100+ Best Cougar Pick-Up Lines 

Modern dating has expanded its horizon. You can date all kinds of people from different age groups. The new trends involve younger men dating older women. It’s not a difficult task to approach older women, but you may not always succeed because the women that you are trying to seek to have much more experience when it comes to dating.

It would be best if you came up with something unique every time you talked to them. Something that will make you stand out from the rest of the people because women do not prefer the ordinary. They like it when it’s unique and rare. 

Flirty Cougar Pick-Up Lines 

If you are planning on approaching a cougar in a bar or finding her while walking down the street, you must remember to hold the conversation with ease and confidence in your personality. A confident personality is always attractive. Charm her with flirty, funny, and dirty cougar pick-up lines. 

  • You know what I feel is that you are prettier than your daughter. 
  • Your name must be Lionel because you just put my pants in a mess. 
  • Are you a squirrel because your nuts are visible? 
  • I know my shirt looks nice because it’s made of boyfriend material. 
  • Do you like eating Mexican? Because you are quite good at heating my tacos. 
  • You are so purrrfect. 
  • I crave you and lots of stability in my life. 
  • You are the meaning behind the word “gorgeous.”

Cheesy Cougar Pick-Up Lines 

If you are trying to find the perfect cheesy pick-up line to tell a guy that you are really into or a girl that you want to text, these cheesy pick-up lines will up your flirting game and make all your conversations interesting. 

  • Boy, I feel like if you were a vegetable, you’d be a cucumber. 
  • You have no idea, but cougars like you go wild for a guy like me. 
  • I plan on blowing you. 
  • Your legs must be hurting from running through my mind all day. 
  • Somehow, you always end up in my dirty mind. 
  • I have a package called “the truth,” and not every cougar can handle it. 
  • A cougar like you is always running through my mind. 
  • If you were a fruit, then you would be a pineapple. 

Crazy Cougar Pick-Up Lines

We do not guarantee long-lasting love, but you will get a laugh if you decide to start your conversation with one of our best crazy pick-up lines. It will help you in building a beautiful relationship with your special one. 

  • I often think if you were a basketball, I would never shoot the ball because I would miss you. 
  • I know you will always help me in busting a nut. 
  • Is your name homework? Because I am interested in doing you. 
  • Are you a trampoline? Because I plan on bouncing on you.

Rare Cougar Pick-Up Lines

If you want them to end up with a huge smile on their face, use the right kind of words while you start your conversation. If you are bold enough to speak your heart, then you should use these rare pick-up lines. It will work magically on them and leave them spellbound. 

  • Please lend me your car keys because you are driving me crazy. 
  • I lost my squishy teddy bear. Can you sleep next to me tonight? 
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • I would love to offer you a cigarette, but you are already smoking hot. 
  • Did you know that our bodies are 65% water, and as you know, I am thirsty? 
  • You can always call me Titanic because I am ready to go down for you. 
  • Sorry for the inconvenience. My pants keep falling for you. 
  • Do you sit in a pile of sugar because your ass looks sweet? 
  • Are you my alarm clock because? I wish to tap you over and over again. 
  • I am not an organ donor, but I will always give you my heart. 
  • Do you want to hear a joke about my wiener but nevermind, it is way too long.
  • Do you know why my electricity bill keeps going up? It’s because you are so hot. 
  • Are you interested in french kisses? 

Quick Cougar Pick-Up Lines 

Quick pick-up lines will quickly make their eyes roll and also induce a smile in between. If you see a spark between yourself and the one you like, you should get their attention by using one from our list below. 

  • I hope you know how to perform CPR because your personality took my breath away. 
  • So, aside from taking my breaths away, what else do you do for a living?
  • If being gorgeous was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged. 
  • God was flexing hard when he made you. 
  • Are you a professional boxer? Because you seem like a knockout. 
  • Kiss me if I was wrong, but dinosaurs still exist on the planet, do they not?
  • God has blessed me by sending you to the same bar. 
  • Please lend me a kiss, and I will always give it back. 
  • I think I know you from somewhere. Do I? 
  • Are you attracted to my authenticity? 
  • Can I buy you a drink or anything that you would like?

Funny Cougar Pick-Up Lines 

If you are planning on stealing the heart of a cougar, you must be aware of all the hard work you have to put into this situation. Not everyone has a charming personality but a good sense of humor. A beautiful older lady will only look at you if you have something rare. A pick-up line should be able to make her smile and blush instantly. Down below are some of my favorites. 

  • Jesus Christ, you are so pretty that you made me forget my pick-up line. 
  • Can I get you something? A drink? Or maybe a wedding ring for our proposal?
  • Hey, there are 20 letters in the alphabet. Oh, sorry, I completely forgot about u, r, a, q, t. 
  • God bless you, but it seems like he already did. 
  • Like the tomato in my sandwich, I wish to take you out. 
  • Baby, you don’t realize, but I am the one you need. 
  • I know happiness starts with an H, but my happiness starts with you. 
  • Do you think you could handle my personality, or am I just too much for you?
  • Are you a camera? Because every time I take a look at you, I get shy. 
  • Are you sunburnt, or are you always this burning hot?

Best Cougar Pick-Up Lines 

If you have chosen the best partner for yourself, make sure to use the best kind of pick-up lines to impress your partner. Below mentioned are some of our best pick-up lines which will help you to create an everlasting impression.

  • If you were printed words, you would make a fine print. 
  • Do you smoke because weed looks amazing together? 
  • Kiss my lips if I am wrong, but is your name not Robert?
  • Are you champagne? Because you make me feel very bubbly inside. 
  • If I am baking soda, you must be vinegar because you create all these bubbles inside me. 
  • You are a small amount of red phosphorus, and I am a tiny wooden stick because we are a match for each other. 
  • Thank god, I am still wearing my gloves because you are too hot to handle for me. 

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