180+ Best Bank Pickup Lines to Investing in Love

Banks are important. They carry all your precious item and keeps them safe. But if you feel like your crush is just as precious, what would you do

You can not keep them locked up in the bank, but that does not mean you can not make them feel the way banks treat precious objects.

Here are some of the one-liners you can use to ensure that your crush feels important, precious, and amazing overall. 

Cheesy Bank Pickup Lines

Being absolutely adorable can never be enough when it comes to impressing your crush.

That is why you must also be cheeky and funny. To help you be that way, the following will definitely help you out. These take the efficacy of the Banks and add a cute, flirtatious touch to it. 

I would loan you from the bank. 

Among all the girls in this world, even if you had a high-interest rate, I would still take you. 

You definitely have the highest interest in me in this whole friend circle. 

The piggy bank is not the only thing that has something I want. 

I can smash you like I smashed my piggy bank. 

I hope you know that by the time I am done with you, you will feel like a broken piggy bank. 

Your ass is rounder than my piggy bank. 

I hope you are open to receiving a deposit. 

I have some deposit to give you. Let me know when you are taking deposits. 

I can give you deposits all night and anywhere. 

My bank services are flexible. You can submit your deposit any time of the day. 

I do feel like the whole night will not be enough for me to receive all the deposits that you owe me. 

You could kiss me for the rest of your life, and you still would not be able to clear the number of kisses you owe me.

You are not a simple girl, and you are complex. So you got my compound interest.

My interest in you goes every month, just like compound interest. 

I bet if you were on loan, you would be the most sought and least affordable with that high-interest rate. 

The only number I care about is your phone number and not the bank account. 

As much as I would love your bank account number, your phone number is what I want. 

I may not marry you, but I will open a joint account with you.

I trust you enough to have a joint account with you. 

Our accounts will not be the only thing joined with us. 

We would be joining a lot of things other than our respective accounts. 

I will let you be the emergency contact when it comes to bank loans. 

If you work at a bank, then I would like you to know that I have deposits for you. 

My deposits are expensive and time-consuming, so I hope you are open to coming over to my house later. 

If you come to my bedroom, I will have a counter open for you. 

My bed is a deposit counter that is always open for you. 

Gooda Bank Chat-up Lines

With the big lines at the bank, banks are now one of those places where you can definitely find your crush.

It could be someone working behind the counter or someone waiting just like you. So to prepare you for those meet-cutes with your crush, here are some pickup lines that can come in handy. 

You have something in common with my piggy bank. I want to spank both of you. 

You remind me of my piggy bank with those pink cheeks of yours. 

If you think you are a pig, then you could be a piggy bank because you take care of things that are precious to me. 

I can smash you against the wall or the floor, just like my piggy bank. Your choice. 

The only thing I want to do with you is make a withdrawal of your heart. 

Do you take payments in kisses? Because that is one thing, I have in abundance. 

You have a gun that I would not need you to point at me if you want me to obey you. 

I will do everything that you tell me to do even if there is no note. 

I would take your gun in my hand and my mouth if you just asked me nicely. 

You can be easily restructured by me. 

You belong in my piggy bank because you are as cute as a dime. 

If you ask me sweetly, I will tell you all about my preferences just like that. 

I will compliment you if you promise you will not increase the threshold on me. 

I think your self-esteem threshold can be increased. 

I would be more than happy to be the one to increase the self-esteem bar for you. 

Your words affect my self-esteem a lot more than I would like them to. 

I bet if I invest my interest in you, you will not be a disappointment. 

Crazy Bank Pickup Lines

With the terrible wait at the bank, people often go a little crazy. But that does not have to be the case for your flirtation skills.

The following will definitely make your crush crazy for you but in the best way.

You do make me feel like I am on wall street with how much you are urging me to invest in you. 

I may not be a banker, but I am invested in you. 

I am very open to balancing out resources with you. 

You are the only resource I want to use you. 

I get magnanimous returns from you. 

The return I get from you can not be measured in money. 

You give me very valid returns. 

You return all the affections I give you in tenfolds. 

I am sure we can achieve amazing allocation when it comes to resources. 

You make me do a cost-benefit analysis. 

I think the cost-benefit analysis that I did for you is perfect. 

The results from the cost-benefit analysis between us seem to give me great hope. 

The only thing that makes me glad other than money is you. 

The only thing that is unbalanced is our love. 

Let me give you hugs and kisses to balance out our love. 

You make me fall in love, just like the credit score on my card. 

I hope loving you is not a fraud because you do make me glad a lot. 

Best Bank Pickup Lines Ever

There is always some branch of banks that are better than others. Just like that, your pickup lines have to be that way as well.

They have to be smooth and get the required result with a low amount of work. The following will help you out with that. 

We can definitely call up the mutual funders because I do want to fund the rest of your life. 

Call someone at the funding company because you have my interest. 

Let me invest in you so that we can call up our mutual service provider. 

I can offer you both money and the drink, whatever you wish. 

I hope you are open to having a getaway because I would be more than happy to be a getaway driver for you.

Let me be your getaway driver because you have robbed my heart. 

My heart has been robbed, and you are the robber. 

I have been saving money for our future, and love you. 

I would buy you overnight if you were a stock option. 

I would be a banker in the bank roleplay, and you can be the person who is asking for the loan. 

You must be stock because you look good bouncing up and down. 

The way you bounce, you look like a stock option. 

I hope I have life insurance because you are dressed to kill me. 

I hope my medical insurance covers that you have stolen my breath. 

You make me so breathless because I do feel like I am going to die. I hope I have insurance. 

I would give you all of my funds because you are the emergency I have been saving for. 

Loving you is all that I have been storing my love for. 

I may not have a vault, but I would protect you with all my heart 

My heart is a vault that you seem to be keen to break. 

Flirty Bank Pickup Lines For Her

The wait in the bank can be quite tiring, but the same does not have to be the case when you flirt with your rush. You do not have to wait to get into your crush’s heart with the following pickup lines.

These will definitely get your crush vibing with you and enjoying your company the way you want them to. 

I would buy you all if I could. 

I would rate you completely after I restructure you. 

Give me a night, and I could restructure you completely. 

I am more than capable of restructuring you. 

It would be great if I could lend you some love. 

I can borrow some love for you if you are into lending some love to me. 

You can be the borrower, and I will be the lender. 

I would never have an exit option when it comes to our relationship. 

I would remove the exit option when it comes to our relationship. 

My private sector grows whenever you are around. 

Whenever you are in the same vicinity as mine, my private market definitely grows. 

Your market value rises whenever I see you. 

You could be an option to other people, but for me, you are the only one I want to invest in you. 

I could invest myself in a lot of people, but I would rather do it with you. 

I do think I have a lot of risk value. 

If you invest in me despite all the risk, I would be more than willing to bet I would restructure your market value completely. 

I do think you would be better as a top-down. 

I think bottoms up is how we want to be. 

My bottom would look better on you. 

I do believe I have a huge tail risk if you are considering being with me. 

Do you have a tail risk? I want both of us to be honest before we get more intimate. 

Short Bank Pickup Lines

We all wish to have a shorter waiting line at the bank, but not all dreams come true. But you have a date with your crush most definitely will come true.

To turn your dream into a reality, the following are the ones you should use. These are cute and perfect for use. 

You do not have to be an account to draw attention. 

You are a ten even if you do not have ten figures to your name. 

Your bank account is appreciated but not necessary. 

I do believe that your bank is not the only thing with a 10-figure. 

Your figures are looking good. 

You have an amazing credit score, and I am good at some other scores. 

The only score I think you will change for me is my bed score. 

My interest in you keeps on increasing, no matter how much I try to decline. 

So when should I drop by to check on my current interest, my love interest?

I do visit banks, but it is not to deposit cash. 

Cash is not the only thing I deposit at banks. 

I do think that it would be pretty good if I could deposit something in for you. 

You must be a sperm bank because you are begging for a deposit. 

I would be more than happy to deposit my sperm if you want. 

If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I would be rich. 

You keep chasing me in my thoughts as if I owe you money. 

Why do I find you in my thoughts all the time? Do I owe money to you or something?

I would be the one to spank your bank. 

I do think you are looking for a spank with that bank of yours. 

You do have enough junk in your trunk to open a bank. 

You must be a bank with how much sank gets deposited for you. 

I wish you knew how much you could break the bank. 

My bank has not been fine ever since we met. 

My heart hops out of my ribcage whenever I see you, just like when I receive the paycheck every month. 

The only person messaging me except you is the bank. 

You must be the “Payment credited” message because you make my heart race. 

Quick Bank Pickup lines 

Bank visits can be quite tiring when people work at a slower rate.

But that does not mean it has to be the same for you when it comes to making a lasting impression on your crush. With the following lines, you will definitely capture the attention and love of your crush in a blink of an eye. 

We are a better couple than debit and credit. 

We would be the next iconic duo after debit and credit. 

You take my love like debit and give love to me like credit.

Without you, just like my bank, I would be empty. 

You are as precious to me as money. 

You are so important to me, and I would lock you in a safe. 

Girl, are you a wad of cash because you are thick? 

I do believe our love will not be complete without an equal exchange rate. 

I can loan you my shirt for tonight. 

Is your shirt up for a loan, or nah?

I will put my heart into for mortgage. 

You have taken my heart like I did not pay interest as promised. 

I work at the cashier counter. My fingers are swift. 

The money counter is not the only thing that is quick here. 

My fingers work better than the money counter, so do you want a demo?

My fingers will treat you like a wad of cash. 

You could buy me three times over with how much you are worth. 

You definitely have my interest. 

I did not know I was taking a loan, but you definitely have been increasing interest in me. 

My banker’s heart has taken an interest in you. 

My heart can be taken by you overnight, but yet, I do not know what to give to get it bank. 

I could sue you for taking my heart in the mortgage, but I doubt that would be a decent enough argument. 

I may not be the most lawful banker, but I will treat your heart in the most respectful way. 

People keep important things in the bank locker, so let me keep you in my bank locker. 

My heart is the loan I am giving you, so you better pay me back with kisses. 

I am calling you to discuss the payment you have missed. You owe me a million kisses that you can pay me back over the years. 

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