161 Country Pickup Lines [cheesy, flirty, best, awesome]

No boundaries can separate you from your friends out of the country. Nowadays, everyone wants to make and spread their contacts.

Moreover, everybody wants to grow on the international level and make friends, whether it be for professional or personal purposes. For these reasons, you should know about different countries.

That’s why we are with 100+ Country Pickup lines for you, so you can try them with your friends, on international tinder dates, or where ever you want. 

Cheesy Country PickUp Lines

Cheesy pickup lines could be a little annoying for anyone, whether it be any country in the world, but when you research and put effort into your pipes, it creates an impact. So don’t wait, and let’s dive into these creative and cheesy country pickup lines. 

Do you have any idea Ha Long I have been pho you?

I believe you and I are the tourist attraction of the Country. You are an Angel, and I’m Falling for you.

Let’s go to Dubrovnik. Cause I never want to Split.

Are you Albanian? “Why?” Because I wanna Tirana-way with you.

I was Sucre-zy (so crazy) for you that even if I had said you are a goddess, I would have Bolivia.

I may not be from Algeria, but I want to take you for a Dinar.

Excuse me, MaDAYUM, are you French? “Yeah, why?” Because I’m in the Seine about you.

Are you from Pago Pago? I want Samoa, your smile.

Let’s go to Angola. Will you Luanda go with me?

Must you be from Ecuador? (Pause) cause only you have the Quito of my heart.

You must be from the Caribbean, cause I want to take you on a date Anguilla (and you will) enjoy it. 

Funny Country Pickup Lines

Conversations and meetings with your International employees or clients could be boring sometimes.

However, you can make a friendly bond with them and make the work environment enjoyable. Here are some funny country pickup lines. 

You must be German because you are Nein, and I’m the only one Ja need.

I don’t know why they call me Iguazu, maybe because I’m Fallin for you.

You must be Iceland’s main road. Because I desperately want to put a ring on you.

You are probably from Armenia. Because of Yerevan in a million.

Girl, you are even hotter than Mexico. So, Tijuana, go on a date with me?

You Aruban me the right way. Are you from the Caribbean? 

Are you Swiss flag? Cause having you in my life is a big plus.

I don’t know whether you are from Australia or not, but you just met all my Koala-fications.

I’m from Bangladesh, and I always wanna Taka care for you.

You must be living in Austria, cause you are just Alps-olutetly beautiful.

 We might not be in Bridgetown, but I still want to call you in my Bar, Bae.

You must be from Belarus, you are so beautiful, and I want to coMinsk-etch you.

Crazy Country Pickup Lines

Are you going to attend an International party with your clients from different parts of the country? Well, you are at the right place.

We have listed below a few crazy country pickup lines for different countries. So give it a shot to become groovy at the party.

I have Benin love with you since I saw you.

I was about to dive off Mostar Bridge, but I felt I was already fallen for you.

You must be from Belgian cause you are as delicious as waffles.

Being Franc, I love you.

I guess you are from Brazil cause you are a Rio Angel.

I don’t know whether you live in Bulgaria, but you are Sofia-nominal.

Do you live in Central America? Cause you are the only person who made me Balise in love. 

Do you belong to Bermuda? Cause you look amazing in those shorts. 

You are as Bhut-iful as Bhutan.

You are from Cambodia, right? You also Siem iReap-laceable.

I must be the Bots because Botswana stays with you.

You must be from Burkina because you made me Fa-so hard.

Flirty Country Pickup Lines

You can find your special one anywhere in the world. But, if you got matched with someone living miles away in another country, how would you start a conversation with them?

We have flirty country pickup lines for you; give it a try.

We will travel to Cameroon cause I want to see Yaoundē-wear.

Thank you, girl; you made my everyday heavenly beautiful since you Cayman-to my life.

Hey, I’m from Canada and trust me, I’m one in Eh million for you.

I know you are not from China, but I can’t stop Peking at you.

I wish you were from Cape Verde so that no one can Praia-s apart.

Are you from Cocos Islands? Cause girl, you are Keeling me every day.

Are you Chile? Cause I can’t stop the urge to spoon you.

Do you belong to the Republic of Congo? Cause I Congo on without you.

You must be on Christmas Island cause being on you feels like Christmas every day.

Let’s shift to Dubrovnik so that we can never split.

I may not be from Columbian, but I’ll make sure we will Bogota town with each other.

I don’t care whether you are from Cuba or not; I just Ha-VANA get your address. 

Best Country PickUp Lines

Are you going to attend a Country-themed event at your College’s International fest? There will be a lot of people at the party.

So, you must do something different to stand out from the crowd. You can go through these Best Country pickup lines and kill the show.

I was planning to travel to Cyprus to see Aphrodite rocks, but I feel you have already rocked my life.

You must be from Copenhagen because I’m in a Dane-ger to fall you.

You may not be a Dominican, but trust me, you would be a Dumbinician if you ignored someone like me.

I’m not in Egypt, but my life feels like broken pyramids (Pointless) without you.

You might not be from England, but you are no less than a queen for me.

Has somebody called the Rescue team cause I’m Eritrea-lly lost… after looking at you? (For someone from Eritrea).

I may not be from Estonia, but trust me, you are very cool and Tallinted.

You must be living in Ethiopia cause your beauty is un-Birr-lieavable.

Are you from the Faroe Islands? Cause it’s unFaroe to look this beautiful.

You must be Fijian cause you are Suva-lovable towards me.

Are you from French Guiana, cause I want to make you my Fren? (Friend)

I Gambia-lieve how beautiful you are.

Short Country Pickup Lines

Pickup lines shouldn’t be long cause not everyone likes pickup lines, so it’s better you use short and quick pickup lines just to try whether they will like this way of starting a conversation.

So here we have a few short country pickup lines for you guys.

Are you from Georgia? Cause you to look so Gorgeous every time?

Would you allow me Dubai a valentine’s gift for you?

Excuse me, can I Bora a kiss from you?

Is your name Victoria cause Falls for you?

Are you from Zimbabwe cause there is no zimbab-WAY? Can I live without you?

You must be living in Saharan Dessert cause you are extremely hot.

On a scale of 1 to America, how much do you like me?

You must be from the United Kindom, cause I’m glad that UK-ame into my life.

You are so delightful. You must be from Turkey.

I’ll meet you in Tunisia because it’s the only place where U N I are together.

Are you from Tokelau cause it’s Tokelau-ng time for me to impress you?

Do you live in West Africa cause I want Togo on a date with you?

Catchy Country Pickup Lines

Catch everybody’s attention in the group by using these catchy country pickup lines with your friends. 

You must be living in Lhasa because I saw a Lhasa pretty lady in the world, but I’m ready to Tibet on you, that you are the cutest.

Do you like Thai? “Yeah, Why?” cause you make me Phuket everything.

Do you want to travel to Tanzania with me, cause i’, safari-n love, with you?

I may not be from Tajikistan, but I still want Stan by you.

Excuse me, Taiwan-to take you on a date. (for your friend from Taiwan)

Let’s travel to the Middle East; I Syria-sly want to spend time with you.

I know you are not a Swiss Flag; still, having you in my life is like having a Big plus.

Girl, you must be from Stockholm, because I’m so in love with you and iKEAn’t live without you.

Trust me; you are hotter than Swaziland.

You may not be from Suriname, but I’m still Suri that you are the one for me.

Do you live in Khartoum, cause you took my breath Sudan-ly?

Do you belong to Sri Lanka? Cause you Rupee-tedly stole my heart.

Awesome Country Pickup Lines

Here we have a list of a few Awesome country pickup lines for you to try at parties, gatherings, with friends, or even in your boring Geography lectures.

This will increase your knowledge for sure. 

I just read about Barcelona’s pickpockets, but I’m still curious about how you steal my heart every time.

Let’s travel to South Africa, and we will esCape Town from your family.

You must be living in Somalia, but I don’t want just Som-thing from you; I want all of you.

Do you want to join me for the Solomon Islands trip with me, cause then it won’t be Solo anymore?

You may not be from Slovenian, but still, I believe you are Bled-der than the rest of the world.

If your name is Sierra, you are Leone-ly one for me.

Are you from Seychelles? Cause just looking at you feels like Vitorialready?

I know you are not from Serbian, but I’m pretty sure if I ask you for a date, Serbia, yes!

You must be living in Saudi Arabia because you are Saudi-sirable.

If we’re Principle, you would be the Sao Tome. “What?” cause you are Sao perfect ToMe.

You may be from San Marino, but I want you to Mar-ry me.

 I may not be from Saint Lucia, but trust me, I never want to Lucia.

Beautiful Country Pickup Lines

Planning a world tour would be costly and time-consuming, right? But at least you can gain some knowledge about different countries.

Moreover, you can play country-based pickup line games with your friends and increase your knowledge, fun, and excitement. 

You must be Romanian cause soon you will be Buch-arrested for stealing my heart.

Let’s move to Reunion Island so that U N I can stay together.

I don’t have to move to Qatar, to Doha-lot of things for you.

No, I don’t belong to Poland, but I want to Gdansk with you at the party.

Are you from Panama? Cause you look terrific.

You must be from Pakistan, cause I wannaUrdu, some crazy thing with you.

Forget about Oman when you have this Man with you.

I’m Oslo-lonely without you. There’s Norway I can live without you.

You may not be living in Northern Ireland, but you are Derry Derry, beautiful.

I may not be from Niue, but trust me, Alofi you.

AmsterDayum! You are so pretty. Are you Dutch?

Are we moving towards Everest Peak, or it’s just you who took my breath?

Rare Country Pickup Lines

 It is always exciting and impressive to try something new and rare every time, but it is difficult to find rare pickup lines.

So don’t worry, here we have unique and creative Rare Country pickup lines for you to try with your friends.

I’m not from Myanmar, but I want to Myanmar-ry you.

You are so gorgeous, do you want me to Dubai a wedding ring for you?

Can I Bora Bora a hug from you? I promise I’ll return soon.

Come shift with them in Port Au Prince cause I Haiti see you leave me.

You must be Honduras cause you Honduras-timate my love for you.

Do you live in Hong Kong because you have the most amazing buns?

You must be living in Budapest, cause I’m Hungary for your attention.

You are Indian, right? “Why?” Cause you look Delhi-curious all the time.

Do you live live in Bali, cause your beauty is unBalivable.

You are Irish, right? Cause you, Dubin, my heartbeat.

Your dad must be in Jerusalem cause you are Israeli hot.

Your dad must be Italian cause you just stole a pizza of my heart. 

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