100+ Best Banana Pick-Up Lines

Banana pick-up lines are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people like it, and others might find it a little overboard. But the absolute truth is that banana pick-up lines are excellent if used correctly.

They have sexual connotations attached to them, which works for those who make them work. Anyone can use these lines while talking to their specific one. These are fun and can also be a little dirty at times. So, if you want to ask someone, we suggest you use one of these. 

Flirty Banana Pick-Up Lines 

Bananas will never fail to impress your crush. It works every time, whether at a party, doing cardio in the gym, or dancing in a club.

They will work best for you. Daring and confident women prefer flirty banana pick-up lines over all those cringes. They primarily focus on the subject of sexual attraction. So, feel free to use them whenever you spot a hot chick. 

  • Hey, do you want to help me with my banana? It hasn’t felt fine in days. 
  • Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling. 
  • Do you want to eat a banana after we get back to my place?
  • I am like a banana, and it’d be fancy getting under my skin.
  • More challenging outside and mushy inside. 
  • Roses are red, and sunflowers are yellow. Would you like to go out with a nice little fellow?
  • You are the top banana here. 
  • You do not care about my banana at all. When will you start caring?
  • You make a woman go bananas. 
  • Damn, that’s bananas. You showed up in my dreams. 
  • Do you want to hear something obvious? I am bananas about you. 
  • I have a brilliant idea. Come to my place and make some banana cream pie together. 
  • I find you amazing. Let’s never split. 

Quick Banana Pick-Up Lines 

You can easily convince your partner and make an impression by using a quick banana pick-up line. Your conversations will become fun and less boring. 

  • Did you put the ass in “potassium” because I prefer to eat you all day? 
  • Are you a banana? Because I wish to peel off your skin. 
  • I want to be your fruity fly. 
  • I’m attracted to your alluring eyes, just like mosquitoes are attracted to people who recently ate a banana. 
  • My banana can’t talk and knows how to act well. 
  • Are you a banana peel? Because I accidentally slipped it into your inbox. 
  • Will you have to peel me for a good time?
  • Will you pick this banana?
  • If you were a banana, you would never feel lonely. Because we will hang out in bunches. 
  • Babe, you always make me go wild. 
  • I am just like a banana. Large and fruity. 
  • Would your kind self take a look at my banana? Because it hasn’t been feeling well. 
  • Girl, I am the fresh one for you. 
  • Are you a banana peel? Because I keep falling for you.
  • Do you like baking? Let us fill the pie with banana cream.
  • Do you like it soft, the cream?

Funny Banana Pick-Up Lines 

If you have never used funny banana pick-up lines before, use them this time. If you think you are not good at having conversations with them? We are going to make it easy for you. These pick-up lines will help build your conversation with your significant other.

Through these pick-up lines, you can easily express your true feelings. Bananas are so yummy, and now they are going to make your life yummy by adding a little extra sweetness and fun. 

Nature knew what magic it was creating when he made bananas. 

  • Hold on to bananas, and they are a safe spot. 
  • Why are you upset? Is it because you wanted a banana and you didn’t get any? 
  • You don’t have any dates. Well, you have a banana.
  • What’s the best thing to put in a creamy banana pie? Your mouth. 
  • You are a top-notch banana. 
  • Do you want a banana with those splits?
  • What do you think my banana is going to say to you? Nothing, my banana can’t speak. 
  • You appeared in my dreams. Well, that’s bananas. 

Rare Banana Pick-Up Lines 

Banana never disappoints, and you should also use the same approach while talking to your crush. You can easily turn a boring conversation into an interesting one. 

  • Do you want this banana? Because sweetheart, I got very good peelings about you. 
  • You peel me and experience a good time. 
  • I must inform you that you have got excellent bananas there. Do you plan on making some banana with cream pie?
  • It will be fancy getting under my skin. Since I am a banana. 
  • What’s your favorite fruit? I feel like it’s a banana. 
  • Someone who likes eating bananas must prefer a whole bunch. 
  • I do have a banana seat. Would you like to sit?

Cheesy Banana Pick-Up Lines

Do not hesitate to use a different approach to impress your crush. A cheesy pick-up line will work in your favor if you are a master at flirting, or else it can also backfire. Cheesy pick-up lines are witty and can make a bold move. 

  • Why do you like eating bananas with their skin on? Oh, I got it. I know what’s inside. 
  • What would you like me or me with my banana?
  • What is a banana’s signature move? The split. 
  • Why do bananas like wearing suntan lotions? Because they peel. 
  • The banana skin is just like mine. 
  • Why do you think bananas do well on a dating app? It’s because they have appeal. 
  • You will never feel lonely if you will have a banana around. 
  • Do not be sad. Have a banana. 

Crazy Banana Pick-Up Lines 

If you want your message to stand out and have a crazy impact on your significant other, you must try these pick-up lines and send them. Conversations won’t become interesting if you do not add a crazy element to them.

These crazy banana pick-up lines work in almost every social setting you could imagine. I’ve jotted down some of the most fun and crazy banana pick-up lines for those in need. 

  • Are you a banana? Because every time I look at you, the monkey in me gets alive. 
  •  You look so appealing. Are you a banana?
  • If you were a banana, I would have become a fruit fly for you. 
  • Are you a monkey? Because I would love to peel this banana. 
  • Are you a banana peel? Because I have accidentally slipped into your life. 
  • Are you nature’s brightest light? Because you have made my banana ripe. 
  • I don’t know anything about baking. But every time I look at you, you make my banana cream. 
  • Hey, by any chance, are you a carpenter? Because you made my banana stand. 
  • The best bananas take time to get ripe. 
  • If we were bananas, we would make a great pair. 

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