170+ Honey-Sweet Bee Pickup Lines

Bees are one of those insects on the cuter side that you can get used to. These insects are adorable with their fuzzy butts, pretty eyes, and antennas. After the Bee movie, bees definitely became less scary in people’s eyes. So here are some pickup lines that you can use that are based on bees. These are related to bees and honey so that you can be sweet with your crush. 

Cheesy Bee Pickup Lines 

Bees are one of the cutest insects in the current living world. Their cute fluffy butts and beady eyes are the epitomai of cuteness and adorableness. That is why bee pickup lines are perfect for those if you want to make an impression on your crush.

Here are some cheesy pickup lines that make you feel adorable and help you come off as cheeky, sweet, and silly in the best ways. 

  • Recklessness does not become of me, but I want to ask you to bee mine. 
  • I wish you would want simply bee mine. 

You are mine, You bee mine. You have always been mine. 

  • Since I saw you, I have never found myself so enthralled by someone. So I am here just to tell you that you have to bee my love because, without you, I would definitely not know what to do with myself. 
  • What is the thing that bees make? Yeah, honey. That is what you are to me. 
  • I wonder if you would bee my love if I told you all bee pickup lines. 
  • Beecause I am so stupidly in love with you, please consider going on a date with me. 
  • I wonder if you know that you have to Bee my wife eventually. 
  • I am going to do anything to bee yours. 
  • You are my queen bee for the rest of my life. 
  • I would do anything to make sure you know how much I appreciate you, my queen bee.
  • Beecome one with me, please. 
  • I can not wait to bee with you for the rest of my life. 
  • I wonder if you would choose me regardless of whatever becomes of me. 
  • You are unbee-lievely hot, and I hope you know. 
  • You are so hot, my honey, that I wish you knew how far I would go for you. 
  • Your pretty eyes remind me of honey, baybee. 
  • You buzz in my ears like one of those annoying bees but with love. 
  • I will only call you annoying but out of love. 
  • You are my honey for the rest of our lives, so I hope you know that. 
  •  I wish you knew how bee-utiful you are in my eyes. 
  • Please bee with me until you are tired of me because I want you to love me for the rest of our lives. 

Funny Bee Pickup Lines 

Seeing a bee gets a visceral reaction from people. Either people scream their heads off or find them adorable and do their best to help the poor animal. It is essential for you to be with someone as gentle as the latter. The best way to see if someone is kind and gentle is by using puns on them.

Here are some punny pickup lines for you to test your compatibility with your crush. 

  •  You are like a flower I can not get my head out of. 
  • I want to sip your nectar. 
  • I want to treat you like my queen until I die. 
  • I want to breathe you in and taste you in case you taste as good as you smell. 
  • You smell like flowers, roses, to be precise. 
  • I want to be your little worker bee for the rest of our lives. 
  • I want to be there for you for the rest of my life. 
  • I will die protecting you, and I will not be upset at all. 
  • You are so cute, and you are like a flower. 
  • I wish you knew how delicate you are in my eyes.
  • You are like a lower that is begging to be treated with love when you are here with me. 
  • I would die for you whenever you wish me to. 
  • I would die just to pollinate you. 
  • I want to sleep in your arms as bumble bees sleep in flowers. 
  • You are so cute, like a bumble bee. 
  • You are always hyper and dancing like a bee. That is adorable. 
  • You look so cute in yellow and black- you look like a cute little bee. 
  • You keep circling me like I am a flower, am I?
  • Am I your flower
  • I have a house, but I wish I had a hive to go home to. 
  • Whatever it takes, I will do it to keep you safe, cherish you, and ensure you are alright for the rest of our lives. 
  • I would be a good dad and take care of our baby. Don’t worry. 
  • You are my honey because you are all I think about all the time. I do not know why. 
  • You have no idea how special you are in my life. You are like the honey to my bee because, without you, my life really has lost all its meaning. 

Flirty Bee Pickup Lines for Her 

Bees often flirt with plants, or so they say in literature. So, if your crush is a literature fan, why not bee the bee to her flower? To help you with that, here are some amazing, flirty bee pickup lines that will help you channel your inner bee towards your crush.

These pickup lines will make her feel as beautiful and cute as a flower while you come off as a respectful cute bee. 

  • You are the hive that I will always return to. 
  • You are the bane of my existence like the bees are the bane of my existence, but I still love you. 
  • I basically circle around you as a bee does to a flower. 
  • You have no idea how special you are in my eyes, honey. 
  • Are your flowers open for me?
  • I want to deflower you gently. 
  • You can pollinate me if you would like me to. 
  • I wonder if you ever find yourself wishing you could taste my nectar.
  • You are definitely someone who brings the Pooh out of me. 
  • You are my honey pot, and I can not wait to stick my hand inside you and taste you off of my fingers. 
  • You must be a flower because I can not wait to lick the nectar out of you. 
  • I wonder if I suck, I would taste your nectar. 
  • You are like honey because I can not wait to spread you. 
  • You are the honey I want to spread on my bed. 
  • I want to take advantage of you in the dirtiest ways, and you do not even know.
  • Have you been craving honey? If yes, let me pollinate your flower first, and then I will let you taste some sweet honey off of me. 
  • I have a bee in my hand, so you can not disagree with me when I call you beautiful. Why? It is because beauty lies in the eyes of the bee-holder, and I am tired of arguing with you whether or not you are beautiful.
  • I wonder if you would taste as sweet as you look. You look like honey with that tanned skin tone of yours, and I can not wait to taste you. 

Crazy Bee Pickup Lines 

We all love being cute. So if you want to be cute with someone, here are the bee pickup lines for you. These pickup lines are adorable, cute, and completely crazy in the best way. They would make anyone on the receiving end feel cute and adorable.

These pickup lines will come out from the left field for your crush and leave a great impression on them. 

  • You are thick as honey, and I want to drip you in my mouth. 
  • I am sure I would get addicted to you once I tasted you. 
  • You make my body warm as honey does. 
  • I do not know if you know some witchcraft, but your taste simply would not leave me alone. 
  • You are like organic honey because you are sweet and salty. 
  • You are sweeter than sugar, baby. You are basically like honey. 
  • You can call me Pooh because you are all I want. 
  • I never knew I would relate to Pooh. But now that we have met, I can definitely see why he is so crazy about his honey because so am I. 
  • I am crazy about my honey, which happens to be you. 
  • I wonder if you knew from Day 1 that you had me addicted to you like a bee is to a flower. 
  • You are like a bee. Free and excited. You can chase around every flower you wish to pursue, but I will always be here for you. 
  • I would die protecting you as a worker bee does. 
  • You are the Queen bee in my hive. Do not ever worry if someone will replace you because you will never be. 
  • You have a queen’s royalty and a bee’s stinging capacity. 
  • You float like a butterfly, and your words sting me like a bee. 
  • I hope you like being in tight spaces with me because I would really like to be in a close place with you. 
  • Do you like being a bee because you are in the comb of my thoughts forever and simply refuse to leave? 
  • If I were a cereal, I would let you honey nut in my cheerio just because of how much I love you. 

Awesome Bee Pickup Lines 

Hitting on someone is a very active act of attraction for people. That is why you must make sure that you do not come off as creepy or too pushy. When nervous, it may be a little difficult for you to set boundaries.

These following liners will leave a good taste in your crush’s mouth after your pleasant conversation with them. That is how effective these pickup lines are. They are perfect for all moments, even as a conversation beginner. 

  • I think you are a keeper like the bees. 
  • I hope you are comfortable working with bees because I will be all over you. 
  • If I were a bee, that would explain why I am so attracted to you because you are the prettiest flower in this room. 
  • I can not wait to lick your lotus dry. 
  • I want to pollinate and help you fertilize your seed. 
  • With you, every night would be our honeymoon, honey. 
  • I hope you are ready to taste my honey because I would love to hear how you feel like when you taste mine. 
  • I got some royal jelly for you, so I hope you like it. 
  • I will give up my life just to be worthy of a drop of your honey. 
  • I will do anything you ask me to just to be able to taste your honey. 
  • You are so delicate and so delicious. Please let me drain you. 
  • If I am the flower, would you be the bee that is beesotted to me?
  • I am beesotted to you, young man, and I can not wait to taste you. 
  • I will fertilize you if that gets me some sweet honey. 

Short Bee Pickup Lines 

Being quick on your feet and present at the moment is what makes it easy for you to make a good impression on people. That is why here are some short bee pickup lines that are perfect to use when you are coming up with pickup lines on the spot.

These pickup lines are cute, funny, adorable, and short, making them come naturally. 

  • Let me fertilize you entirely just to get some sweet honey from you. 
  • I would die to taste you. 
  • I want t take you out to the beekeepers because I wish to bee-hold your beauty. 
  • Suck the pollens out of me and fertilize me so I can give you the honey you seek so badly. 
  • I might just open my legs and let you taste my nectar if you are nice to me. 
  • I will wear my heart off my sleeve if you let me look into your honey pot. 
  • Every inch of you would look better when it is coated in honey, and I can devour it. 
  • I wish you knew how delicious you are in m eyes because I can not wait to devour you completely. 
  • You are so cute, and I wish you knew that you are as delicate and wanted as my favorite flower. 
  • I would do anything to get to your honey pot. 
  • I promise I will be gentle so that I do not break open your honey pot. 
  • I wonder if you ever think about tasting my honey the way I imagine tasting yours. 
  • You are so beautiful in my eyes, and I wish you knew that your bee-uty had captured my heart ultimately.
  • I will suck your honey pot dry. 
  • I will lick your honey pot completely clean. 
  • I do not mind getting sticky, so let me have it in your honey pot.
  • I got the money for your honey if that is the issue that has been worrying you. 

Quick Bee Pickup Lines

Ice-breakers are the best type of chat-up lines. These are short, come easily, creative, funny, and adorable. They also leave a good impression on the people on the receiving end because of their cheeky nature.

Here are some quick bee pickup lines that you can use whenever. These will help you come off as charismatic and adorable. 

  • Has anybody told you that your eyes are like two pools of honey?
  • You are so bee-utiful that I would gladly drown in your eyes. 
  • My colony will collapse from how hot you are. 
  • You are the honey to my tea.
  • You are the honey without which my life is incomplete. 
  • I do not think you were ever ready for my royal jelly. 
  • My jelly is tasty, I hope. 
  • My colony will collapse due to your beauty. 
  • You make me melt like beeswax. 
  • I hope you are happy to see me because I can not get any close if that is a stinger. 
  • You got me breathless like a bee sting usually does. That is not cute. I am dying right now. 
  • Your words burn me as the bee sting does. 
  • I do not know if you are my pollen allergy or bee venom allergy, but I know you make breathing hard for me. 
  • If you kiss me, I am scared you will take my breath away because your lips will sting me hard enough to drain me of my consciousness. 
  • You are a mumble bee because I can never understand what you say. 
  • Please speak up, so I know what you are talking about, you mumble bee. 
  • You were perfect for me like honey is for bees. 
  • You are a hexagon among all the shapes; that is why I bee-leaf that you fit perfectly in my complicated life.

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