180+ Butterfly Pickup Lines to Sweet Talk and Romance

Butterflies are super beautiful. They are beautiful, delicate, and one of the most gentle creatures to exist.

In the near future, you might meet someone who would be just as beautiful, gentle, and delicate.

You might feel the urge to protect them and keep them with you forever, which is perfectly alright.

However, the best way to describe your feelings for them is by using the following that will ensure they feel the affection you feel for them. 

Good Butterfly Chat Up Lines 

Meeting your crush and getting the opportunity to speak with them in a friendly way can be quite hard sometimes for even veteran smooth talkers.

So be kind to yourself if you ever mess up. But that does not mean that you are doomed to mess up every time. Here are some conversation starters you can use this time to make a smooth, flowing conversation. 

Butterflies do fly whenever I am around you. 

You must be a flower because you got me chasing you like a butterfly. 

I do not know if you are a flower or a butterfly, but I know you are beautiful. 

Your beauty is as radiant as a flower with butterflies all around them. 

You remind me of butterflies with how beautiful you are. 

You make me feel a lot of things, one of them being butterflies in my tummy. 

Your mouth may be like caterpillars with huge spikes, but your beauty is like butterflies. 

If you feel ugly, I want you to know that even the ugliest caterpillar goes through change and becomes a butterfly. 

You are as slick as a butterfly, and I can never catch you. 

You fly like a butterfly and sting me like a bee. 

You are as pretty as a butterfly. 

You speak so smoothly, and you always fly out of my reach whenever I try to catch you. I think I will call you butterfly. 

You must have some butterfly gene in your blood because how are you so precious and so beautiful without any effort? 

You look like the butterfly that can help me fertilize my seeds. 

You look like a carrier butterfly, and I bet you have some viable pollen for me. 

I am desperate for some pollen, so will you not be a good butterfly and give me some of that?

If I say nice words to you, would you consider pollinating me?

I am dying to be pollinated by you, butterfly. 

If you are the flower, I am the butterfly that will kiss you gently to taste your nectar. 

I am the butterfly that is too hungry for your nectar. 

Your nectar would be something I want to taste on my lips. 

I will flutter around you like butterflies and taste you every time I have a chance.


Best Butterfly Pickup Lines Ever 

Your crush gives you the best feeling of the day. The moments you spend with them are the best moments of your day.

So, it is only fair that you make them feel that way as well. These pickup lines will help you make your crush realize how amazing they are in your eyes and will help you achieve the reaction from them that you have been looking for. 

You are as royal as some butterflies. 

You are precious as butterflies. 

You remind me of the kingly butterflies that are around here. 

You look scary at night, but you are as pretty as a butterfly when the dawn breaks. 

You have to be the m monarch because you own my heart. 

The only thing you can rule every night as the monarch is my heart and body. 

You are like the cutest butterfly fluttering about in your pastel clothes. 

You are absolutely adorable like a butterfly. 

You can be the monarch; I will be your queen at night. 

You are the monarch butterfly, and I would be more than happy to mate with you. 

You are in your stage of blooming from the cocoon. 

You definitely burst out from your cocoon over the summer. 

Your beauty is much more radiant under the moonlight, my love. 

Moonlight makes you look more ethereal than ever, just like with butterflies. 

You are the butterfly of my heart. 

I have always loved butterflies, so it is no surprise that you own my heart now. 

You would be amazing owning my heart like the butterflies own my heart. 

You can stretch your wings under my gaze. 

My gaze is solely to watch your beauty and watch you fly about. 

You look better when you are completely relaxed and spread your wings. 

I do believe that you have enough capabilities to be the one to spread their wings amongst us. 

I would cherish you just like I cherish my butterflies. 

You remind me of my hobby as an insect lover. 

I am so glad I did not have to set a trap to capture a pretty butterfly like you. 

You are an adorable butterfly who probably would look amazing in my bug nest. 

I have a bug nest waiting for you back at my place. 

My bug nest has enough space for you in case you are worried. 

Would you consider dropping by my place just to experience the comfort of my bug nest?

Short Butterfly Pickup Lines

Height does not matter. Similarly, the length of your puns and cheesy pickup lines does not matter. However, if you have a tall mindset, everything will fall in its place.

So for all the short and tall kings and queens around the world, these are the short pickup lines that you can use to capture your crush’s attention.

You must be an exotic insect collector with how many butterflies you give me. 

I am sure you carry butterflies with you because I always end up with so many butterflies when you look at me. 

Your eyes are more than enough to make me feel the butterflies. 

My day would be incomplete without butterflies from you. 

You got me desperate for butterflies from you. 

Butterflies from you feel so much different than the butterflies I feel when I am around somebody else. 

Just like you, the butterflies you give me feel different. 

Everything about you is different, just like the butterflies you give yourself. 

Every time your look changes, I feel butterflies in my tummy. 

I would be happy if you could trap all the butterflies you give in my tummy. 

My tummy feels like a springtime garden because it is full of butterflies. 

My tummy requires someone to drop by and catch all of these butterflies. 

You and the butterflies you give me would be the death of me. 

I never thought I would die because of butterflies, but you definitely get me feeling that way. 

I would trap you like I trap butterflies in my bug nest. 

Consider my arms to be your very own trap for bugs. 

I bet my arms can easily trap you, my pretty butterfly. 

I will use my arms to trap you to me and never let you go. 

You seem difficult to catch but not impossible. 

You are not a butterfly that will be hard to catch. 

I bet I can easily get you in my arms if I play my cards right, just like I can capture butterflies. 

My butterfly-catching experience will come in handy when it comes to you because I can definitely catch you easily. 

I would love to catch you. 

I hope you are okay with taking responsibility for the butterflies you give me. 

Cheesy Butterfly Pickup Lines 

Being adorable and cheeky is something that we all wish to be. But not a lot of people can succeed in doing so because being cheeky and being an awkward mess have a very fine line.

But you do not have to wonder about that fine line anymore. With these following one-liners, you can definitely show off your cheeky side without coming off as an awkward person.

These are the perfect pickup lines to show how amazing your feelings for them are. 

The way you make me feel comes with some consequences. 

Just because you have never faced the consequences of giving people butterflies, it will not be the same for me. 

I would be more than happy to make you feel butterflies the way you make me feel.

I will be the happiest if I get to capture the butterflies you make me feel and make you feel the same. 

If I could capture the butterflies I feel when I am with you, I will release them on you. 

Let me release butterflies all over you. 

I hope your tummy feels weird with all the butterflies I am about to make you feel. 

I can not wait to make you feel a thousand butterflies. 

You are so pretty but hard to catch. 

YOu make me like a butterfly and hard to catch, but I will still catch you. 

Picking you out of so many people was because of the same reason why people choose butterflies. 

I am looking forward to trapping you in my sticky arms. 

Your eyes flutter whenever they see me. 

Your eyes call me to you; how about a butterfly kiss?

I think the most intimate act we can do is butterfly kissing. 

We would be better off kissing like butterflies. 

In this Corona season, the only kiss that can be hygienic is a butterfly kiss. 

Could I interest you in some butterfly kisses?

You are as beautiful as a butterfly, so let me kiss you like one as well.

Crazy Butterfly Pickup Lines 

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects. Even people who get grossed out when they see insects can not help but fall in love with the beauty and fragility of the butterflies.

Your feelings for your crush are quite the same. Their beauty and sensitivity, along with their personality, have you whipped for them, and it is only fair that you treat them exactly that way.

So, the following will help you achieve that because these will show how crazy in love you are with them.

I have always liked insects, especially the butterflies I feel when I am around you. 

You have me feeling butterflies whenever I am around you. 

I do think it would be ten times better if we both felt the butterflies together. 

I think we both like the feeling of butterflies fluttering around us in our hearts. 

You got me feeling like a flower with hundreds of butterflies around us. 

I grew up chasing butterflies, so why would I not chase you?

You got me chasing you like I chased butterflies. 

You would look better chasing me than those butterflies. 

YOu can chase me, and I will give you butterflies for free. 

I think I would be more than happy to give you butterflies without anything in return. 

I am open to sharing butterflies with you. 

You would be so much better once I give you the same amount of butterflies. 

I have chased butterflies as a hobby, so I am very persistent. 

Call me persistent because I love chasing butterflies. 

Let me chase you like I have chased butterflies since I was a child. 

You are like a butterfly that I want to chase for the rest of my life. 

I think it would be so much better if I did get to chase you around for hours on end. 

I could chase you for days. 

Let me show you how persistent I can be and chase after you. 

Let me chase after you forever for the rest of our lives because you deserve all the love I would be more than open to giving you. 

I will chase you with love like people chase bugs with a bug net. 

I do not need a trap to capture you. 

I always thought having butterflies required a lot of work but here you are, giving them to me for free. 

Funny Butterfly Pickup Lines 

Making your crush laugh is an amazing feeling to behold. People look 100 times more beautiful when they are laughing, and as someone who is so besotted with your crush, you would be looking for the same.

Any excuse to make your crush smile and laugh because of you? These one-liners will make your crush laugh definitely.

These will showcase how much you like them without coming off as desperate, which is always a plus you should go for. 

I feel like I have swallowed caterpillars because my tummy is full of butterflies every time I see you. 

I swear I have cocoons in me because now, every time I see you, every organ of mine fills with butterflies. 

Butterflies are amazing, but the way you make me feel is amazing. 

Butterflies are pretty, but you are better. 

You are prettier and more fragile than butterflies. 

You are the prettiest butterfly in the garden. 

I hope to be the flower you call home. 

I want to be the flower you keep coming to every time. 

I want you to taste my nectar. 

My nectar is waiting to get tasted. 

I am more than happy to taste how sweet you are. 

You taste sweeter than anything I have ever tasted. 

Call me your very own flower because I am always here to get tasted by you. 

I would be more than happy to feed you whenever you want. 

I would love to ask you, but the butterflies in my tummy are making it hard. 

I can never tell you how I feel because my tummy has too many butterflies. 

I swear if I try to tell you how I feel, butterflies will escape from my mouth. 

Flirty Butterflies Pickup Lines for Her

Flirting is a fun activity that you can partake in with your crush. It makes sure your crush knows how you feel about them.

Sometimes, when you are good at it, you might even end up with your crush flirting back and showing interest in you which was the end goal.

These will definitely help you be more articulate and cute when you express your desires to your crush. These are adorable and can be used to begging a conversation as well. 

You definitely make my cocoon hard. 

I do think I have a worm in my pants for you that is waiting to be unfurled into a butterfly. 

I have a butterfly for you in my pants. 

You make my heart grow wings. 

My heart chases you like I chased butterflies. 

I can give you a butterfly kiss. 

Among all the kisses I want to give you, I want to give you a butterfly kiss. 

I will love to give you a butterfly kiss if you are into it. 

Your eyes deserve a lot of butterfly kisses. 

You give me a lot of things, including butterflies. 

You remind me of those jasmine tea bags tied as a butterfly because I would love to tie you up like that. 

I am caught in your trap. 

I feel like I am a butterfly that is trapped by you. 

I can never leave your eyes like a butterfly can never leave flowers. 

I hope I smell as good as flowers, ensuring you can taste me. 

My sweet taste is all for you to take. 

You chase me around like I chased butterflies, and that is adorable.

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