165+ Best Dance Pickup Lines [Cheesy, Funny, Catchy] 

As Elizabeth Bennett had once said, dancing is the best way to win the affection of one’s partner, and you should follow that as well. With the rise of TikTok, everyone is dancing nowadays, and these pickup lines will definitely tickle their dancing bone to make sure you are noticed by them in the best way possible. 

Cheesy Dance Pickup Lines 

Being cheeky on the dance floor is a bold choice but then again, if you want to make a lasting impression, being bold is the best choice to go for. That is why the following will definitely make you come off as bold. 

I got some romance for you, and you would only get it if you danced on over to me. 

The way you dance got me thinking about things I never knew I would be thinking of. 

I got some bad romance for my dance partner, so if you are down, so am i. 

It takes two to tango, and I would be glad if you were my tango partner. 

Let me tango you to my bed. 

I can give you dance lessons whenever you want. 

I am a good dance tutor. 

I am good at making people dance with a snap of my fingers. 

I am a dancer, so I can assure you that my hips will never lie. 

A lot of people have lying hips, but your hips are not one of them. 

Your hips would look better slow dancing to my lap. 

I could tell the DJ to slow down the song so that you never have to leave me. 

You would look better dancing on me. 

My lap seems empty, so I was wondering if you would like to dance with me. 

I am waiting to have a dance partner. 

I can see that you would be a better dance partner than my current one. 

You look different on the dance floor because you remind me of a beautiful siren. 

You are a seductive siren because your charm has me chasing you to the dance floor. 

You would look better in my arms than his. 

Your lips would look better against mine as we sway to the beat. 

Your hips feel better against mine. 

Let me take care of you like the good dance partner I am. 

I do not plan to be your dance partner, and I want to be your life partner. 

I think you look lonely on the dance floor and I can change that. 

If you ask me, I would be more than happy to change your status on the dance floor. 

I think I would be a good partner for dancing when it comes to you.

Funny Dance Pickup Lines 

Despite being funny, some dance moves are just classics, and everyone likes them. That is the same for the following pickup lines. These are classics that would always help you out when you are dying to start a chat. 

You got me dancing my way out of my pants. 

I would dance my way to your bed. 

Your bed is as addictive as the dance floor because I do not want to leave it once I get on it. 

Let me rip up your mattress like I rip up the dance floor. 

Your bed calls to me like the dance floor calls. 

I move like no one is watching me on the dance floor, but I want your eyes on me. 

Your eyes would look better on me when I am dancing. 

I would be open to dancing until you can not take your eyes off of me. 

Your eyes look better on me than on the dance floor. 

Even with the lights out on the dance floor, I would always be able to find you. 

Let me search for you on my dance floor. 

I would find you wherever you are, even on the crowded dance floor, and get you on my bed. 

My bed would look better with a dancer like you in my company. 

You are a dancer, and I can see it with your flexibility. 

You twist like a bendy straw. I suppose that is the perk of being a dancer. 

I bet you can make falls look simple with the dancer in your gene. 

Is your momma a dancer, girl? Because you got me excited. You are dancing, and yet my eyes keep stripping you. 

I could simply stare at you dancing for the rest of my life. 

You look happier when you dance when you are alone than when you are with him. 

I bet I can show you what a good dance partner seems like. 

I am good at tango, and I am better at horizontal tango. 

Have you heard of devil’s tango? I would be more than happy to teach you how to do it.

Dancing the devil’s tango may seem difficult, but I can play the devil’s advocate and help you with it. 

Do you want to do the devil’s tango with me? I will be the devil, and you can be the angel.

Crazy Dance Pickup Lines 

Have you ever witnessed a dance that just blows your mind? That is true for pickup lines. Some pickup lines are just out there and exciting.

Anyone on the receiving end of those pickup lines will definitely have their mind blown, which is the best type of reaction you could expect from people. 

You dance like your life depends on it. I wonder if you would dance like that when we are in bed together. 

I would be open to having you on my bed, dancing like my very own entertainer. 

I wonder if you would look as pretty on my bedroom floor the way you look on the dance floor. 

You look gorgeous on the dance floor, but I bet you look better dancing in the kitchen on a Sunday morning. 

The only dance I want to show you is in your kitchen on a Sunday morning. 

I have danced several different dance styles, but I want to dance with you on my first dance. 

Do you not like dancing? You can stand here and watch me. 

Watch me as I dance. 

The only guy whose hands I want on me is yours. 

As I slow dance to this song, your hands would look better on my waist. 

You must be a magnet because I could feel the attraction from the other corner. 

If you are surprised by my approaching you, I assure you that my attraction to you was really strong. 

You are like a magnet on this dance floor because everyone wants to dance with you. 

If you like taking things slow, let me ask you for this slow dance. 

I saw you reading Pride and Prejudice, so may I have this dance with you?

Dance with you would be a pleasure. 

Dancing with you is the second most pleasurable thing I can think of us doing together. The first being reading and the third being sex. 

I would ask you to have sex with me, but dancing burns more calories. 

Let me help you burn more calories than this dance session can ever do. 

I saw you twerking on that dance floor. Can you twerk on my lap?

Catchy Dance Pickup Lines 

Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok are full of trendy and catchy dance challenges. Everyone, from dancers to non-dancers, enjoys those catchy dance moves.

Similarly, even if you are not a serial flirter and you have never really flirted with people, there are some pickup lines that are as easy to execute as the TikTok dance moves. They are as follows. 

You look like you can throw that ass back, so how about you throw it back n my lap. 

I am ready to grab those hips of you and feel you against me. 

Your ass is hypnotizing with the way you dance. 

The way you dance hypnotizes me. 

You dance in the most magical way because every time you dance, I bet I can not feel anything around me. 

Every time you dance, every drop of blood I have travels to a place it has no business going to. 

I bet dancing would be different because I have never seen anyone like you on the dance floor. 

You must be out of this planet because dancing with you was nothing like I had experienced so far. 

Did you know that a lot of religions use dancing as a way to get close to God? I bet I can get you to call out for God if you dance with me. 

I have been looking for my goal, and it seems like dancing with you is what it is, 

Let me dance with you to finish all the goals I had set for myself.

I bet dancing with you would be heavenly and pleasurable for you like it is for me. 

You feel like you could use some company on that dancefloor and in your bedroom. 

I can give you a private dance if you would take me home.

My bedroom can be your dance floor, and you can show off how amazingly flexible you are. 

You are harder than the stripper pole I was holding. 

I could circle you like I circle that stripper pole. 

You have a pole for me to grab onto, do you not?

Are you good with history? No? Because our dance will be remembered as a glorious moment in history. 

I will give you the dance of your life that you will not be able to forget even if you end up forgetting everything in your life. 

I bet I could make you dance so well that you would remember it forever as muscle memory. 

Let me turn our dance into core memory. 

Can you tell me what the name of the song was that we just danced to? Yeah, this is going to be my favorite song for the rest of my life. 

I would get the anime of this song tatted on me just because it was the song that was playing when we met. 

Flirty Dance Pickup Lines 

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your crush, usually flirty dancing is the way to go while you maintain eye contact with them.

That skin-on-skin with eye contact is terribly attractive and more flirtatious than your words could ever be, But if you want some lines that can come close to that intensity of sexual tension, then the following are the ones that are for you. 

Even in this dark room, your eyes are the ones that I got my eyes on. 

Shall I have this heavenly dance with you, my lady?

I hope you have the directions. I am so lost in your eyes I do not know the way to the dance floor.

What is the time? My watch tells me it is time for my hips to grind against yours to the beat of a slow song. 

I hope you know that you would be better off dancing with me than waiting in this corner of the room. 

You are the DJ’s favorite because the spotlight was always on you, or so it seems in my eyes, given I am the DJ. 

Dance with me if I am wrong, but you are not the prettiest girl in this club right now? I knew it. I was wrong, and you are the prettiest one here. 

Dancing with you is one of my dreams, and I would like to turn all of my dreams come true. 

Even in this dark club, nothing is as radiant as your eyes. 

Your eyes shine like the pole star with how bright they are. You are the pole star for me because I end up finding you even in this sea of people on this dance floor. 

I think you are very good at dancing because you got my heart running away because of the way you move. 

You move so seductively that I melt in your touch. 

Short Dance Pickup Lines

With the rise of TikTok, having short dances are no secret. But, while short, they are quite effective at making even the shyest person get on the dancefloor.

So why would it be different when it comes to pickup lines? While there are big pickup lines, shorter and simpler ones have a charm that comes from being super easy to execute. 

I saw you see me, and let me tell you that I would be more than happy to have this dance. 

Shall we have small talk bout the crowd as we dance?

I hope you have a mop handy because I have just melted into this dance floor because of how you move. 

I think my hand is the one you should be holding instead of that drink. 

That drink would be better inside you, and your hand would be better on my waist. 

My waist is empty without you. 

You must be the angel that descended from the sky with the way you move. 

The way you move got me melting, so I hope you have a bucket handy. 

You must be the daughter of someone who knows how to dance because you are out here, dancing and stealing my heart so smoothly. 

I was looking for my next dance partner, and it seems like you are the next dance partner of mine. 

So, partner, what do you think about the next dance?

I think I can dance with you until my legs give out. 

You have my heart dancing at the sound of your name. 

Have you come to this club before? I do not know if they have an EMT on standby. The way you dance got me breathing way too hard. 

Every time you dance against me, my heart keeps quickening in pace. 

Your heart beats faster than the beats of this song. 

Best Dance Pickup Lines Ever 

There are some dance styles that can always be the best ones to go for despite the venue. Similarly, some chat-up lines never fail.

That is why there are some chat-up lines that will always give you the reception you are hoping for from your future dance partner. 

I think you dance the samba because of the way you walk. 

You have sex appeal dripping off of you, like tango dancers. 

I can copy your dance moves, and you can copy my last name. 

I never thought I would be a thief, but I would steal a dance with you if I could. 

If you are shy, the dancefloor is dark enough for us to dance peacefully without people staring at us. 

People do burn a lot of calories when they slow dance. I can volunteer myself as a tribute for your dancing. 

I bet we can hypothesize whether sex burns more calories or slow dancing. 

Slow dancing with you would be interesting but having you in my arms as I show you my hip thrusts would be interesting. 

I may not be a cabaret dancer, but I can assure you these legs go for miles. 

You got me dancing like a snake to the beats of the pied piper. 

You are the snake charmer, and I am the snake dancing, all for your pleasure. 

I will dance for hours if that gives you pleasure. 

I will give you a lap dance if you ask nicely. 

Your lap looks empty, honey. Do you want a lap dance?

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