158+Creative Camping pickup lines [funny, short, cheesy]

Camping is one of those activities that will surely help you bond with someone if that is something you have been looking forward to.

That is why it is not surprising at all if you find yourself attracted to someone over your shared love for camping.

If that is the case, then these are the ones you should go for. These following oneliners will definitely make sure you feel the love that is blossoming mid-camping trip. 

Short Camping Pickup lines

Camping trips can be long and grueling. Or they could be short and just a fun weekend plan.

Either way, both ways, these trips will leave you feeling excellent and close to your partner once you come back from the same.

The following definitely packs the punch of those short, fun camping trips and puts them into the flirtation skills that you can show off whenever. 

There are a lot of things burning tonight, and that firewood is not the only thing. 

The flashlight is not the only thing that would be hot after I am done using it. 

You remind me of a flashlight but with an E. 

You are as essential as a flashlight during a camping trip because I often do get lonely. 

Like this firewood, I do burn for you. 

I am so hot for you. It is kind of surprising. 

I feel like a flashlight often because whenever I am with you, out in the woods, I am sizzling hot. 

I am great at handling wood, both the tree kind and the morning kind. 

So do you want me to handle the wood in the morning or late at night?

I want you to know that I am down for handling the wood whenever you need me to. 

I hope you know that with my dexterity, I am more than capable of handling things that are not just wood. 

My fingers are rough, and you can most definitely feel them if you do ask politely. 

I hope you are open to a primal experience while we are camping out in the forest because you do tend to make me quite feral. 

The only way you are sleeping in the sleeping bag is if it is with me. 

You must be a sleeping bag, girl, because, after that long hike, I just want to be inside you. 

I wonder if you would be as warm as that sleeping bag, or would you be warmer?

This pan is not the only thing that is sizzling hot here. 

I hope you know that if I touch you, I will end up burning myself with how hot you are. 

You are as hot as the metal pans after I am done cooking our meals. 

Good Camping Chat-up Lines

Going out on a camping trip is the easiest way to become closer to someone.

So if you ever find yourself out on a camping trip with a group of people and find yourself feeling a little closer to someone, then it is the best call for you to approach them.

In order to approach them, the following will be your best friend.

You are as essential as a survival knife when I go on a camping trip because I do need something to take care of the woods with. 

You are a survival knife because you are really good at taking care of my wood, girl. 

You are toastier than this fire. 

The fire will burn for the next 4 hours, but I will burn for you for the rest of my life. 

I am using this fire only as an excuse to cuddle next to you. 

The fire leaves a warm glow that I am dying to feel all over your body. 

I want to feel your warmth all over me, like I love feeling the warmth from the fire after a long hike. 

Being with you makes me feel like I just took a long hike because I am all sweaty. 

You always leave me sweaty, and I am not even out for a hike.

The fire is warm, but I am more generous. 

I bet you could warm my cold heart better than this fire can. 

I have a fire burning in me that only you can put out. 

With the way you put out than campfire, I find myself wondering if you would be able to put out the fire in me as well. 

I am dying to be drenched like that log after being on fire for so long. 

Your touch definitely has some magic in it because ever since you touched me, I have been on fire. 

I am like the campfire, you make me burn for you, and I am waiting to be put out. 

I wish I was a stream because then I could enjoy the beauty of yours that nature can. 

I want to feel you all up in my gut in the best ways possible. 

Cheesy Camping Pickup Lines

One of the best food to carry when you are out camping is cheese. It is nutritious and easy to carry and does not spoil easily.

Just like your meal prep would be incomplete without cheese, your flirtation would be incomplete without cheesy puns init. So these will definitely help you up your ante when it comes to this. 

I see you are a skilled hunter because you have definitely trapped me. 

I wonder if you think of me as a prey or a predator, either way, I am definitely trapped. 

I always thought of myself as the predator and not the prey, and yet, you have me trapped and totally bound to you. 

You must be good with knots with how beautifully you pitched up that tent. 

Are you good at tying knots everywhere?

I hope you are open to tying the knot with me. 

I want the knot that binds us as binding. 

I hope our knot can never be unbound as easily as the knots can be unbound in the tent.

You are not the only one who is dying to tie the knot here. 

I have never been one for knots, but since I met you, that is all that I have sought to do. 

I wonder if you would be open to binding me with you with the best kind of knots. 

I have you trailing behind me like a puppy, and I keep wondering how you would look on a leash. 

I am fishing for baits, and you seem to be fishing for compliments. 

The only person who I can give compliments is you, as you seem to be fishing for it without even realizing it. 

The fireflies in the forest are pretty, but they are nothing in comparison to your bright eyes. 

Your eyes sparkle brighter than the fireflies in the night sky. 

I wonder if you would be open to letting me bring the animal out of you. 

You seem to be begging to be let out of your inhibitions, and camping is the best way to do that. 

Nature is beautiful, but it has nothing on you. 

Funny Camping Pickup Lines

Going out for a hike is much more fun when you are out with someone else. That makes sure you have a trip that feels short and fun to be on.

In order to make the long trail feel short and feel better, here are some funny oneliners that you can tell your special someone to make sure they are feeling a bit better. 

You are prettier than any of the flowers I have seen on my way up here. 

Watching a sunset with you today made me realize how badly I want to see sunsets with you for the rest of my life. 

In this cold, I saw our breaths mingling together, and I think I want that to keep happening in the future. Just the way our breaths mingle in the cold, can they mingle when we are back home?

I never hope for snow storms, but I would hope for one when I am with you just so that we can get stranded in a cabin for a day or two. 

I want to spend the night with you like this for the rest of my life, but preferably in a bed. 

You are pretty in bed, and you are prettier in my own sleeping bag. 

Bonding with you over our shared love of camping really means that we are partners for life. 

The only trail mix I care about is the playlist that you would be listening to you. 

You have two VERY important assets that I do not wish to be parted from ever. 

I thought I was not carrying pillows, but it turns out you have two beautifully soft pillows for me. 

I know I am quite warm, so if you wish to be warm through the night, you can join my sleeping bag. 

You can enter my sleeping bag and bask in the warmth I can provide for you if you are waiting for it. 

I am not rude, and I am more than happy to share my warmth with you. 

My body heat is one of the many things that I only wish to share with you, for example, my last name. 

Just like my canteen, I would let you take a sip from me, too, if you ever find yourself feeling thirsty during the extended trip we are on. 

You must be the one because the idea of sharing my personal space with you does not irritate me. 

I am dying to be one with you, so I hope that is the same for you too. 

You make me feel all toasty inside like a marshmallow. 

I am as soft and sweet as a marshmallow. Now it is on you to find out whether I truly am as soft as I claim to be or if I am simply bluffing. 

I can think of several activities that can keep us busy through the night if we are scared of falling asleep. 

Flirty Camping Pickup Lines For her

If you ever find yourself enamored by the way one walks, it is only fair you let them know. So here are some camping oneliners you can tell your crush while you guys are on a hike.

These will definitely make them feel special and desired while you two spend a lot of time alone in the woods. 

You are as essential to me as my GPS tracker during hikes because without you, and I would not be able to navigate the hardships that life throws at me. 

Are you good at one-night stands? Well, I hope you are because we will be having a great time in the same sleeping bag, and unless reassured, I will assume it will never happen again.

I think you could use some girthy firewood for the fire that is burning, and I have one in my pants for the fire that is in you. 

Whenever you are with me, I feel like that is where my home is, and I can just have a good adventure there. 

I should have carried a fire extinguisher because you have set my heart ablaze. 

I am sure it will not take a genius to figure out what is going to happen if you and I share the same sleeping bag. 

Tents here and tents there, but you are quite the ten(t), I see. 

You are the bottle of energy drink that keeps me going whenever I am on the trail. 

Many would say you need a lot of wood to keep you warm at night, but I would say that mine is more than enough to keep you warm. 

My pants are not the only place where I can pitch a tent. You would have to go out with me to see where else I can pitch a tent.

I think you would be very invested in testing the waterproof quality of my sleeping bag by soaking it all in. 

I may not have marshmallows for us to toast, but if we did, then you definitely have them toasted. 

My heart is as toasted as a marshmallow at campsites with how hot you are. 

I am so cold it is almost like I have hypothermia. Can you help me feel warm again by cuddling naked?

Beautiful Camping Pickup Lines

The nature you see when out camping is quite beautiful. Just like your crush.

That is why they deserve the most beautiful pickup lines to make them feel loved, desired, and wanted. In order to do that, the following will help you.

These are beautiful and perfect to make your special someone feel special.

I think you are good at putting out fires because you can definitely put out the fire that I have in my pants. 

Is there a wood that I have in my pants, or am I just happy to see you?

I can definitely show you a good time when we go out for camping because I am good at tents.

You remind me of the camels with the toe you got there.

You remind me of the free space because you definitely make me pitch a tent where you are. 

You are so hot, and you definitely do not need fire to keep you warm. 

I will tell you scary stories only to hold your hand and comfort you. 

All the tents I pitch may not be for you, but there is one that specifically gets pitched for you. 

You remind me of tent pegs with how hard you can be. 

You seem like a screamer, and you can definitely scream as much as you want when you are here. 

Awesome Camping Pickup Lines 

Have you ever felt that being out camping is quite an awesome experience? With how close you can be to nature and how amazingly intimate it can feel to be in touch with nature, it can be quite awesome.

Just like that, the experience of spending time in the wild alone with your crush can feel quite awesome.

That is why your crush deserves the same when you hit on them with the oneliners. 

We are alone here, so if you catch my drift, we can definitely do things here.

My marshmallows are not the only thing that is on fire tonight. 

You got me channeling my inner Britney spears because, baby, gimme more. 

Can I rope you into dating me as I roped you into going out for a hike with me?

Fear not if you are an owner of a bush. I can definitely light a fire with some bush. 

I have a stick that can definitely withstand getting wet. 

The reason I love being in the wild is that I can be my most primal self without feeling guilty.

You can make me pitch a tent effortlessly without even realizing it. 

I do feel the temperature dropping. I hope you are open to snuggling with me and sharing your body heat with me.

You could roast my nuts with hot you are, and all we have to do is just touch. 

Have you ever had in-tent sex? That is the best thing to go for when you are out camping. 

We could have some wild action, or we could have some general action. What do you prefer?

You seem to have quite the clear ground that is begging for my peg. 

Do you think we can scare off the animals with our moans? Would you like to test the theory out?

I do have a forest in my pants, and I think you just set it on fire. 

I can explore the wilderness in your pants without a map. 

Your eyes spark joy in my heart. 

I can give you some in-tent loving.

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