180+ Boat Pickup Lines – The pickup line

Boats are one the most exciting rides that you can ever experience in your life. That is why it is completely understandable for you to be scared to take it out on a ride.

But that does not mean that it should be the case when you are with your crush. Your crush will definitely be one of the biggest adventures for you because love is quite adventurous.

But that should not hold you back. To help you set out n your journey, here are some liners for you. 

Cheesy Boat Pickup Lines

A key part of the relationship is being adorable with your significant other. Being cute with someone can be quite difficult when you have never been cute before.

But that is not something to be worried about. The following one-liners can help you be the cutest person your crush has ever led an eye on. 

  • Are you a boat because you seem like you would get me wet?
  • I hope you are not a bat that would go down. 
  • Boats are not the only thing that can drown. 
  • I will drown you with waves of pleasure. 
  • I see a hole that is in desperate need of a plug. 
  • You are the storm that can ruin my life. 
  • You are the storm of my life. 
  • I would be more than happy to be shipped with you. 
  • I ship you with me so much. 
  • Our ship has to sail before it sinks. 
  • I would feel so bad if our ship sank before it sailed. 
  • The only way our ship would sink would be if some other ship had a cannon. 
  • I hope you are open to shipping with me because that would be really cute. 
  • Do you know what would be cute? Us being a ship. 
  • I bet a lot of people ship us together.
  • I hope other people see us and ship us together. 
  • Shipping each other with others can be boring, but shipping each other together. 
  • Our shop will sail only if you agree to be a ship with me. 
  • For me, you are the ship I wish to sail. 
  • I may not be the ship you have been chasing, but I can assure you that you will like the ride with me. 
  • I am more than proficient at riding the waves, but that is not the only thing I can ride. 
  • My ship can ride out all of your waves if you want. 
  • Your waves are big enough to drown me and completely ruin me. 
  • My sail only works when it is your wind that is backing it up. 
  • Your wind is not the only thing my sail has caught. 
  • I want to catch more than your wind in my sail. 
  • My sail looks empty without you. Care to join it?

Funny Boat Pickup Lines

Making your partner laugh is such a heartwarming feeling. But it can be difficult to achieve when you are not very sure how to come off as funny without coming off as overbearing. In those moments, the following will surely help you out. 

  • Would you be open to having a cat in the boat if you have a cat? I do believe some pussy onboard would be quite comforting. 
  • Just like waves, I like it when it gets high and rough. 
  • These waves are not the only thing that gave me wet for an extended period of time. 
  • If you blow, your wind is what will catch my sail. 
  • My sail will sail the moment you blow me. 
  • It seems like my boat is not the only thing not scared of getting wet. 
  • I am great at navigating the seas, but it is your eyes that make me completely lose myself. 
  • Your eyes are deeper than seas, and I can drown myself in them. 
  • My boat is always open for you to take on a ride. 
  • The boat is not the only thing you will be riding tonight. 
  • Please board the boat, knowing that you will be riding a lot more tonight. 
  • I would drop my anchor on you. 
  • You are like the island I have been navigating forever. 
  • You fill my heart with enough relief as the island fills the heart of sailors with relief. 
  • You are the island that I have been searching for since the beginning of my life. 
  • You make me as overjoyed as a bunch of sailors who have found their very own island. 
  • I thirst after you like the sailors who have spent months in search of fresh water. 
  • You are as rare as fresh water in an ocean. 

Short Boat Pickup Lines 

Seamlessly switching from a general conversation and flirting can be quite difficult to get the hang of, but it is essential for successful flirting.

That is why here are some pickup lines that can help you get the hang of it and come off as the smooth talker you can be. 

  • I must be the captain because I would like to enter your boat. 
  • I want to stir you towards the destination you have been chasing for now. 
  • I would let you park your boat at my dock. 
  • My dock is always open for your boat. 
  • I will let you rock my ship as much as you wish. 
  • My boat is definitely missing some action, just like me. 
  • I do feel that just like a wave, you would be great at making my boat rock at your will. 
  • I will run my boat into yours if you do not watch what your tongue speaks off. 
  • My hull may not be sharp, but my tongue definitely is. 
  • I am a sailor, and I am more than capable of tying knots to ensure a good time. 
  • If you are looking for someone to tie you up, I would like to volunteer as tribute as a sailor. 
  • Waves that you raise in me keep crashing down all around me, and yet, you seem unaffected by them. 
  • I hope my waves affect you as much as your boat affects me. 
  • Your world would look so much better when I rock them completely. 
  • Your world is begging to be rocked, maybe, so please allow me. 
  • I am more than efficient when it comes to handling a rocky wave. 
  • If you take care of this boat, it just might take care of you on ina stormy night. 
  • My pier is beckoning for your boat. 
  • I am the most useful thing at sea and on land. I am terrible. That’s why, for a better experience, consider having me on a water bed. 
  • I will move your world like this water bed moves your body. 

Crazy Boat Pickup Lines 

You can always get a visceral reaction from the person you love if you successfully tell them something that they were least expecting.

To help you achieve that visceral reaction from your crush to ensure you leave a lasting impression on them, here are a few pickup lines that you can use.

These are completely out of this world, ensuring your crush makes a note of your presence. 

  • Those cannons are not the only guns on this ship. 
  • I would love to take you on a cruise, a love cruise. 
  • You would look adorable boarding my love boat. 
  • My boat would become a love boat the moment you step into it. 
  • With this beautiful weather, I hope you end up saying my name. 
  • The wind to my sail is you, and without you, it would be difficult for me to reach every place I wish to reach. 
  • The sea may be calm, but neither am I nor are you. 
  • The sky and the sea have no idea how crazy the storm in my heart is, thanks to you. 
  • You are the reason I am so calm on the surface, but deep down, I am ready for turmoil. 
  • I hope you know that firm strokes are what will get you to your destination. 
  • My destination requires you to give continuous strokes at the sweetest spot. 
  • Your paddling skills will come in handy in the bedroom. 
  • You do seem like you know the importance of firm strokes that are in a rhythm. 
  • The only romance I want between us is Row-mance with these paddles. 

Good Boat Chat-up Lines

Starting a boat can be quite difficult if you are not a boat person. Similarly, starting a conversation can be very difficult if you are not a huge conversation person.

However, here are some chat-up lines that make talking easy. These will definitely make starting conversations far easier than they are as of now. 

  • Rowing boats has made my core strength quite high. I can show you how strong my core is if you want. 
  • Being a sailor has definitely made me immune to being sprayed with water, so if this is something you wish to do, I would be more than happy to be on the receiving end of that. 
  • You can sheet in tonight. 
  • I do think bearing away is something you would enjoy with me. 
  • I am more than happy to join you in the sheets tonight and bare away. 
  • I have so many things for you to ride on. 
  • I hope you are open to taking care of dinghies. 
  • I have a long dinghy waiting for you. 
  • My dinghy definitely wants your touch. 
  • Your touch will make my dinghy complete for use. 
  • I do believe that in your small hands, my dinghy would look huge. 
  • I am more than willing to motorboat you if you do want that. 
  • If you tell me you want to be motorboated right here, and right now, I would be more than happy to do it. 
  • The only motor boat I know is motorboating you. 
  • You would look good on a motor boat, and you will look better when I motorboat you. 
  • I do believe that if you were a boat, I would help you float it. 
  • I will help you reach the perfect buoyancy required to float on the waters. 
  • I bet if I make our ship float, you will sink down my throat. 
  • I hope nothing else sinks tonight because the only sinking I want is for you to sink in my bed tonight. 
  • The boat may sink, but I want you to sink down my throat tonight. 

Best Boat Pickup Lines Ever 

Best boats have a different charm of them when you are riding them. Similarly, classic and good pickup lines have the same effect. They make having a conversation far easier than expected which is a very welcomed change.

That is why if you are struggling to start a c conversation, then this is your friend and your holy Gospel. 

  • I feel like Nemo whenever I see you because I would die to touch you. 
  • I swear I would be lost the moment I see you, just like that boat from Nemo. 
  • If Nemo has taught me anything is that I should touch things I have never touched before, so can I touch you?
  • You are tempting me to go the extra mile just to touch you, just like the boat from Nemo. 
  • My friend will not need to egg me on because I would touch you without them daring me. 
  • You make me go through hardships just to touch you, just like Nemo. 
  • If touching you means I will be captured, then so be it because I like you that much.
  • You look beautiful, just like the boat underwater. 
  • You give me air, just like the boat did for Jack Sparrow in the movie. 
  • I bet you could rock my world if you wanted to. 
  • I will not only rock you, but I will also rock your world just like the tsunami does to the boats. 
  • I bet I can fling you onto my bed like the tsunami flings boats onto th beach.
  • You are begging to drown me in your pleasure. 
  • You seem like you would be happy to completely drench me. 
  • The waves are not the only thing that would be spraying me tonight, I see. 
  • You can call me Sea Men because I do bring semen with me. 
  • I can paddle you faster than you have ever experienced. 
  • My fingers are more than proficient when it comes to paddling. 
  • I am good at paddling with any type of paddle. 
  • I do believe that if you are looking for a paddling experience, I would be the one for you with my amazing capabilities as a rower. 
  • I am an avid competitor in Rowing, and I will be rowing more than just boats tonight. 

Flirty Boat Pickup Lines 

Flirting can be like waves. If you do it right, it will be an easy, enjoyable experience, but if it is a big blunder, then you might just find yourself drowning in awkwardness.

To avoid such situations, here are some pickup lines that you can consult in the future whenever you wish to flirt with your crush very effortlessly. 

  • Your boat would look better with a captain. 
  • I think I would be perfect as the captain of your ship. 
  • Your boat definitely would look better filled with some belonging of mine. 
  • The tug boat is not the only thing that will be tugging tonight. 
  • I can assure you that both the ship and the captain are happy to see you. 
  • I have a binocular for you in my pants, or do I?
  • Am I pleased to see you, or is that just binoculars in my pants? The world will never know. 
  • You can board my ship if you plan of boarding me tonight. 
  • My cabin looks empty without you. 
  • I have a boat that is waiting to be boarded by you.
  • Your pit would look better with a captain. 
  • Bow guy? More like Blow guy, if you know what I mean. 
  • I am not a bow guy, I am a bowman, and the only one I bow for is you. 
  • If you own this boat, then I own you, which makes me the owner of this ship as well. 
  • You might be the captain of our ship, and I will be the captain of our dreams. 
  • You control the ship, and I control our lives. 
  • You remind me of those ships with a tight space for the captain. 
  • Hey baby, do you have a tight space for my cock to pit in you?
  • My tug boat is waiting to be tugged by your large vessel. 
  • I heard you have a large vessel. Will I get to see it, or do I only get to hear about it?
  • You look like you have a large vessel for me. 
  • I think despite being a large vessel, your vessel will not be able to take care of these huge racks on board. 
  • You make me feel like the boat from Nemo because every time I see you, I can not move. 
  • My boat is not the only thing that will be staying back tonight. It is also me. 
  • I can not wait to drop my anchor on you and not move away from you tonight. 
  • You are not the only heavyweight that will be lifted tonight. 

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