How Girls Can Dress up In Winter: 51+ Fashion Tips

Winter is not a season; it is a celebration. Winter is the season when you can dress your best and show your fashion off in style. Winter is the season of long overcoats, oversized jackets, and long boots. Here are a few fashion tips which will help you dress your best this winter:

Here are winter dressing tips for girls.

Hoodies: The essential item of the winter season is a hoodie. You can pair a hoodie with a dress, a t-shirt, or even a semi-formal look. We suggest that you must have a plain black hoodie in your wardrobe for every occasion.

Sweatshirts: Sweatshirts are literally the most comfortable thing to wear during the winters. They are fashionable as well as comfortable. They are loose and allow your skin to breathe and also keep you warm.

Cardigans: You can wear a cardigan as a dress or as a layered jacket. If you have a cardigan that goes all the way down to your knees, you can use it as a shrug as well. Cardigans can be worn on t-shirts too, paired with jeans or skirts.

Blazers: A blazer instantly smartens up a look and instantly adds class to it. You can pair blazers with dresses or tops or t-shirts and look your fashionable best.

Skinny Jeans: The most perfect season to wear a pair of perfectly fit skinny jeans in the winter. They keep your legs warm and make you look gorgeous. Pair your skinny jeans with a sweatshirt and a pair of high ankle boots, and step out in style.

High Boots: Get a pair of black or brown high boots that go with every outfit. These boots are trending in the fashion world and winters are the best times to wear them. You can pair them with dresses for a party look, or with skinny jeans for a regular day out with friends.

Socks: It is very important to keep your feet warm during the winter season. Socks serve two purposes- they protect your feet during the winters and add a style quotient to your outfit. You can go for cute ankle-length socks with your favorite cartoon characters or the regular ones to pair with your formals or dress.

Woollen Scarves: Woollen scarves are back in trend now. They help keep you warm as well as help you accessorize your look. You can wrap them around your neck or just let them hang around, either way, a scarf completes your look during the winters.

Thermals: Thermals are very important during the winters. If you do not want to wear a lot of layers, just wear a thermal underneath your outfit and you are good to go.

Long Overcoats: The most fashionable thing to wear this winter is a long overcoat. You can choose an overcoat of your favorite color, and you can pair it with any outfit. For a bold party look you can wear a red long overcoat over a pretty black dress; for a fun and casual look you can wear an overcoat over your favorite top or t-shirt and pair it with nicely fitted jeans and sneakers.

The layers to your Look: Winter is the season when you can add layers to your look as much as you like. Layering will keep you warm as well as make you look fashionable. If you miss wearing your favorite summer top, you can pair it with a hoodie or a flannel shirt open in the front. You can also wear a half sleeve sweater with a regular shirt with an overcoat to complete the look.

Jacket: Keep a jacket which you can wear anytime and pair with any outfit. It is very important to have a go-to jacket for casual wear or regular use. Choose it in any basic color like black, brown or grey and you can wear it regularly.

Invest in a Coat: Buy one coat which might be a big investment in clothing, but it is definitely going to be worth it. You can go for a leather one or fur one, it will not only make you look like a fashionista but will also keep you warm from the biting cold breeze.

Gloves: Do not forget to complete your look by wearing a pair of gloves while stepping out. They will keep your hands protected from the chill and will also act as a fashion accessory.

Shoes: It is very important to wear the right shoes during the winter season. It is said that if you give a woman the right shoe, she will conquer the world. Buy the right pair of shoes which will help you walk comfortably in the snow and will prevent you from slipping.

Buy shoes with a tight grip and matt sole. You can buy shoes in basic colors like black or brown to pair them with every outfit.

Beanies: Buy a couple of beanies to complete the everyday casual look. It is very important to feel comfortable, and only when you feel comfortable from within can you be confident from the outside. Do not hesitate to put on a beanie before stepping out.

Leather Jacket: A winter bold look is incomplete without a leather jacket or a bikers’ jacket. You can pair your leather jacket with your dresses or your t-shirts for a completely bold look.

Animal Prints: Animal prints are trending this season. You can go for an animal printed jacket, or an overcoat or an animal printed top, to take your fashion game one step up.

Dark Colours: Winter is a dull season in general and you can step up your fashion game by wearing bright colors. Go for dark colors like black, orange, blue, yellow, or brown. The color of the season is red, and make sure that you have at least one red outfit for Christmas.

Lip Balm: Always carry a lip balm whenever you step out. Winter is the dry season and it is very harsh on your lips, causing breakage or damage. Hence, it is very important to carry your lip balm with you and apply it at regular intervals.

Oil your Hair: It is very important to your hair at regular intervals during the winter season. Your hair gets rough, which leads to breakage and hair fall. This is caused due to the dryness of the season.

When you oil your hair, you provide it with all the essential nutrients which protect your hair. Once your hair is nourished you can style it in any way you want and be the absolute diva that you are.

Moisturize your Skin: Moisturize your skin daily, twice a day. It is of utmost importance to keep your skin moisturized in this dry season. A moisturized and well-nourished skin will give you way more confidence to step out in style.

Sweatpants: If you are tired of your regular jeans or trousers, you can opt for sweatpants. They are comfortable and fashionable. You can wear sweatpants for a casual day out or a day trip with your friends.

Long-sleeved Turtlenecks: You want a comfortable and casual look you can go with the long-sleeved turtlenecks. You can pair them with a sweater or a jacket and rock the casual look.

Maxi Dress: If you want a cool chic look then go for a maxi dress paired with a cropped jacket. If you are going for a printed dress then pair it with a solid color jacket and vice versa.

Pick the Right Accessories:  Pick your accessories correctly. Make sure that they match your outfit. Choose the right bag, the right pair of gloves, or the right pair of shoes.

Oversized Sweaters: For the ultimate casual look you can opt for a solid-colored oversized sweater. For a casual day out or for a trip to the local stores, an oversized sweater paired with blue denim is the perfect combination.

Mix and Match: Winter is a fun time when you can experiment with your look. Break out of the conventional ideas of fashion and mix and match your outfits. Be a trendsetter and not a trend follower. Channelize your mood into what you wear. Make sure you are comfortable and confident, which is the key to looking good.

Cape: You can throw a cape, or a poncho, over your regular outfit and make it fashionable instantly. You can also put a belt around it if you feel that it is too loose or too bland.

Flannel Shirts: For the perfect tomboy look you can go with a checked flannel shirt, paired with blue denim and white sneakers. You can also pair flannel shirts with dresses or use them as jackets when the temperature is on the higher side.

Dresses: If you think that you cannot wear knee-length dresses during the winters then you are wrong. You can wear a dress paired with a long overcoat and knee-high boots to complete the look. This outfit would be perfect for a Christmas party or a New Year Eve dinner.

Knitted Sweater: Your winter wardrobe is incomplete without a knitted sweater. It is a go-to outfit in the winter, especially a white knitted sweater. You can pair it with every outfit.

Bomber Jacket: When there is a dip in the temperature and the regular jackets fail to keep you warm, you can opt for a bomber jacket or a puffer coat. These are extra thick and help you retain your body temperature to keep you warm.

Ear Muff: The most important accessory on a windy day is ear muffs. They keep you extra warm by preventing the cold wind from getting in through the ears.

Sunglasses: If you are stepping out in the morning, do not forget to wear your shades. Even though the heat of the sun is not very high, the rays are still harmful and sunglasses will protect your eyes from the rays and will also act as a fashion accessory.

Makeup: You can wear your makeup the way you feel because you sweat less, or do not sweat at all, during the winters. You can opt for light makeup when you are stepping out in the day, and go for a heavy makeup look completed with dark colors when you are stepping out at night.

Read Magazines: You can also read a lot of fashion magazines that will help you be updated with the recent trends of the fashion world. You can read magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Femina, Elle, Fashion, etc.

Pinterest: If you cannot decide how to pair your outfits, you can always take the help of Pinterest. This application gives you a variety of ideas as to how you can style your basic outfits, or what you can wear for certain occasions.

The most important rule to dress right is to be confident and to wear your smile as your jewelry. Nothing can beat the glamour and dazzle of your confidence and how you carry yourself. Be comfortable in what you wear and be your own trendsetter.

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