195+ Booty Pickup Lines

With the rise in social media, it is absolutely normal to meet someone just for a quick, short-lasting sensual relationship. Fling culture is very prevalent nowadays. But these relationships are also based on a positive impression which may be challenging to pull off successfully.

That is why, to help you, here is a list of different pickup lines that you can use to impress people. These are the best type of pickup lines for every occasion. 

Good Booty Pickup Lines

There is a very fine line between a sleazy pickup line and a good one. To help you with it, here is a list of pickup lines you can choose from. These are perfect for all those moments you can not help but feel nervous. These are best for whenever you want to make a long-lasting impression.

  •  I think being around you gives my zipper a  mind of its own because I see it falling down on its own. 
  • My zipper is controlled by you, so please be careful. 
  • I want to think of you as gravity because under your influence, and my zip falls casually. 
  • I want to be with you like my zip wants to be on the end when I am around you. 
  • I think I can control your zipper if you let me take advantage of the effect I have on you. 
  • Your hands must be tired after doing so much work today. Let me unzip your pants. 
  • I thik we all look better in our birthday suits. 
  • It may not be your birthday, but that does not mean you can not be in your birthday suit. 
  • It would be absolutely adorable if we made a pillow fort in our birthday suit. 
  • Do you want to have a pillow fight with me in your birthday suit?
  • I think kissing can tell me a lot of things you refuse to tell me about you. 
  • I think we have an unspoken language between us. 
  • I think if we kissed, I would definitely know everything that you are hiding from me. 
  • I hope you will let our tongues speak. 
  • You do make my tongue want to Slytherin in your mouth. 
  • Our kiss will speak a thousand languages, so why do you not kiss me? 
  • I think we should kiss, and unless you have any issues, I think we should do it now. 
  • I am good at kissing all types of lips. 
  • Let me kiss your southern lips just as lovingly as I kiss your northern lips. 
  • We can kiss until you are ready to catch your breath. 
  • You took my breath away by smiling at me, so I hope you know that I will take my revenge by simply kissing you. 
  • I bet if I sucked your tongue, you would blush. 
  • You look better when you are red. 
  • I think red is your color. 
  • Your body would look better when you are not wearing anything. 
  • I want to see my marks on your body. 
  • I want to leave my marks on your skin because I bet they would look better with my bruises. 
  • I am a very diligent person and a diligent lover, so if you let me, I can show you how diligent I can be.

Cheesy Booty Pickup Lines

Being puntastic is the best thing to do in order to break the ice. That’s why here are cheesy pickup lines that you can use to break the ice and make an impression on people. These pickup lines are the best pickup lines for every occasion. 

  • Let me be at the top of my list. Oh, would you look at that? You are the only thing on my list. 
  • I want you to be on my list of “Beautiful things I have ever seen.”
  • I want to put you on my to-do list. Is that okay?
  • You are on my to-do list, and I want to do you so badly. 
  • I think you would be cute if you were under me completely. 
  • I hope you care about the environment. However, I do not like how condoms add to the pollution. 
  • I have a condom that might expire tomorrow. Do you want to try it on me?
  • I have something for you in my p0ocket. 
  • I have a gift for you, but for that, you have to sit on my lap. 
  • I hope you enjoy drinking because I think the chemistry between us would increase with alcohol. 
  • I think you would be cute if you let me take you on a ride with me on my bed. 
  • My bed is the perfect rollercoaster ride for you. 
  • Would you like to sit somewhere? I hope it will be my lap. 
  • You would look beautiful if you sat on my face because it is a good seat for you. 
  • Let me wipe my face because I want your seat to be completely clean. 
  • Summer will not be the only thing that will be warm tonight. 
  • I think the only thing that would spring up is my love for you. 
  • I have a hard stick of love for you. 
  • I hope you want me to shoot all over the bed. 
  • I hope you like Winter because if you do, I would definitely make winter come. 
  • Are you cold? Let me warm you up. 
  • I have a warm body if you want so I will warm you up completely. 
  • I want you to feel warm and loved if you let me take advantage of you. 
  • Let me kiss you and teach you what passion can be. 
  • Are you a church girl? I hope you are good at being on the knees. 
  • You must be a cute church girl. You never have anything to confess, is there? I can give you something to confess tomorrow. 
  • Sinning is a natural part of your life because I hope you will be happy to sin with me. 
  • If you want to be a sinner, I would love to be a sinner with you. 

Flirty Booty Pickup Lines for Her

Making a good impression on women is important. Her attention is important, but it is difficult to make that first impression successfully. That is why there are a few pickup lines that you can use to impress her with just a few words. She will love your creativity. 

  • Going down would be really nice. 
  • I think if you like going down, it would be cute if you did go down on me. 
  • I can go down with the sun if you want. 
  • Sun is not the only thing that goes down, and I will tell you that. 
  • I hope you like confessing. I will give you a lot o confess next mass. 
  • Let me drink you up all the time, like alcohol. 
  • I am not really into sunsets, but I would let you look at the sun along the beach if you let me. 
  • I can not wait to study with you for a long time. 
  • I want to study with you like my homework. 
  • I care about your tiny details because it makes me feel like I am learning so much about you. 
  • I want to do you like my English exam because I can not wait to spend hours on you. 
  • I hope you want to be with me on a date with me. 
  • I can not wait to drive you crazy. 
  • Let me drive you crazy completely. 
  • I bet my fingers can drive you crazy totally. 
  • I think you should come back home with me. 
  • I have some base for you if you want.
  • I have a very comfortable place because if you want to lounge back. 
  • I will let you breathe in me if you want. 
  • I want to kiss you and love you if you are willing to be into it. 
  • I can definitely get you back to my house if you want. 
  • You are so hot as tea. 
  • I think you are just like tea because you are such a hot-tea 
  • I want to drink you up like I drink my hot-tea. 
  • I have a very comfortable bed if you are into it. 
  • I think you should be with me in my bed if you are into it. 
  • I like my bed, but I would prefer to be in your bed. 
  • Your bed is more comfortable than your bed. 
  • Your chest seems to be a better bed than mine. 

Short Booty Pickup Lines 

Pickup lines are not always used just to pick up girls. These pickup lines are the perfect conversation starters as well, so if you’re looking for something to help you begin a conversation with someone you’ve never met before- these are the best ones to go for. 

  • I love feeling how thirsty I am around you. 
  • My throat is so parched because I can not wait to drink you up. 
  • Your body is so beautiful, and I would love to drink you up completely. 
  • Let me quench my thirst by drowning myself in you. 
  • I think you can make me feel naked with just your eyes. 
  • Let me undress you cutely without even using my hand. 
  • I do not even have to use my hands to undress you. 
  • Let me take care of your body just like you take care of me. 
  • Your dress is so pretty. 
  • I would love to have you in my bed always. 
  • The bed would look better if you were with me.
  • I want to be in your arms in this bed because it would look so much better. 
  • Can I check you out shamelessly?
  • I am wearing sunglasses only to stare at you. 
  • I love that whenever I wear sunglasses, I stare at you for a longer time. 
  • I have a package for you. If you want it, come sign it. 
  • Let me sign all over you so that I can take advantage of your package. 
  • I think your body is hot and making me feel too warm. 
  • Let me take care of your taste buds. 

Funny Cute Booty Pickup Lines

A sense of humor is the most attractive thing for some people. So in order to have the best relationship with your crush, a sense of humor is the safest thing to go for. That’s why there are a few pickup lines that you can use to ensure that you have the best time of your life with your crush once you two hit it off. 

  • I have quite a few skittles that I would love to share with you. I can definitely make sure you taste the rainbow if you are into it. 
  • If you open your mouth, I will make it easy for you to taste the rainbow on your tongue. 
  • I can explode all over you, and you can taste the sweetness I give to you. 
  • Your lips are like skittle color, and I can not wait to devour you so badly. 
  • I can buy you as many drinks as you want. 
  • Let me see your smile and make you feel better every time. 
  • I know those drinks have some calories, so if you want, we can have a workout session to burn those calories. 
  • I have a couple’s workout that we can use to feel better. 
  • Let me make you feel absolutely cute by making you feel like a princess. 
  • I will treat you like a princess if you let me. 
  • I can make your legs quiver if you let me. 
  • Ask me nicely, and I will give you everything you would like. 
  • I can burn those calories off with you if you want. 
  • Calories can be quite hard to burn off, but I can help with that. 
  • Let me stretch you out completely, and I am sure you will feel better. 
  • I have very flexible fingers, so I can assure you that you will definitely feel better. 

Rare Booty Pickup Lines 

As pickup lines have been used repeatedly over the years, you might often end up using pickup lines on your crush that your crush has already faced, and prepare an anti-pickup line for that. To avoid those situations, here is a list of rare pickup lines that will be a curve ball for your crush so that they can be pleasantly surprised with your sense of humor. 

  •  I want to get into your head. 
  • You are always on my mind.
  • Why are you running in my mind all the time?
  • I wish you knew that you are very important to me and I would totally take care of you if you gave me a chance. 
  • Either get out of my head or give me head. 
  • I would love to give you head. 
  • I have heard I have a big head, so if you want, I can give you a head until you feel better. 
  • I have heard that getting head can make you feel better, so I can definitely give you some of that. 
  • I am not a lift, but I will go up and down all over you. 
  • Your skin reminds me of honey, and I wonder if you taste that way as well. 
  • You make me feel skittish, but that is exciting. 
  • That outfit looks so good on you, but you know what would look better? Me in all my glory. 
  • I am totally DTF. 
  • The only three letters that express my state of being with you are D, T, and F. 
  • I want to just F when I am with you. 
  • I can promise you I will go slow.

Super Cheesy Booty Pickup Lines

Just like pasta, pickup lines are better with some extra cheese. That’s why here are some extra cheesy pickup lines that are perfect for every occasion and can act as a good chat-up line and also as an ice breaker during awkward conversations. 

  • I love taking my time, so do not be scared. 
  • Please relax because I promise you will feel better. 
  • You will feel better, but you will feel the best on top of yourself. 
  • I am your very own horse. 
  • I will dig into you like a bowl of cereal. 
  • You are thicker than a bowl of oats, and that is attractive. 
  • I will eat healthy if I can eat you like groceries. 
  • Let me completely consume you like you are an edible arrangement. 
  • You are the only arrangement I want to eat. 
  • Fruit tastes good, but they taste better from your body. 
  • Do you want to do body shots?
  • I like bodies, but your body will look better on mine. 
  • We have bodies and can slow dance, so why not be on top of one another?
  • I want to be all over your business and completely ruin you in the best way. 
  • Let me devour you like a bowl of salad. 
  • I like sour so that I can taste the pineapple on you. 
  • You are so magically tasty that I bet you are from the heaven. 
  • You are like pop because you snake my heart pop. 
  • You are so-da-li-cious I love tasting you. 

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