120+ Cooking Pick-Up Lines to Win Over His/her Tummy

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is 2023, so we would like to be more inclusive! The way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach!

If you or your person of interest is interested in culinary arts or just cooking in general, cooking pick-up lines might be the perfect way to break the ice (other than melting it, of course, since you are likely to have a stove nearby if you are using these pick-up lines in the first place).

If you are looking for chat-up lines around the cooking theme, you are at the right place! We have put together various cooking pick-up lines to choose from so that you do not have to worry about what to break the ice with. Stay with us throughout this article to add the perfect chat-up lines for your next cooking class!

Funny Cooking Pickup Lines

  • You are so much sweeter than the sweetest macaroons and even prettier than them to look at!
  • Hey baby, you are the hottest girl I have ever seen! I swear you could make a kettle whistle with your looks.
  • Trust me, girl, you are all I knead 😉
  • Damn girl, you are sizzling hot, like a cube of fresh butter melting away in a hot pan.
  • I just want to let you know that dinner will always be better at my apartment.
  • Oh, girl, you are finer than the most delicate sugar powder in this kitchen, and you know it!
  • Hey there, everyone says that I make one excellent breakfast. You should definitely consider staying at my place for the night so you can taste it tomorrow!
  • Hey girl, are you chopped onion? Because every time I look at you, my eyes tear up.
  • Trust me, and if my saucepan were as beautiful as you, I would never let it stay deglazed.
  • Hey girl, are you a block chopped thinly from all sides intricately? Because you are so delicate.
  • Damn girl, can you tell me what I need to do for you to allow me to get into your oven?
cooking pickup lines

Cheesy Cooking Pick-up Lines

It is not a proper kitchen unless it involves some cheese! Same way, you can never go wrong with a cheesy pick-up line once in a while. We have the perfect collection for you!

  • You are the ingredient that I have been looking for my whole life.
  • Hey girl, if you were a recipe, you would be on the first page of my cookbook!
  • You date me, and I turn vegan. You save me; I save the planet. Deal?
  • I usually work with flames on a daily basis, but you are way too hot for me to handle!
  • Hey girl, are you called salt by any chance? Because without you, everything else in life seems so tasteless.
  • Dinner is my responsibility if you come over to mine tonight. Are you down?
  •  I recently got my hands on a rare batch of exotic olive oils. Do you want to come over to my place for a thorough taste test?
  • I’ll be honest with you, and I really think something must be brewing here.
  • Let’s go for coffee sometime! I’m starting to like you a latte, you know.
  • Hey, we should really get less formal now. So, let’s mocha this date instead?
  • I carrot lie, girl, but I have bean thinking about you a lot…

Rare Cooking Pick-up Lines

You do not need to be a MasterChef to woo your crush with pick-up lines! These rare cooking pick-up lines will help you the next time you are in need of one!

  • You are looking so berry beautiful right now, girl, and I would totally make a jam out of you!
  • I might love shepherd’s pie, but hey, girl, you are such a cutie-pie.
  • I want to buy you dessert, but I am afraid that it can never be even half as sweet as you.
  • Did you say you love me? Well, I love you s’more!
  • Hey girl, I know you must think my chat-up lines are really cheesy, but I really think you are grate 😉
  • Hey baby, would you care to brie mine for the rest of my life?
  • I saw you and did not have even an ounce of doubt that this is true loaf at first sight!
  • Crust me, darling, and you do not want a raisin. You want the date, preferably with me, tonight!
  • Oh no, I think I finished all my pick-up limes! 
  • Honestly, I am not at all that good in the kitchen, so I think we should definitely go out instead!
  • We can go out to the worst restaurant in the town. The food there will always taste the best when eating out with you.
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Crazy Cooking Pick-up Lines

These crazy Cooking pick-up lines are all you need if you are in need of pick-up lines that will definitely keep you memorable! Do not hesitate to borrow a few from this list!

  • See, baby; any other guy can buy you dinner. But I want to take cook you one at my place instead.
  • Believe me, girl, it is easier at this point to describe the taste of water than to describe how I feel when I see you coming into the room.
  • You And Me sound like a great idea for the weekend, or maybe the next popular restaurant in the city. Are you willing to be my partner?
  • My only wish in life is for you to let me be there for you through everything… and let me experiment with fancy breakfasts.
  • I have this delicious chicken in the oven right now. Now all I need is you here by the table.
  • Trust me, baby, you are hot enough to make crème brulée just with your appearance!
  • Damn girl! You are hotter than the hottest pepper in this room!
  • Come over to my place tonight, and I will give you the recipe for my special sauce! Are you into the idea?
  • Damn baby! You look even slicker than the new stainless steel pan that I bought recently!
  • Hey girl, if you were a sweet doughnut, I would glaze you all over.
  • I know it has not been long since we met each other, but what are the chances that I can marinade you tonight?
cooking pickup lines

Catchy Cooking Pick-up Lines

A good pick-up line is one that keeps you on people’s minds for a long time, and what better way to achieve that other than a catchy pick-up line? The following list has the catchiest cooking pick-up lines!

  • When I think of a cute kitchen date, you are the only person that I can manage to think of, girl.
  • A world with food shortages sounds scary, but my world with your shortage sounds even scarier to me, and I do not want to imagine it.
  • Being good at cooking is husband material, right? Trust me, girl, you do not want to miss out on my pasta!
  • Hey baby, whenever I look at you, I get reminded of the spice cabinet that I have in my kitchen because you are equally fine grind!
  • Hey girl, you are fine enough to sift flour with. Can I take you back to my kitchen, and we can bake something together?
  • Hey there, baby, you look like you have been sitting in the oven for a bit too long. Will you allow me to check your internal temperature?
  • It seems to me that you are in need of some seasoning in your lifestyle. You can trust me, that baby; I have all the right kinds of spices!
  • I bet you are made of peanut butter, why, my legs are jelly just from looking at you.
  • You must be made of cake. You are all I want for the rest of the evening.
  • I can promise you, precious, we will look absolutely spectacular together on a wedding cake.
  • The Roses are red; You are looking great; it is my Reddit cake day! Let us go on a date.

Short Cooking Pickup Lines

Are you in a rush? Do you have the cake in the oven that you have to check on immediately, but you also do not want to miss the chance to talk to this cute girl in your bakery class? Well, do not worry; we have the perfect short cooking pick-up lines for you!

  • You are the kind of girl I would put on the kitchen counter and kiss and totally forget about the milk on the stove.
  •  Hey girl, do you want to pay a visit to my restaurant and take a look at my biscuits?
  • Hey baby, is your name casserole by any chance? Because I want to take my time with you, slowly and over three hours!
  • Damn girl, would you ever consider letting me baste your ribeyes with my hot butter?
  • Hey girl, did you tumble down to earth from god’s bakery by any chance? Because your beauty puts an angel cake to shame!
  • Damn girl, you should come over to my place tonight and let me frost your cake!
  • Hey girl, you look like the perfect spice addition to my meal!
  • You’re too sweet to be a lemon, so quit that sour face!
  • Tea is my favorite drink. I will give you nothing but hones-tea, get with you all flir-tea, until you and I can do the naugh-tea. What are you saying, baby girl?
  • Princess, you are absolute Royal-tea. How may I serve you?
  • Hey girl, we have been on the simmer for more than twenty minutes now. I think it is time to come to a full boil!

Best Cooking Pick-up Lines Ever

When it comes to cooking pick-up lines, there are a million to choose from. But do not worry, we have made a choice easier for you! The following list contains a collection of the best cooking pick-up lines ever!

  • Damn, girl, even my big pepper mill is not as refined as you!
  • I have been looking for my missing ingredient my whole life. I think I finally found it.
  • The salt in my life is you. Everything is tasteless without you in it.
  • Hey girl, do you want to come over to my place and pull my pork tonight?
  • You should come over tonight and stay back to taste my excellent breakfast in bed for the morning!
  • Hey girl, I was never interested in cooking until you told me what your favorite food is!
  • Damn girl, just tell me you cook well, and I am marrying you right here and now!
  • Hey baby, let me kiss your hand just to check if it tastes half as well as the food you cook.
  • Damn, girl, if you were a sauce, I would definitely dip all my fries in you!
  • We are mint to be together, and you can not possibly deny it!

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