155+ Cheesy Beer Pickup Lines for  Brewing Up Romance

Everyone has heard of beer. Being one of the most common alcoholic beverages, this drink is popular amongst various ages. Being a favorite came easy for beers, just like becoming your favorite was easy for your crush.

To ensure that you can articulate how you feel for them quickly, here are some pickup lines you can use. 

Cheesy Beer Pickup Lines

Beer is a very cliched drink of choice. But since old is always gold, beer does go with a lot of different moods and events.

Similarly, if you are looking for oneliners that would brighten the air whenever you are seeking to lighten the mood and to apply in any conversations, then these are the ones for you. 

If you’re up for it, I could show you how to shake booze. 

I hope you’re up for being shaken and not stirred.

Do you prefer being shaken or stirred?

I do not have a beer gut; it is just where I keep all the love stored. 

You might think I have a beer gut, but that is just my love pouch.

This beer is not the only thing that I am addicted to tonight. 

This alcohol is not the only thing that leaves a sweet taste on my tongue. 

My tongue would be coated with more than just alcohol tonight. 

I saw we both like the same beer. I was wondering if you would like to see if we like the same things in other aspects. 

Some men like beers. I like moans more, to be honest

I bet I could make you moan for me after I buy you five glasses of beer. 

I could buy you a beer if it makes it easier on you to look at me. 

I like my beer, like I like my women. I do not stop until I have drank every drop. 

I can pick out good beer for you. If you are down to cheer for me while I do it. 

Going out to a brewery sounds like a good plan, so would you like to join?

I bet you would leave a sweeter aftertaste on my tongue than beer does. 

Being in love with you is a better addiction than drinking. 

I love beer, but I love you more. 

I do not need drinks to see how pretty you are. 

I am so in love with you, and I do not need any drinks. 

I think you would force me to go to AA meetings because of how drunk I am of your love. 

Let me taste you so that I can make a beer that tastes like you.

I am thinking about opening a brewery. Can I name it after you?

Beer has pretty names, but our names together would be better. 

Some age-like stale beer. You would not be that. 

Funny Beer Pickup Lines 

Some people act absolutely hilarious when they are beer drunk. These beer-drunk actions can definitely make some golden memories that you can think of in the future later.

Similarly, these following oneliners will leave a golden memory with you in the mind of your crush because of how funny and absolutely adorable these can be. 

Any good meal is incomplete without a good beer, just like my life is incomplete without you. 

You seem like you would age/ beautifully and be the best beer for me. 

Do you want to be the co-founder of my brewery for beer? I bet I could make one that tastes just like you so that everyone can look up to you for inspiration. 

I like my beer like I like/ my women, leaving my mustache wet.

Could you be waiting for someone? If you are not, then would you like me to buy you a pint of beer?

I see you like beer. That explains your beauty because beer is quite rich in minerals with anti-aging properties. 

If you keep drinking beer that way, no one will ever figure out how old you are with how young you look. 

Beer is formed of several different things, /but I ha/ve an inclination toward dates. Would you feel the same?

I think dating you is incredibly pocket friendly because you are the only thing I would be getting drunk on. 

Being with you makes me so happy because I no longer need beer to get drunk on.

Alcohol always makes me lose control, but it is not the case when I am with you.

I am very glad we met because, finally, something or someone other than alcohol has a hold on me.

Thank you for offering to buy me a drink, but you are the only thing I want to be drunk on tonight. 

You definitely have a beer in your skincare routine because you have me feeling so drunk. 

You are definitely better when you are without ice, just like a pint of beer.  

Flirty Beer Pickup Lines 

Flirting feels better when you take your time with it. So, if you wish to leave a good memory in your crush’s mind when it comes to you, then these one-liners can help you achieve that.

These oneliners are gentle and adorable and perfect for use whenever you want to lighten the mood a little. 

You are important to me. I would give up beer for you and drink wine if it so pleases you. 

I see you like taking your time with good things. So would you be opposed to it when I take my sweet time with you?

That bottle of beer lasted you the past 3 hours. I bet I could last you all night. 

The light buzz from the beer feels good. But the tingles you will/ get from me will feel better. 

I have drunk so many beers over the years that I am great at just knowing how good something would taste just by looking at it. And I can simply tell by looking at you that you will taste particularly delicious. 

I have some beer back in my fridge. I can not finish it on my own, so would you like to drop by tonight and help me finish them off?

If you love organic things, I bet you would like the beer I have back at my place. 

You are like the bottle of beer I would spend my whole night holding.

Drinking you in was/ the best decision I made over the years. 

Ever since I won your heart, I feel like I won a beer-drinking competition. 

I would abstain from every alcoholic beverage, including beer because you are addictive enough. 

I have not had a sip of beer, but I do feel drunk because I am so lost in your eyes. 

You make me feel drunker than beer ever has. I am drunk off of the way you scent. 

You smell more intoxicating than beer does. 

The beer looks good in the light, but you look better. 

Your skin is more glittery than a pint of beer. 

You are a better company for those sleepless nights than this beer is.  

Short Beer Pickup Lines 

Enjoying a beer takes some time. That is why it is interesting to treat every bottle of your drink with the same grace. Take care of them with the same grace and be gentle with them.

That is why if you wish to take care of your crush the same way, then these can help you with that. The following ones can definitely help you make your crush feel that way. 

I do not mind buying you more drinks because I will look far better once you are drunker. 

I can keep drinking with you all night long because I enjoy your company more than I like this drink. 

I will give the beer a try if you promise to moan for me. 

You are like a bottle of beer because whenever my lips touch you, I feel a lot calmer. 

You are so hot that beer tastes bland in your presence. 

You had me at that pint of beer. 

I can get you drunk off of my love rather than a beer can. 

I will kiss you with water in my mouth if you do not drink water without issue. 

Beer is easy to get rid of, and you are not so much. 

I can pour my heart out to you like I can drink this beer in one go. 

Beer tastes so good, but I think you taste better than anything. 

I can quit beer or w/ine easily, but I can never quit you with how addicting you are. 

I like beer more than I like cocktails, but I would be open to trying some. 

Sex on the beach is a good cocktail, but I do think doing it would be hard. 

Beers would be a great body shot because it gives me the incentive to lick you clean. 

Have you ever considered doing beer shots? I mean, you would not get drunk easily, but at least I will get an excuse to lick things off your fingers. 

You are the only thing that I wish to drink tonight because you clearly do not know how intoxicating you are. 

Beer is not the only thing dripping on me. 

Beer is not the sweet nectar I am seeking tonight. 

I came to the bar for some beer, but now that you are here, you are the only thing I want. 

I could have you on the bar table like a pint of beer, but I think it is better if I have you on my bed. 

Just like beer, I bet I would enjoy you more when I am watching Netflix. 

I can truly Netflix and chill with you because you are like a can of beer. 

Quick Beer Pickup Lines 

Finishing a beer too quickly can make you feel a little too lightheaded. If you want to experience the true marvel of a beer, you need to take your time with it.

That is the same case when it comes to flirting with someone. If you wish to successfully be flirtatious with someone, you must take your time with it. The following pickups line can help you do that. 

I wish I was a bottle because I would die to touch your lips. 

You make me feel jealous of beers because of how many times they touched your lips. 

I wish I was the beer that keeps touching your lips because I am tempted to taste your lips myself. 

I would love to taste the beer off of your lips. 

I could drink the beer from the glass, but I would rather taste it from your lips. 

Your lips look like a better medium to get drunk off of.  

I want to get drunk off of your lips instead of the pint glass.  

I wish I was a glass instead because you keep kissing the glass, and I wish you were kissing me instead.

I love how you lick the stray drops of beer on your lips. 

You drink from this cup like your life depends on it. I would drink from your lips as if my life depended on it. 

I saw you like doing body shots, but I would love to have your body against mine. 

I never knew beer could make someone feel hotter, but with each pint, you look hotter. 

You remind me of happy hour because I could do you as much as I wanted without even stopping for once. 

I accidentally spilled my drink the moment I saw you, so I hope you know that you owe me a drink, and I need your number to get it.

I wish I was a bottle of beer because I would love to be nursed between your fingers for the whole night. 

I hope you love cock and tails because I see the way you love cocktails all the time. 

I know you like pieces of bread because you definitely do drink quite a bit of beer, and that is definitely derived from yeast.

Beer tastes good from cups and bottles, but they taste a lot better when you taste it off of my tongue. 

Rare Beer Pickup Lines 

There are not a lot of rare beers out in the market but finding a beer that tastes a little different can be something that you could be seeking in your life.

Just like an alcoholic seeking newer tastes and thrills in life, you could also give the same to your crush by using the oneliners that are in the following part.

These pickup lines will definitely make you a core memory in the mind of your crush and a positive memory at that. 

I am good at pouring beers in glasses, so I can assure you that my fingers can make you pour more. 

I am so good at using my fingers, and I can definitely make things pour other than beer.

Your love would be sweet, but beer does seem sweeter. 

I want to make an amazing brewery with your name on it. 

Being in the brewer will definitely get you wet, so I hope you know you are open to getting wet. 

I do not need to pour beer on you to make you feel hotter. 

Beer tastes good, but you would taste a lot better.

You can kiss me and taste the beer off of me if you so wish. 

You are as familiar as beer is to a frat boy. 

Ever since you walked into the bar, I feel like you are beer because I would love to pound you over and over again. 

Beers make me cheer, but I would cheer for you. 

You are as amazing as a good quality beer, and I can definitely taste it whenever we kiss. 

Your lips get me drunker than pints of beer does.

Beer would be the best when I taste it off of your tongue. 

Catchy Beer Pickup Lines 

Getting addicted to beer can sound quite enticing. But, just like getting addicted to your crush can be quite enticing.

That is why, if you are seeking to entice your crush as much as they have enticed you, then the following are the ones to go for.

These will definitely make your crush feel touched and interested in you for a longer period of time. 

You can pound me like the whiskey you have been drinking through the night. 

You keep slamming your glass on the table. I wish you slammed me like that. 

You make me jealous of the glass because the way you grip it makes me wish it was my neck instead. 

I had never wished to be beer until I saw you throw it back repeatedly ever since you walked in.

You are like the best friend I have found in beer, but you are personified. 

I think if my beer was a person, they would feel bitter because you do get me drunker than anything else. 

So much beer can make your head throb, but I can make something else of yours throb. 

I have a pint of beer in your pant, or maybe I am just happy to see you. 

Am I happy to see you, or do I have a Budweiser in my pocket? Who knows?

I like beer, as I like you, against my lips. 

If you have never tasted beer before, I can let you taste it from mine. 

You are the corona that I am addicted to. 

You are like a six-pack of beer because that is the only six-pack I want. 

Beer can be fun, but I am more fun. 

If you need some courage to ask me out, I can buy you a pint of beer. 

If I buy you this pint, would you feel better about it?

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