165+ Cheeky Aussie Pickup Lines for Down Under

Australia is a land of wonders and fears. Who has not heard about the amazing diversity of flora and fauna that is present in Australia?

We all have and that is what makes Australia so beautiful. The people there are friendly and it is no surprise if you find yourself falling in love with someone from Australia. 

Cheesy Aussie Pickup Lines 

Puns are hilarious and they are one of the easiest keys to measure whether or not you have a compatible sense of humor with someone.

That is why, if you want to make cute, punny pickup lines, then these ones would be the best ones to go for.

I have never had such a hard time breathing but here I am, struggling to breathe thanks to you.

You must be a kleptomaniac because I keep seeing you trying to steal things without even realizing it. 

Stealing my heart must have been second nature to your kleptomaniac mentality. 

Do you have a job that is more interesting than the one you have right now? Such as a thief because you do end up stealing my heart. 

You are the hot single around me that I keep receiving notifications about. 

The weather is hot but you seem to be hotter. 

You have never been fined before, have you? Oh Ms, Rider, I shall be the first to give you a ticket. 

You must be a criminal because you are criminally and dangerously hot. 

I am hitting the breaks extremely hard just to catch your eyes every time we pass by. 

Your ass would be the perfect fit for my lap. 

You are like a kangaroo because I want you to be my boo. 

You must be a kangaroo because you would be the perfect one to hop on my dick.

You remind me of the ocean because the moment I see you, I want to drown in you. 

The only wave I care about is the wave of pleasure I see when I am around you. 

Dust storms are quite a bit strong but you are definitely a better storm because you have me floating off the ground.

You remind me of dirt bikes because whenever I am done with you, I get dirty. 

I do not mind being dirty when I am with you because storms are perfect. 

You are like the perfect marsupial because you would look great in my bed. 

You are like a koala that is perfect for my bed. 

I think you are quite the perfect stuffed toy for me.

I am hungry but not for food. I am distinctly hungry for you. 

Do you like hard times? Well, I hope not. I can only give you hard experiences. 

Whatever you need, I would be able to give it to you, hard or soft. 

Funny Aussie Pickup Lines

Making people laugh could seem difficult sometimes, but if you ever do feel like it, then these would make it seem easy.

These ones are perfectly hilarious, perfect to break the ice and start a conversation. If you want to give off the vibe of being someone who is a hilarious and great company. 

You must have been a maze in your previous life because you do make it difficult for me to navigate myself out of your clutch. 

You remind me of the cheese that I have on my pizza with how amazingly you melt every time I speak with you. 

You are like a grilled cheese sandwich because I can have you every day. 

I may not be one with ideas about plumbing but I do know it when someone needs some pipes on them. 

You are like the free wifi at a Starbucks because you are everything that I have been looking for. 

You remind me of online connections because all we need is a plug to make sure we are connected. 

You have an amazing purse but I think you would be so much better in my hand and holding that instead.

I do not like it when hair sticks to me but if it is your hair then I would not mind. 

Your bed is comfortable but you wanna know what would be more comfortable? Our bed. 

You remind me of the stainless tell rods because you do make every construction hard. 

I see you like playing with slime so I hope you would not mind it if things become more sticky when you are with me.

If I could have a dollar for every time I thought about you, I would have a few dollars because you barely leave my time. 

You are like a quokka, you are super friendly and happy. 

If you were a gem, I would dig until I found you regardless of how tough it can be.

Do you like movies I hear? But we can not go to a movie together because snacks are not allowed the last time I heard. 

Do you have a favorite flavor of choice? If not, I hope you like my taste of me. 

Your tongue keeps peaking out in such a cute way. I wonder if it is because you are dying to taste me. 

I am jealous of you because you get to taste your tongue all the time. 

Your tongue reminds me of a lollipop and I would love to suck it. 

It would be an insult to have anything else when you are right in front of me. 

I hope you are not in a rush because I like taking my time enjoying sweet things and you are the sweetest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. 

Crazy Aussie Pickup Lines

A lot of people who love traveling have often mentioned that the craziest experience they have ever had were in Australia, the land of kangaroos and quokkas.

That is why, to keep that same spirit alive, if you ever find yourself wishing to leave that sort of memory in the heart of the person you love then these can be your best friends. 

You remind me of Gilette because just like that, you happen to be the best option for men. 

I have never wanted to go back to school as badly as you make me wish because if I had, I wish we were lab partners in Chemistry owing to the one we have between us. 

You are thick but my arousal for you is thicker. 

You look gorgeous in that dress but I think you look the best in my hoodie. 

I can skate past you if you want me to skate into your life instead of walking in it. 

Falling has always scared me but if you want to fall, let it be in love with me instead of on the floor and getting hurt. 

I have sought some sort of contact so I was wondering how would you like to be that contact for me. 

There seems to be something wrong with my phone because I can never get ahold of you. Perhaps you could give me your number for that?

You have removed my heart and now you are the owner of it. So it is only fair you offer me something in return. 

I would give you all the love that I have but I would prefer it if it was an exchange instead. 

You do have the taste I would die for. 

I am jealous of you for being able to taste yourself all the time. Caste to share the taste?

I wonder if you would like to share your taste with me. 

Whenever I let you go, just know I carry you in my heart, in my memories, on my lips, and definitely all over my body. 

I do not like the idea of being haunted but if you were a ghost I would let you haunt me. 

Girl are you a ghost or are you just my boo?

You must be a ghost because your kisses are haunting me. 

I did not think I was hallucinating but here I am feeling you whenever you are not even around me. 

What is wrong with your eyes? Nothing? Then how come they never leave me?

Your eyes are like the ghost in a haunted house because it never leaves me alone. 

You must be my will to live because I definitely need you to survive and yet I never find you when I need you. 

I have always been the one who wanted to die and yet when I am with you all I want to do is keep on living. 

There are a lot of cars that drive fast but you are faster. 

I think you would be adorable across from me at my breakfast table. 

The only pro of dating me is that you never have to worry about another meal in your life. 

I could use a heater on the colder nights but I think you would be a better heater for me. 

I always thought you were a snake but turns out you are a warm-blooded animal with how warm you make me. 

You remind me of a pump because you are always making my blood pump quicker. 

You must be good at science because you always know how to make my heart raise in beats. 

Short Aussie Pickup Lines

Australians come in various sizes and yet they are daring all over. Similarly, your pickup lines should be good enough just like that.

Here are pickup lines that work the best despite their size because as we know, size is not everything. Even if these are shorter than the ones you would usually use. 

Are you Ella because you definitely have me quite enchanted. 

If I were a moth, you would be the flame. For you would be the death of me. 

I feel like a fly because once I drown myself in you, I simply can not get out. 

You remind me of those scary plantations of corn because whenever I am with you, I feel so lost. 

Do you wish to know my commitment to you? I would break a piece of moon for you. 

You are the queen of my heart and you deserve a king who can treat you right. 

You must be the sun for me because just like flowers I always keep seeking you. 

I have got the cake for you and you would love my cake if you have a sweet tooth. 

I hope you like sweets because I will be the sweetest one you will ever taste. 

If you are trash then I am the trash bin because you deserve to be inside me. 

You are something I can never forget no matter how much I try. 

I doubt there is anyone hotter than you. 

I wonder if diamonds are more precious than you and the answer is no, they are not. 

Rare Aussie Pickup Lines

There are quite a few rare animals in the continent of Australia that makes the continent quite the special one.

Similarly, if you wish to be rare amongst the general crowd, then these pickup lines would help you achieve that. 

I wish I could upload you on my drive because I would like to take you with me everywhere. 

I would give you kisses but chances are I would end up breathless and dead. 

Pillows are good for my knees and I know you like me on my knees. 

You would be the sun of my life because you make everything so much brighter. 

Moon is beautiful but you are the prettiest at night. 

Coffee gets me excited but I think you are better at making me feel better. 

I wonder if I am high because whenever I a with you, I do feel quite high. 

I may not be the clumsiest person I find myself falling often thanks to you. 

Monster energy does make you feel excited but does it make you feel more excited than me?

There is a lot of vibration coming from you but you could focus the vibration somewhere else. 

You must be polar because I am definitely attracted to you. 

Handprints are good but your blushes are better.

I only throw my hands when it comes to spanking. 

You look like a pendulum when you walk with how beautifully your hips sway.  

You leave me shaking as if the Richter scale has a value of 7.

Flirty Aussie Pickup Lines For Her 

If you struggle with flirting then these are the ones who would help you succeed. They add the sex appeal of flirtation with the cuteness of an icebreaker. 

You are not a ghost but you make me feel shivers down my spine. 

You can cuff me if you want because that is the only cuff I like other than cuff links. 

You remind me of my laundry basket for you are quite dirty and I can not wait to get you wet. 

You are like the fitted sheets because you would definitely look much better completely folded up for me. 

You remind me of my weighted blanket because without you, being in bed is lonely. 

Let me strip you off as I strip off my blanket often. 

I can make a kid but I can take care of kids so whatever you want, I am down for it.

Have you ever wanted a kid? I can help you make one if you are feeling it. 

So what is scarier? Goats or a pregnancy scare?

I like raw but when it comes to you. 

You are the honey that I can have in my daily diet. 

It has become easy to cut off carbs because I definitely do not need more sugar after I have met you.

I think your mouth has enough space to fit me.

Do you like drinking water? If that is the case then you can definitely drink me up. 

Cheap Aussie Pickup Lines 

While visiting Australia can never be cheap, does not mean your pickup lines have to be devoid of heavy-handed sexual innuendos.

Just to ensure that that is not the case, these can help you with that. 

You would be the prophecy that the main character is always looking to fulfill because you are so amazing. 

You remind me of the thesaurus because you always make me realize that no word in this language can ever explain my love for you. 

The English language is complicated but loving you is more complicated.

No language over the globe can ever explain how much I love you in the most coherent way.

I can kiss you and teach you what love is like. 

Talking is the most magical way because your lips are all I wanna stare at every time.

We do not need to go on an adventure to have an amazing time. 

You are like lemon water because you are extremely refreshing to be with and I love it. 

You are the coolest, most rejuvenating person I know, so you are like a cucumber. 

I think your father is a god because how else did you end up being so blessed in the right places?

You are blessed in places people keep praying to be blessed in those places. 

Let me confess all of my sins to you for that would be an easier way to ask you to join me in committing them. 

I was wondering if you would like to be the subject of my sinful thoughts for the next few weeks?

I do not mean to scare you but you would definitely be worried if you learned how amazingly sinful my thoughts are when it comes to you. 

How do you ever feel down when all of your body is so up? You keep your head high and everything about you is high and mighty. 

Lifting is something that women look for in a bra. I could be lifting. 

Lifting, Supportive and secure. Am I describing myself or am I describing a bra? You will never know.

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