100+ Best Boxing Pick-Up Lines 

Came across someone really cute at the gym or your local boxing club? Use these pick-up lines to find yourself a cute date. Boxers usually do not disappoint, so why should you be the one to disappoint?

Make them expect things from you, and then make sure you fulfill their wishes and meet their expectations. It’s important to reassure the ones you love. Make sure to land the right pick-up lines in your presence. 

Flirty Boxing Pick-Up Lines 

Flirting is essential for all of us. These smooth and flirty pick-up lines will make their toes curl and feel lovely. All of us want to be in your partner’s presence. Make that moment beautiful by adding a few pick-up lines. We know you are looking forward to going out with your date, so stop feeling shy and make that move. 

  • I have given my heart even more than Yamasaki Mario, but I will never stop trying for you. 
  • Want to learn a little more physics and try ground and pound with me?
  • I know you are an absolute knockout, so how’d you get me in this submission that I never thought I’d be in?
  • Do you care for a one-on-one but in my room?
  • Here’s my number, in case you decide to have a one-on-one.
  • If my love blows to your head, the ref will have to call the match. 
  • How about you and I go down and decide to ground and pound you?
  • You are my GSP. Always going to be my number 1. 
  • I think you have just knocked out all senses from my body. 
  • I think I have been falling for you since you knocked me out. 
  • Let me show you some of my best take-down techniques. 
  • You got me in a chokehold, and I kept falling for you. 

Cheesy Boxing Pick-Up Lines

Be creative, and do not hesitate to be a little cheesy. This approach will surely get you your match. You need to deliver them with confidence, and you will make the best kind of impression on your special one. 

  • I think you are a boxer because you are one hell of a knockout. 
  • Is it your spinning back fist, or did your beauty knock me out?
  • I prefer a full mount. 
  • I think you are into body combat because your body is kicking. 
  • Our bond feels real tight that I might tap. 
  • Are you a combat specialist? Because I would love to be protected by you. 
  • It would be best if you tried me because I have an active ground game. 
  • Let me tell you that I never went past the first round. 
  • If I told you that you have a great body, would you hold it against me?
  • I like you so much that I will let you keep mount. 
  • So that you know, I’d put you on my guard any day. 
  • I am being honest, and you can mount me any day. 
  • Are you Mario Yamasaki? Because my heart just stopped prematurely. 
  • Your dad must be a boxer because you are one hell of a knockout. 

Crazy Boxing Pick-Up Line

If you have been rejected multiple times, it’s time for you to change your flirting approach. The whole concept of modern dating can be stressful at times. These crazy pick-up lines will help you in starting your conversation without being stressed. 

  • I will allow you to mount me for more than 15 minutes. 
  • I want you to know that tonight will be like WEC because we will never forget. 
  • I’d love it if you called me Palhares because I cannot wait to tap.
  • Those must be vale tudo shorts that you wear, or are you happy to see me?
  • I wish our love to feel like a GSP fight so that it never ends. 
  • Your love feels like a cage because I can’t escape it even if I try. 
  • Could you give two blows to my head? 
  • I think I will need protective gear while doing it. 
  •  You seem like a professional boxer because you are aware of your game. 
  • I’d submit it to you any time. 

Rare Boxing Pick-Up Lines 

We understand the pressure and anxiety that builds up during all kinds of conversations. Do not lose your confidence while making your first impression. Rare pick-up lines are interesting and full of humor. 

  • I’d prefer you not hit me when knocked down, but I don’t mind a ride. 
  • I always feel like I am knocked out around you.  
  • Baby, I want to mount you fully. 
  • I hope you have listed yourself as a ‘boxer’ because you sure are a knockout client.  
  • That body is kick-ass. Do you practice combat?
  • Do you prefer kicks or jabs in bed?
  • You haven’t seen my favorite pair of boxers, but I wish you could see them.
  • I always think about tapping that. 
  • You will need a mouthguard. Should I ask for one? 
  •  Your beauty will be flooring me tonight. 
  • If you need a grappling partner, I will always be available for you. 
  • Why don’t you ever think about sticking your glove in my hand?
  • I wish for a wrestling session with you. 
  • I have heard that you are fond of boxing. Are you excellent with your footwork?
  • I wish our love to be like a boxing fight so that it never ends. 
  • You always manage to get me in a submission. 
  • I will always lower my guard for you. 
  • As you can see, my boxers are packing some punch. 
  • I wish to teach you some sweet moves. 
  • Do you want to see my take-down move?
  • I can always put you down and get on top. 
  • Every time you look at me, I am just thrown away. 
  • I think that’s PETN who is making your boxers explode, or are you really happy to see me?
  • Will you get on your knees for me?
  • Does your mother happen to be in combat? Because you are such a cool girl. 
  • You must be good at your game because every time I look into your eyes, you hit right at my heart. 
  • Are you a professional boxer? Because I was knocked out. 
  • Are you a wrestler? Because you are knockout gorgeous, and you always manage to take my breath away. And if we decide to come back to my place, I won’t leave you disappointed in any of the rounds. 
  • Is your grandfather into boxing because you sure got some great skills? 
  • I am impressed by looking at your game. 

Funny Boxing Pick-Up Lines 

All of us can give love and joy, so one should never hesitate to do the same. You can always vibe with your person by making them laugh. It doesn’t have to be smart, and even a stupid conversation has the power to fix most things. So make your partner laugh, and I am sure they will be very pleased with you.

We have found some cool and funny boxing pick-up lines. So whenever you feel that your conversation has slightly become and isn’t going anywhere, use one of these pick-up lines and see for yourself. 

  • You are unaware of my favorite pair of gloves, but you will be very soon. 
  • Care to see a packing punch?
  • Everyone starts calling you a knockout client every time you enter the room.
  • The moment I looked at you, I knew you were a boxer.
  • Are you aware that boxers have ‘TGIF’ written on all their boxing shoes? Because toes go in first. 
  • What would you call a gay boxer? Fruit punch. 
  • Your favorite line must be a punchline since you are a boxer.
  • You know you should stop counting because I will not get up from this bed. 
  • We fancy each other. We are boxers. 
  • Do you know what Mike Tyson said to his wife? You are EAR resistible. 
  • Do you know how to make a fruit punch? By giving it boxing lines. 
  • Do you know what has four legs and two ears? Mike Tyson’s dog. 
  • Your dad must be a great boxer because every time I look at you, I realize you are one hell of a knockout. 
  • I will only give you a ten-count. 

Quick Boxing Pick-Up Lines 

First conversations are hard, especially when you are quite affectionate towards the one you like. Go through the list below and find yourself a quick boxing pick-up line. 

  • Does a matchbox? No, but a tin can. 
  • You will come to my bed vertically and leave it horizontally. 
  • The fights will be real because this is not a boxing match. 
  • Do you want to practice midget boxing? 
  • Care for one-to-one in the backseat of my car?
  • I do not believe in tapping out. Do you? 
  • Are you also empty from the neck up?
  • Do you know why all my jokes about boxing are funny? Because I always remember to add a good punch line. 
  • The resemblance was quite striking when the boxer fought with his clone. 
  • What would you call ten boxers in a row? The punch line. 
  • What do you think? Why did the pro-pugilist kickboxing in class? Because he planned on quitting boxing for good this time. 
  • What did all the hairstylists do at the big boxing match? They weaved and bobbed. 
  • Stop looking like a sore loser and get up. 
  • Why did that hobbit try to destroy the boxing ring? Because he wanted to ruin the boxing match.

Short Boxing Pick-Up Lines 

It’s necessary to start with great pick-up lines. You don’t need to write huge paragraphs to impress them. Just go with a short pick-up line and get their attention. Your next night out is going to be interesting if you make the right move. 

  • What are the specialties of a boxing hairdresser? He can bob and weave. 
  • What do you think is the worst thing about becoming a pro alligator wrestler? You will always have to start as an amateur alligator wrestler first. 
  • We can’t do it before a fight because we don’t swing that way.
  • The boxer must be your favorite dog since you are a fighter. 
  • Why do people avoid boxes while wearing glasses? Because boxing requires contact. 
  • Why are usually the guys with saggy pants bad at boxing? They don’t like wearing belts. 
  • The jazz musicians came out swinging at the big boxing match. 
  • You must be competing in the smelter weight division of boxing since you are a blacksmith. 
  • If a boxer ever tripped while taking a sobriety test. The officer will give him a 10-round count. 
  • Boxing is the kind of match that won’t ever start a fire. 
  • The king and queen put up their dukes at the big boxing match. 
  • Why was Saturn banned from the solar system association of boxing? Because he tested positive for asteroids. 
  • Which ring is not round? A boxing round. 
  • Since you are a WWE wrestler, you must like your eggs raw. 
  • Do you know which martial art vegan kickboxers specialize in? To-fu. 
  • The old wrestler died because he lost his grip. 
  • The old judo master died because he just flipped out. 
  • Do you know the difference between a bad boxer and a nail? One gets knocked out, and the other gets knocked in. 

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