during the same hours. Fix the same hours of work that your body and brain are used to. Do not disrupt the biological clock that you are accustomed to now but keep following the same routine from the comfort of your house. 

Do not postpone projects. You create an office-like space in your home only if you have the mindset that you are working in the office from your home and you can’t do that if you keep letting go of new and exciting projects. 

Overwork, only if necessary. It is okay to take some pressure if you need to, things are new right now and you might take some time to adjust or you could jump right in and take some extra pressure so that you can ease into this new environment. 

Do not take frequent breaks. Do not leave your working space and go for frequent breaks. It is natural to take more breaks when you are in your house as you have a feeling that you could do whatever you want but you need to get over it. 

Avoid eating heavy meals. Heavy meals are going to destroy your focus, make you feel drowsy, and would make you bloated and extremely uncomfortable to sit. Have something light while you work, you can enjoy a hefty meal later on. 

Choose a more silent workspace. Choose a place where it is peaceful and relatively less noisy. You can even try and get soundproofing done in your room if you really want to take care of all the unnecessary distractions which will bother your work. 

Keep the kids out. Let the kids know that you have to work and cannot be disturbed for as long as you are in your home office. Also, tell them you will be more than happy to spend time and play with them when the work is done. 

Stay away from the kitchen. Build your space away from the kitchen to make sure that the smell of your favorite dish or something tasty cooking in the kitchen does not take you away from your work and make things difficult. 

Get a good clock. A clock is a must-have for any office and it is a great way to elevate the look and feel of your workspace. You could try and get one in your office to make your space look even more like your actual office. 

Get a similar room freshener. Get a room freshener that was previously used in your office. When your workspace at home smells like your office, you would be reminded of that place and your brain will think that you are actually there. 

A house mat with an office-like feel. A doormat that says office would be a great touch to your office. Even if it is in your house, writing office on the mat would send a soft signal to your brain and it would unconsciously get ready to start working. 

Stay away from the bed or the sofa. If there is something that you have to avoid at any cost, it is the bed or the sofa. The bed would call you to spend some time with it every time you look at it and the sofa will encourage you to relax, can’t happen. 

Do not get too comfortable. Do not get too comfortable in the space that you create in your house. Once you get too comfortable, you would start slicking. Always try to be alert and keep all your senses open for everything. 

No frequent snacking. Do not keep eating snacks throughout the day just because you can. Not only will you put on a lot of weight if you do this but you will severely affect your health. Don’t take more than a couple of breaks max. 

Be totally focused. Be completely focused on your work when you are in your office workspace and make sure to keep all the distractions away. Focus only on what is in front of you and try to be as productive as you can. 

Tell yourself that your colleagues are watching. Have a state of mind where you tell yourself that your colleagues are with you and that they are looking at you before doing anything or getting up from your work desk. 

Get an entire room for work. Get a room strictly for yourself so that you can work with full focus in peace. If you can manage to set up an entire room for yourself, you will face no problem with your work whatsoever. 

Keep the temperature identical. Try and maintain the ideal temperature that you were used to in your office and the temperature that made you feel like you are in a productive environment. This small trick could make a whole lot of difference. 

Have the same breaks. When working from your home, take breaks in a way that mirrors the kind of breaks that you used to take when working at the office. Be it a washroom break or for refreshments, try and mimic the cycle. 

Stay away from entertainment. Entertainment is important in your life but only when you are bored and have got nothing to do. While working, stay away from all those OTT platforms or social media sites that may cloud your head. 

Feel as if the boss is watching. Make sure to remind yourself that if you were working in your regular office right now, your boss would be looking over you and you dare not do something stupid. You could even try and get a family member to play the part. 

Avoid procrastinating. Procrastinating is your biggest enemy while working from your personal workspace at home. When you are comfortable in your office, you do not feel like making an effort and keep postponing things, do not do it.  

Stop working when you would usually leave. Following the same routine that you used to follow in your office days, make sure to finish all your work on time and leave the workspace at the time when you usually had to go back home. 

Take a walk sometimes. Taking a walk sometimes helps a great deal as it stretches out your muscles, refreshes your mind, and helps you create some fresh air. However, do not start snacking or watching something on your way back. 

Be in touch with the staff. Be in touch with your office staff and find out how they are holding up. When you think about their efforts and bring their presence into your personal workspace, it finally becomes complete in all sense. 

Get lunch packed. Even if you are at home and your kitchen is just a few steps away from you, just to feel that office canteen vibe, pack yourself a healthy and delicious lunch, which you can enjoy during the lunch hour, and look back at the good old days. 

Try to mimic the office decor. Try to be as close to the office décor as possible. Everything from curtains, wall hangings, and paintings play a major part in creating that office atmosphere and you can only try to bring it home. 

Keep the workspace clean at all times. It is your personal space and if it is not clean, you are never going to be productive. Keep it clean and hygienic at all times. Dust regularly and make sure everything is in its rightful place. 

Manage your workspace yourself. Be the person that takes care of his workspace and sets an example by taking good care. Make sure everything is well organized, clean, and well maintained so that you can focus only on your work. 

Have your office bag with you. Honestly, you do not really need an office bag as the office is right in the next room but just to add the final touches to your dedicated home office, you need to have an office bag that you used to carry every single day. 

Wake up at the same hour. Wake up exactly at the same time that you used to when you were a regular office goer and never used to miss a day at work. Your morning time is the most crucial time of the day and you need to make good use of it. 

Use your commute time to get some work done. The only good thing about setting up an office at home is that you save a lot of time commuting and can utilize it to get a lot of extra work done. Might save some money too. 

Relax as if you are coming home. Just because you were home the entire day, does not mean you did not work hard. The joy of coming back home and finally relaxing after a good day at the office should not be taken away from you. 

Have the same bedtime. Hit the bed at the same time as you used to do when you used to go to the office. When you sleep at the same time and maintain your regular sleep cycle, you would be a lot more efficient than others. 

Make good use of the shelves at home. Make use of the innumerous shelves at home and get your workspace organized and sorted to the best of your abilities. Make sure all the stationery and documents are well kept. 

Add a plant to your desk. Adding a plant to your desk makes it a lot like your desk in the office. Also, it makes your workspace greener and brings in good energy, not to mention the fresh air. Pick something like a cactus. 

Be very organized. Be very organized with your work and your essentials. Allot time for your projects and meetings and create a tight schedule so that you do not have any time to slack off and relax when you should be working instead. 

Use things like pins, sticky notes, and reminders. Small things like board pins, sticky notes, and stickers that we used to overlook while working in the office will now remind you of what bliss it was to be in that atmosphere. 

Be good at wire management. Wire management could make or break your space. If done well, you could have the cleanest workspace and if messed up, you would not even want to sit down for work anymore. 

Focus on ergonomics. Ergonomics is extremely important when it comes to your office furniture. Everything from your desk to the chair to even the lamp needs to match the ergonomics of your body so that it does not harm you in the long run. 

Get the walls painted. Getting the walls painted to the color of your office walls might sound like a hassle but it is the right effort that you should make to make your home office truly feel like your office that you want to recreate. 

Have a good view. Have a good view from the place where you sit down and work. Even if it does show you clear skies or starry nights, it should be something that you could appreciate once in a while. 

Be motivated. Motivation is the only factor that you should be focusing on while working from home. When you do not have anyone constantly breathing down your neck, it is totally up to you to push yourself and produce the desired results. 

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