160+ Bacon Pick-Up Lines to Sizzle Your Way

Eat bacon with your loved one? Make a hot shot of flirting with these hilarious bacon pickup lines.

These bacon pick-up lines are the perfect words to make you smile. Eggs or bacon, like bacon, pick up more with bacon.

Cheesy Bacon Pickup Lines

Try these cheesy Bacon Pickup Lines with your friends who love them.

  1. Are you bacon ’cause I want to roll you up
  2. Baby, you drive me crazy.
  3. There’s more than just bacon tonight.
  4. Bae=Bacon Eggs.
  5. Don’t touch my heart.
  6. Hey, baby Tonight I want to cook bacon with your sizzling body.
  7. I have bacon.
  8. How about steak or eggs with bacon?
  9. I heard bacon goes well with bourbon, right?
  10. Lead me astray. You drive me crazy
  11. Bring me eggs and I’ll bring bacon.
  12. Girl, You’re so hot you turn my soft sausages into crunchy bacon.
  13. Strippers undress and turn pale with weeds. Can you bake you bacon for me?
  14. Women call me a pig, so I hope I like bacon.
  15. Is your name Bacon? Because I like bacon.
  16. Girl, I love bacon and legs. Spread your legs because I have bacon.
  17. Baby, I want your honey on my bacon.
  18. Are you bacon? Because the stripper is about to undress.
  19. Are you bacon? Because I want to make a pig out of a blanket inside you.
  20. Do you like bacon? I’m bacon on a hot summer day.

Rare Bacon Pickup Lines

These Rare Bacon Pickup Lines are so interesting that you must try them.

  1. Are you bacon? Because your scent in the morning drives me crazy.
  2. Miss, we have bacon but not enough eggs.
  3. Baby, you turn my sausages into bacon.
  4. girlI’m going home with bacon tonight.
  5. If you’re food, it’s bacon because it’s beautiful.
  6. I eat like a pig, I sweat like a pig, I roar like a pig. But baby, I taste like bacon.
  7. How about some bacon? I want to undress
  8. Girl, is your name bacon? Because it smells like bacon
  9. Breakfast in bed? Because my bacon is hard and made.
  10. If you compare it to meat, it’s bacon because it’s juicy and delicious.

Short Bacon Pickup Lines

Try these Short Bacon Pickup Lines, your friends are gonna love it.

  1. Are you bacon? I wanna eat you.
  2. Baby, your bacon, my balls!
  3. Hey, do you like bacon and pancakes? I want to take it off, so how about that d IHOP?
  4. You drive me crazy!
  5. Bacon isn’t the only white meat for tonight.
  6. My heart hurts when I see you ‘Cause you smell like a plate of bacon
  7. Rose is cooking bacon in her red pan…Your face is like bacon. I want to wrap it around my body!
  8. I love you like a pig hates bacon.
  9. You can butter my bacon!
  10. You are like honey in my bacon.
  11. Miss, is it a grill?
  12. I am vegan, but I am happy to make an exception. will you let me eat your meat?
  13. Are your bread?
  14. Are you my ketchup bottle?
  15. I hope you’re not vegan because I want you to taste this meat.

Best Bacon Pickup Lines

Wanna try something new? Then try these Best Bacon PPickupLines.

  1. Hey, are you butter? Hey, girl Are you butter? Because I want to rub you against my body
  2. Miss, I think it’s PETA because you can’t handle that meat.
  3. Are you a Minecraft smoker?
  4. hey girl. Are you a chef ’cause you’re good at scraping my meat? Check your body temperature with the
  5. Meat Thermometer.
  6. Try hitting the ballot with a meat mallet.
  7. Hey girls. My flesh isn’t spoiled…at least without your permission.
  8. I may be a vegetarian, but your meat is an exception.
  9. A delicious vegan alternative to meat.
  10. Hey girl, it’s burger week.
  11. Why isn’t my meat between your buns? No more meat puns!
  12. You can have my meat, as much as you want.
  13. You know what’s a cow with one leg called? A Steak.
  14. If puns are meat, this is sausage
  15. What’s the most sound that cows like? Beef-flat.

Crazy Bacon Pickup Lines

Try these interesting and crazy bacon pickup lines mentioned below.

  1. What do you call a cow with cramps? Beef jerky.
  2. Do you like meat and A$$? Can he put my meat in A$$
  3. What do you call a cow without paws? Lean Beef
  4. Spaghetti because I want you to eat my eggs?
  5. Do you know what’s a cow with two legs called? Beef tenderloin
  6. How to make a milkshake? Give the cow a pogo stick.
  7. Do you like meat? I’m going to eat something tonight
  8. What happened to the lost cargo of beef? No one is a herd.
  9. What do you call a cow without legs? ground beef
  10. I am a vegetarian but i won’t ming eating you.
  11. What do you call a cow on the stable floor? Minced Meat
  12. Why can’t a bankrupt cowboy complain? he has no beef
  13. Are you going to the barbecue (which barbecue?) My meat on your grill
  14. Why don’t the cows have money? Not your usual low-quality spam.

Awesome Bacon Pickup Lines

Try these Awesome Pickup Lines we have mentioned below for you.

  1. Vegan: No, it’s just reading all the little ingredient lists.
  2. Baby, you’re meat. I just like it.
  3. If you can’t eat animals, why are they made of meat?
  4. When a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants to ban all meat products for everyone.
  5. What does not belong: women, meat, eggs, bl0wj0b? Bl0wj0b.
  6. You know what’s the difference between you ana soft tender meat? Actually, there is no difference.
  7. What do you call a vegetarian who eats meat again? The one who lost business!
  8. What did one vegetarian spy say to another vegetarian spy? We have to stop eating like this.
  9. When the bartender asks the cannibal “What for you?”, he replies “No, I’ll wait until they’re done.” No, they prefer to be in the dark.
  10. Do you like barbecue? I’m going to hit the meat on the grill.
  11. Vegetarians, meat eaters, and cannibals walk into the bar, vegetarians order salads, and others order burgers, then.
  12. Espresso? Because I love lattes. Are you interested in
  13. Fromage a Trois?
  14. Do you like salad? Because I think I’m in love with love.

Catchy Bacon Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Catchy Bacon Pickup Lines. Give it a try.

  1. Baby, do you like sausages? Come back to me and let me taste the sausage.
  2. Baby, I love you like a fat man loves delicate meat!
  3. Wrap and label.
  4. You’ve never seen Kielbasa like this, have you?
  5. Can he double the pastrami sandwich?
  6. May I have a waffle and two scoops?
  7. Can I sprinkle sea salt on the salad?
  8. I just put cream in my pants, can you give me some coffee and sugar?
  9. Can you put some hot sauce on my meatloaf? , it’s still pretty good.
  10. Do you like meat and buttocks? May I put my meat in your ass?

Funny Bacon Pickup Lines

Wanna try some crazy pickup lines? These Funny Bacon Pickup Lines are so interesting. Try it.

  1. Do you know the difference between a sandwich and a blowjob? No! Well then, how about having lunch?
  2. Do you like bacon? Do you like
  3. Braunschweig girls who want to take off? Sausage is sandwiched between bread
  4. Do you like chocolate?
  5. Let’s have breakfast tomorrow. Should I call you or poke you?
  6. Let’s lock ourselves up in our room and freeze tonight.
  7. Let’s say you’re the potato salad and I’m the spoon. can I ride now?
  8. Lunch is mine. I know the best deli in town.
  9. Mmm girl! You’re so cute, I’m diabetic!
  10. My love for you makes me crumble like feta.

Beautiful Bacon Pickup Lines

Try these Beautiful Pickup Lines we have mentioned below.

  1. What’s on the menu now? Me-n-u
  2. Oh, how about some sausage? We are happy to give you organic sausages.
  3. Oh my god, this is the coolest thing ever. You made me a sandwich
  4. Omelette will tell you a secret. You and I will make a perfect Goudaburi. Life would be feta if we were together. I am very grateful to you.
  5. Please send me my Valentine.
  6. Can you see this bread? since you were the best here.
  7. So which do you prefer, Italian or salami?
  8. The best buns in town have arrived.
  9. Do you want to spend the night in my hut? Let’s toast with
  10. Orgasm Sandwich, wanna try this dish? 
  11. What is this lovely girl doing in this meat market?
  12. My hear is like swiss cheese without you. I mean full of holes.
  13. Would you like to host an event? I want to taste every part of you.
  14. You and I. Sounds like a great idea and could be the name of your next hot delicacy. Are you in?
  15. You’re a pile of cold dishes – Without you, my sandwiches are nothing.
  16. You are my missing material.
  17. You’re sexy enough to make me into a sandwich.
  18. You are my macaroni cheese.

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