120+ Chipotle Pick-Up Lines [cheesy, short, best, rare]

Chipotle pickup lines are a good way to impress your partners or known ones who are foody and like Chipotle. So don’t wait and try these ASAP.

Cheesy Chipotle Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are some Cheesy Chipotle pickup lines that you must try.

It’s time to practice Safe Mex with this Chipotle order.

The chipotle burrito is like sex and I always eat it last.

I’m drawn to you like GMOs are to Chipotle. Are you hot and made with chipotle? I want more

Have you eaten chipotle? ‘Cause your breath smells of integrity, ’cause I love it

Girl, I got all avacadough you can dream of.

Can you be my Britta

you are a burrito full Baby, I want to build a better world with you.

Baby, do you want Chipot to sleep tonight?

I want you to hug me tighter than a chipotle burrito.

Chicken, steak, barbacoa, carnitas, sofritas, or my delicious human protein?

Did you have chipotle tonight? Good, because I honestly like to eat my girls.

I want my burrito in your tacos.

The chipotle burrito is the best. Be sure to have it for dinner tonight.

Burritos at Chipotle after a workout at the gym He wants more than a bowl.

Are you Mexican because you make me a burrito? If you want Chipotle, we’ll deliver it to your bedroom for free.

A chipotle burrito is like sex and girl, I always finish it last.

Every day I try to find the best techniques I can find to hand pamper you.

I want you more than chipotle chips wants guacamole.

Rare Chipotle Pickup Lines

Trying new things is always interesting, you can also try it, especially when it comes to Chipotle pickup lines. 

Girls, what we’re trying to do isn’t like double wrapping. Give this pig space and it will be a healthy beast for your complete satisfaction.

Hey baby, is your name Chipotle?

It’s time to practice Safe His Mex with this Chipotle order.

I don’t know if you want to risk going on a chipotle date with me, but it should only be done with queso. Would you like to touch my shirt? Boyfriend/girlfriend/partner material.

If you could rearrange the alphabet, put U and I together.

Is it hot in here or is it just you?

Are not you tired? You were in my head all day long.

It’s good that you have a library card because I will check you out completely.

I want to breathe the air You took my breath away!

Do you believe in love at first sight or do you want us to come again?

Is it a parking ticket? Because you are well-written everywhere. Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?

What have you done to my eyes ’cause I can’t keep them away from you.

If you and I were socks, we would make the best pair. Are you in debt? Because you piqued my interest.

Did the sun come out or did you smile at me?

Short Chipotle Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Short Chipotle Pickup lines that you must try.

If you are a fruit, you are a fine apple.

If you are a vegetable, sweet cucumbers.

I thought that happiness starts with “h”, but happiness starts with “u”.

do you want raisins no? Well, how is your date?

If you look at me like that, I have no choice but to invite you. If I asked you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

I love flirting with you, but it would be even more fun with you.

you are single I am single. Together we could change that. If you can guess my favorite restaurant, I will take you there.

I can’t wait for our date. How long before you ask me?

I lost my phone number. can I have yours What phone number should I use if I want to text later?

I bet you didn’t give me your number.

I have a phone number and you have a phone number – think of the possibilities.

My cell phone is broken and I don’t have your number.

What number should I send good morning sms to? I think your phone number is safer on my phone than it is on your head.

Best Chipotle Pickup Lines

Please try these Best Chipotle Pickup lines and share these among your friends and relatives.

My number must sound prettier than yours. I want to hear

I’m writing a phone book, can you tell me your number?

Error 404: Phone number not found.

If you had the same amount in your phone number, how much would it cost?

What photo should I use if I want to send my photo in a group chat? When your parents made you, they were just showing off.

I believe your name is [insert your name], can I call you mine?

So here we are! What are your two remaining wishes?

I’d love to take you to the movies, but I can’t bring my snacks.

Titanic This is my icebreaker. what happened? You took my breath away so I hope you know CPR!

Crazy Chipotle Pickup Lines

Wanna try some interesting Chipotle pickup lines? Then these Crazy Chipotle pickup lines are good for you.

I’m complaining to Spotify that you’re not in the hottest singles of the week.

I’m no photographer, but you can easily imagine us together.

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

hey you’re pretty and I’m pretty we’ll be pretty together I want to flirt, but I want to seduce you with my clumsiness.

Usually, she is 8 seconds, but I think she will calm down in 10 seconds.

Are you HTTPS or without you I just:///

Do you like Mexican food? Truth or date?

Hello, this is Mrs. Light. Did someone say they’re looking for me?

You don’t know how many times I had to swipe left to find you. If our friends asked how we met, what would we say to them? Only funny answers.

Where would we be if we could do whatever we want anywhere in the world?

I wish I could be your wallet, so I’ll always be by your side. Is it a parking ticket? Because you wrote everything beautifully

Greetings and drooling.

I’m calling the police! I’m sure it’s illegal to look beautiful like you.

I don’t flirt I am very kind to very attractive people. It’s hot enough to melt Antarctica

Awesome Chipotle Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Awesome Chipotle Pickup lines for our awesome audience.

I am so lost. can you tell me the direction of your heart

Are you Franklin D? Roosevelt? ‘Cause you’re a dime

Did the sun come out or did you smile at me?

You must have been walking around in my exhausted mind all day.

It’s impossible to find someone like you, so I won’t play hide-and-seek with you. You make a bad impression on other women here.

Go to an ophthalmologist and have your eyes checked. I can’t let it go for some reason.

Because you are a professional boxer or you are a knockout. 

Are you a drummer ’cause you seem to know my heartbeat. Can I borrow your phone? I just saw a fox and I have to call Animal Welfare.

Excuse me, did you speak? No? Well, you should. I would like to say, “God bless you,” but it looks like he’s already doing it.

Netflix because I could watch you for hours.

Catchy Chipotle Pickup Lines

You must try these Catchy Chipotle Pickup Lines and enjoy. 

Do you have plaster because you scraped your knee?

What time is your watch showing? Mine is stuck with 5 frivolous.

There’s something on your face Wait, that’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

Please tell me your name. I can ask Santa what I want for Christmas you. 

Your smile is too bright for me, so I might need sunglasses.

What was heaven like when you left?

Are you the one who invented the airplane? Because you look light to me.

I always thought I was invincible. But you came and hit me with your smile.

I have a request. Can you touch me so I can tell my friends that I was touched by an angel?

are you a keyboard? Because you are exactly my type. Do you like Mexican food ’cause I want to hold you and be my berit

I should call you Google because you have everything I’m looking for.

What do you do for a living besides being beautiful?

Do you have a name or can I call you mine? Did the sun just come out or did you smile at me?

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I step in front of you?

I may not be a ghost, but I can make your dreams come true.

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