How Guys Can Dress up In Winter: 51+ Fashion Tips

Winter is the time when guys can take their style game to the next level. Winters are all about layering and picking the right jackets and coats for the occasion. Be comfortable, be warm and stay stylish this winter season with the suggestions given below.

Here are winter dressing tips for guys.

Start layering. Winter is all about layering your clothes. Anything from two to three layers is fine, make sure to get the colors right and the safest option would be to go for solid colors. Pick lighter materials on the inside and then move up. 

Pick darker shades. Dark shades like black, grey, and navy work extremely well in the winters. Colors like that look a lot better when the sun is not up and they even help in locking in the warmth and keeping you a bit warmer. 

Leather jackets. Leather jackets are not only extremely stylish but are also very functional in keeping you warm. Pair the classic black leather jacket with anything from a t-shirt to a shirt and a pair of denim and you’d be good to go. 

Thermals. Thermals have to be your staple in the winter season. They are the most functional piece of clothing that you can find in the winters designed specifically to lock in the heat. They are available in several colors and make up for an amazing base for layering. 

Denim jackets. Denim jackets are an essential piece for any winter wardrobe. They look super cool with a simple t-shirt or maybe even a hoodie and are always in trend. A blue is a staple option but black and olive are worth a try too. 

Bombers. Bomber jackets have been in trend since Top Gun hit the theaters and their popularity is not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only do they keep you warm but they also provide structure to the healthy guys and make the lean ones look muscular. The olive green is a must-have. 

Varsity jackets. Varsity jackets have been in our wardrobe at some point in our life and we tend to forget how incredibly comfortable, good looking, and warm they are. Try to stay away from those big numbers or logos to look your best. 

Turtle necks. Turtle necks are the simplest way to elevate your outfit and make it a bit more elegant. Turtle necks form a great base for layering and suit all body types. They are available in all colors and are not very expensive to come by. 

Scarves. Scarves can take any outfit from basic to specialized in just a few twirls. Even a simple jacket and jeans look a lot more different and stand out if you just throw a scarf around your neck and now that it’s winter, they would keep your neck warm. 

Beanies. Beanies are the only piece of headwear that you should be focusing on to protect yourself against the cold. Beanies not only look super cool if done right but they can also be worn in several ways and with any casual outfit. 

Funky socks. You have got to have more than a few socks in your wardrobe that you can slip in and stand out. Especially during winters, when everything gets so dark and gritty, some funky socks would surely lighten the atmosphere. 

Gloves. Gloves would protect your hands against freezing and losing any sensation in your palms. Some leather gloves look super sleek especially if you match them with your leather jacket. Black or brown, both work just fine. 

Boots. Winter is all about those boots. Be it Chelsea, chukka, or even those mountain boots, you can easily pair them with a pair of dark jeans or raw denim and you would be good to go. Plus, they make you look a lot taller 

Leather sneakers. Even for those sneaker lovers, winter is a great time to dress. Add a different touch to your shoe collection by getting a few leather sneakers if you are not a boots person. Opt for a clean and solid silhouette and you would be fine. 

Cardigans. You have to add a few cardigans to your wardrobe now that winter is here. They are easy to slip into, they do the job of keeping you warm, and can be an outfit all by themselves. Going oversized is not going to work here. 

Grandma sweaters. Grandma sweaters have seen a rise in popularity recently and you should surely try one. Big patterns and bulky designs are bound to bring in the festive spirit and make you feel lively. Go for lighter colors with this one. 

Woolen caps. Woolen caps will protect your head against the wind and make sure that you do not freeze yourself. Classic colors like black and blur always do the trick but anything along those lines is fine, get the right size. 

Full sleeves. Time for t-shirts and half sleeves is over and you would have to stick to full sleeves for some time to keep your arms warm. Stock up on full sleeves and henleys in as many colors as you can get your hands on. 

Blazers. Blazers have to be your go-to piece of clothing if you like to dress in a semi-formal way. It is all about the right fit when it comes to blazers and you can easily pair them up with a button-down and a pair of jeans or chinos. 

Suits. You have to have more than a few suits to survive this winter. The black, navy, and charcoal are a great place to start and move on to more dynamic colors like white or burgundy. Make sure to get the fit right. 

A pea coat. Pea coats are a great way to up your style game and take it to the next level. A pea coat is a long coat that covers your body up to the knee, keeps you warm, and makes you look stylish at all times. Black and beige are a great option to start with. 

Black denim. Black jeans would be your go-to piece of bottom wear this season. They go with anything from leather jackets to blazers and make a great base for any outfit. It is the only pair of jeans that you need this winter season. 

Overcoats. Overcoats are a great way to step up your outfit and make up for a great layering item. They fit incredibly well and can make any outfit come together in a better way. Black, grey, or khaki, all are great options to start with. 

Selvage denim jeans. Selvage denim jeans are a better-looking, semi-formal alternate to your regular jeans. Not only do they perfectly match the winter vibe but they go perfectly together with the boots that you would be wearing most of the time.  

Woolen blazers. Woolen blazers are growing in popularity simply because of how comfortable, cozy and good-looking they are. They are a warmer and cozier alternative to your regular blazer and fit perfectly in your winter wardrobe. 

Trench coat. Trench coats have been popular ever since they were names trench coats and they will stay stylish for as long as they exist. You can match them with any shirt in your wardrobe and they would look just as good. 

Cable knit crew necks. Cable knit crew necks are yet again one of those pieces that give you the cozy festive vibe and make you feel at home. Make sure that the knits are not too big and bulky but are of moderate size. 

A zip-up sweater. Winter and sweaters go hand in hand and the only way that you can make a plain and simple sweater look stylish is by adding a zipper to it. The zipper makes it easier to get into and provides a bit more room in the neck area. 

Jumpers. Jumpers will always be a fan favorite for winters. They are essential for any wardrobe and come in every color possible. They make you look more structured and make up for a great base for layering. 

Oversized t-shirts. Oversized t-shirts are not as hard to pull off as people think. They have been quite popular recently and are ideal for winters as they cover more parts of your party. To nail the oversized aesthetic, get some baggy jeans too. 

Woolen socks. Woolen socks will not only keep your fit warm at all times but you have to get more than a few pairs to wear with all those boots. Boots can be pretty hard on your feet in the winters and these socks provide the right cushioning. 

Flannel shirts. Flannel shirts are going to take you places this winter. Nothing beats a good old flannel shirt and they are a great layering piece over a simple t-shirt or a full sleeve. The classic red and black or blue and black are great options. 

Keep the base layer right. Make sure that the base of your layering outfit is soft, comfortable, and simple so that it makes the outfit come together in a better way. A solid color like white or black is the best base for any given outfit. 

Match darker tones. Learn to match darker shades with both dark and light shades. A few examples would be black with white, beige with black, and even white with navy. Play around with dark colors but make sure they are not too contrasting. 

Wear thicker material. Thicker fabrics like wool or flannel will help you stay warm at all times and while making you look as stylish as ever. 

Match your shirts with coats. The color and pattern of your shirt must complement the color of your coat and they do not look out of place when worn together. 

Vests. Thick vests are a simple and stylish way to stay warm while looking your best. You can wear them on top of anything and they look equally good. Wearing a simple vest on top of anything, on the other hand, is not a good idea. 

Go suede. Suede is a great material to try out this winter. Be it in your jackets or your shoes, they are super comfortable to wear and make you stand out in a good way. You have to try out the suede Chelsea boots this winter. 

Try corduroy. Corduroy does not receive as much appreciation as it should. It is the ideal fabric for winters and you get everything from shirts, t-shirts, pants to even blazers made out of corduroy, and they always steal the show. 

Match boots with jeans. If you can match your boots with a pair of jeans, you immediately step up your style game. Winter clothing is all about matching the right colors and boots do match very well with jeans if they are in the same zone. 

Layer your athleisure wear. Athleisure wear was made for comfort and to soak in any moisture. If you are looking for that street style aesthetic, match all your athleisure wear with some jackets and cool sneakers and you would be good to go. 

Puffer jackets. Puffer jackets are hands down the best and most functional piece of clothing for winters. Made specifically to keep you warm with that thick layer, they look good on big and small guys alike and any solid color is fine with them. 

Hats. You have got to have a few hats in your wardrobe to go with all those coats and blazers that you would wear this time around. A hat just makes your outfit feel more elegant and makes you stand out from everyone else. 

Sweatshirts. Sweatshirts should be your bread and butter this winter season. Go all out on colors and patterns and wear all your favorite logos that you have been wanting to flaunt. End of the day, they look great as a layering piece. 

Hoodies. Hoodies are a staple in any winter wardrobe. Some great hoodies and black jeans are all you need this winter. It is all about the right fit when it comes to hoodies. If they are nice and snug, they can even be layered. 

Layer your hoodies. Layering hoodies is a relatively new concept but looks extremely nice if done right. A hoodie under a denim or leather jacket is bound to get some eyes rolling, do not forget to put on your favorite sneakers with it. 

Chunky sneakers. Chunky sneakers have been in trend for quite some time now and now that it is wintertime, they prove to be even more aesthetic with all the heavy layering. Even if they are chunky, make sure to pick the better silhouettes. 

Puffer vests. Puffer vests can literally go with anything from a pair of simple jeans and a t-shirt to even a shirt and a pair of pants. They do the job of protecting you against the cold in addition to providing more structure to your upper body. 

Try earth tones. Earth tones like brown, olive, or brick are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and experiment with your wardrobe. They go very well with blue when layering. 

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