245+ Astronaut Pickup Lines [Catchy, Short, Awesome, Funny]

Suppose you plan to go on a date or impress someone who loves to talk about space, the moon, and all.

Also, if they want astronauts, you can try Astronaut Pickup Lines with them.

These are not just cool but also interesting; by using them, they will get to know how much you care about them.

Cheesy Astronaut Pickup Lines

Try these cheesy astronaut pickup lines with someone who loves everything about space and the universe.

I’m an astronaut because I’m going to Uranus.

I want to be an astronaut… …so I can see the rings of Uranus

Do you work for NASA? Because you are not of this world. Is your dad an astronaut? Because he stole a star from the sky and put it in your eyes.

If I were an astronaut, I would invade Uranus and destroy your atmosphere

are you an astronaut? Because I want to explore Uranus.

You want to be an astronaut because you want to fly to Uranus.

Is your dad an astronaut? Because someone took a star from the sky and put it in your eyes.

Call me an astronaut because I want to go to Uranus. Hey girl, do you like astronauts? Because I want to explore your Milky Way.

Hey girl, are your parent’s astronauts? How did they bring this beautiful planet here?

“High girl! Put a circle on that buttocks.”

“Baby, can I send a probe to the wormhole?”

Do you also feel the intense gravitational pull of my bed?”

My spaceship is ready. Wanna ride?”

How about you let me take you to the Planetarium? We can learn about astronomy; then, maybe I can explore Uranus.”

Care to experience some thrust?”

You’re attractive; the gravitational disturbance is causing my galactic center to elongate.”

Hey, wanna come to my place and observe something else that’s constantly expanding?”

Hey baby, how many Gamma-ray bursts can your Milky Way take?”

Baby, you make my telescope expand.”

Nice asteroids.” Wanna initiate a docking maneuver?”

Rare Astronaut Pickup Lines

Everything about space is unique and rare; try these Rare Astronaut Pickup lines with someone who wants to be an Astronaut.

Wanna join the hundred-thousand-mile-high club?”

Do you want to observe the Big Dipper? Hehe.”

You’d better call me William Herschel because I’m going to discover Uranus.”

NASA said there will only be seven planets left when I’m done with Uranus.”

Baby, you’re like a black hole; you just suck men up.”

You can use my telescope anytime. Hehe.”

You are hot like a perfect star, baby; mind if I enter your Goldilocks Zone?”

I’m a star. Would you like to taste the Milky Way? “

What does it mean to look at each other with the naked eye? “

They call me the Milky Way…a joy beyond measure.

Due to my intense fascination with Uranus [Your anus], I’m considering a career in astronomy.

If you show me Uranus, I’ll show you the world.

My d*ck couldn’t fit on my planet.

You should look at what you are doing to my missile if you think a meteor is hard.

Hey Baby, I want to look at your body because of my curiosity.

Take a ride on my star rocket and witness it explode as two engines propel my cargo.

Is the moon full? Because I experience a strong pull toward your celestial body.

Would you and I like to visit some celestial bodies?

Do you go by Houston? Because it seems like you are driving my rover.

Would you mind if I landed my spaceship on your International Space Station?

Short Astronaut Pickup Lines

Try these interesting Short Astronaut Pickup  Lines with your friends.

Baby, you raise the mast of my rover to a vertical position.

Take a seat! The time has come for the return.

No one can hear us scream in space.

Just wait until you see how big my rocket is.

I’m not just going to show you the world, girl; I’ll demonstrate the universe to you.

It’s okay because I like astronomy and your eyes look like dark black holes.

Hey, baby, do you have dark matter in your body? Because you are beyond description.

You and I could form a binary system, okay?

I can’t stop going around you, so I think you might be a star.

You emit light with the shortest wavelengths I’ve ever seen.

Does NASA employ you? Because you are extraordinary.

Have you ever wondered what’s going on under Orion’s belt?

Hey, how about reenacting the Big Bang?

I would hold a galaxy in my hand if I had a star every time you made my day better.

Baby, you’re hot but not very bright, like a white dwarf star.”

You caught my curiosity, baby; Would you mind if I briefly examine you?

The stars in your eyes are unlike any other I’ve ever seen.

The night sky would be dark if a star fell whenever I thought of you.

You had to walk into mine out of all the planets in all the solar systems in all the galaxies….”

Want to know how a Pulsar feels?

Best Astronaut Pickup Lines

Below are a few Best Astronaut Pickup Lines that you must try.

Because of the force of your gravitation, the universe must revolve around you.

A face devoid of freckles is comparable to a starless night sky.

Who put the stars in your eyes and took them from the sky?”

Why don’t you come home with me tonight, Starlight, Starbright!”

Are you dressed in a space suit? Because, man, that groin is beyond description!”

My pants are moving at the speed of light.

Would you permit me to see what lies beyond your Event Horizon?

Sirius is not as bright as your eyes.

Woah! What is the name of THIS foreign body?

Because we are destined to meet, your name must be Andromeda.

Your smile is like a void in the sky; There is no escape from its pull.

What does it feel like? Then, finally, she inquires: [What?]to be the sky’s only star.”

Is your father a robber?Why?I saw him steal all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes because I saw him do that.

I’m hotter than NML Cygni because of you.

Wow, girl, you look and feel like a comet; I’m glad I didn’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience with you.

Can I get you a beverage?”

I was led here by the light around you, so you must be the North Star.

I feel a strong magnetism between us, so you must be a Magnetar.

Where is your halo hidden?

I wish half of the sky’s stars were as bright as your eyes.

Good Chat up Astronaut Pickup Lines

Below are a few good Chatup Astronaut Pickup lines you can try with someone.

In-person, you appear much more appealing than through my telescope.

I feel like an astronaut when I look at you, and your beauty makes me float.

All I want in the entire universe is you.

Your smile is brighter than anything in the universe, like a supernova.

So that you can be my baby star, let me be your nebula.

Is that the Helix Nebula I’m looking at right now? I’m sorry, those are your eyes.

You must be a black hole, baby; Your gravitation is unstoppable.

Are you a meteor shower, girl? Because I’m looking out my window at you.

Because you are the hottest, you must be a blue star.

Do you subscribe to the theory of the big bang?

Is there a wormhole that will always direct me to your location?

Your beauty is unique, and the attraction between us is so strong.

My center of gravity is off because of you.

What is your mass-to-energy ratio?

I can’t resist your pull due to gravity.

Are you not radiant to the core?

I aspire to be like your Northern Lights.

“Are you from Mars?”Because of your extraordinary appearance.

Kiss me right away! Before the asteroid destroys the earth, let me taste your delicious lips.

Is your planet an exoplanet? Because I’m terrible at reading lines and astronomy.

Crazy Astronaut Pickup Lines

Go through these Crazy Astronaut Pickup lines and share them with your friends.

Are you okay with my comet entering your solar system?

Do you like astronomy? Because your groin is beyond description.

I’m drawn to you with force inversely proportional to the square of the distance, just like the Earth is drawn to the Sun.

Your beauty is as uncommon as an eclipse of Venus.

Have you heard of Pluto? That’s wrong, right?”

I resemble Neptune’s planet. However, since Uranus exerts such a powerful gravitational pull on me, I cannot lie.

I adore Uranus, so you must be the seventh planet in the solar system.

Is this girl the sun? Because you are my universe’s center.”

Hello, pretty! Your face is moon-like. Always radiant.

Is the moon you? Because you seem to shine even when it’s dark.

Babe, your beauty makes the morning sun appear like the moon’s drab glint.

In a pretty contest, I believe you would win over the moon.

Three things are needed: The moon for the night, the sun for the day, and you for the rest of your life.

If I can’t touch the moon, why look at it? If I can’t kiss your lips, why look at them?

There must not be a Venusian on Venus.

Because when you entered the room, it became unbelievably hot, I believe we were transported to Mercury’s surface.

Do you come from Mars? Because I want to investigate you with curiosity?

Even though I’m miles away, I still feel attracted to you! You must be Saturn!

Tonight, the moon looks nice, just like your face.

Are you the moon at perigee? Because I’m becoming more and more drawn to you.

Awesome Astronaut Pickup Lines

Below are a few Awesome Astronaut Pickup Lines that you should definitely try.

I would stop spinning just by looking at you if I were a planet and you were my moon.

Whatever Copernicus says, I don’t care; To me, you are the only planet.”

Mars is my promise, but I can’t promise you the moon or the stars.

I would like to be in your geostationary orbit.

Is Mars your nickname? Since you appear habitable.

Can you see the moon in the distance? Just like your smile, it has such a radiant beauty and shine.

I will shield you from danger like Jupiter shields the inner planets from asteroids thanks to its enormous gravity.

Even with Jupiter’s most destructive storms, I couldn’t get away from you!”

Venus can’t compete with you.

“Do you want me to inquire into you?”

Your eyes shine like my home planet’s twin suns.”

What did the cow hear from the alien? You will be encouraged by me!”

What are you, a nice girl, doing in this galaxy?

Do you want an extraordinary experience?

Are you a foreigner? Because you just took my heart from me.

Have you ever been near a pantless person?

You look like me. Have I ever questioned you before?”

You walked into my galaxy out of all the planets in all the solar systems.

Is there anything that travels faster than light? My heart just breaks when I think of you.

So, which star sign are you in?

Catchy Astronaut Pickup Lines

Mentioned below are a few Catchy Astronaut Pickup lInes that you must try.

Why are there so many of you in Vegas?”

Hey, child, would you like to ride in my saucer?

What travels at a rate greater than that of light? When I first saw your ship, I ran right out of there!

If you were a laser, your motto would be “stunning.”

So, a lovely gray like you, what are you doing here?

We’re here to get a piece!

How can an alien be disproven? by yanking them from bed?

What are your thoughts on a wormhole?

A night without the moon is like a day without you. Do this.

Do you have a full moon? Because I’m feeling a strong pull to get closer to your celestial body.

Are you a moon person? Because your beauty is beyond compare.

Is the moon you? Because I see the Sun reflecting off of you.

Is the moon you? Because I sense the firm gravitational pull that exists between us.

Is the moon you? Because I’m about to launch my rocket toward your base.

Is the moon you? Because you illuminate my gloom.

Is the moon you? Because you make my darkest moments light up.

Is the moon you? Because I miss you every day, and you are beautiful every night.

If you get the honey, baby, I’ll bring you the moon.

Suppose you could show me your morning, baby. How are you, my rocket ship?

Babe, tonight is the time to take my rocket to the moon.

Funny Astronaut Pickup Lines

You can try these Funny Astronaut Pickup Lines with your friends who wanna be an astronaut just to poke them.

Babe, there’s more than just the moon rising in my bed right now.

Babe, the only moon that does not exist on our honeymoon. You can rely on me to be the moon. You are my world’s center.

Baby! You are my life’s moon.

Be my moon’s light and sun.

Be the moon I see in the night sky.

Astronomers can promise you the moon and keep their word!

Can you see the moon in the distance? Precisely like your sparkling smile.

Are you the moon, girl? Would you like rockets to enter your craters?

Girl, I will make you shine like a moon one night with you.

Are you the moon, sweetheart? Because I would do anything to reach your moon.

Hey, girl, I saw the moon just now; in front of you.

Hey, girl! In a beauty contest, you would win over the moon.

Your eyes, girl, are brighter than the moonlight.

I have a rocket that will take you to the moon, sweetheart.

Are you the moon, hey? Due to my desire to land on you.

Are you the moon, hey? Because I want to use my rocket to colonize you.

I’ll take you to the moon, perhaps?

Let’s just go outside and look at the moon.

What if we simply go outside in the moonlight and enjoy life?

Like a night requires the moon, I am here for you.

Awesome Astronaut Pickup Lines

You should try these Awesome Astronaut Pickup Lines.

The moon is me; You are the center of my universe and the earth.

To the moon and back, I love you.

Three things are needed: the sun during the day, the moon at night, and you throughout my existence.

I’ve already taken on evil under the moonlight. How about I try to win your love in the morning?

I would stop spinning just by looking at you if I were a planet and you were my moon.

I resemble the moon. I’ll make you scream.

I’m sure I can bring your moon prism power back any day.

My thoughts revolve around you, like the moon.

The day’s sun.The nighttime moon. For the rest of my life, and you.

Like you, the moon looks nice tonight.

Tonight is dinner under the stars.

What about having dinner on the beach throughout the full moon?

What exactly is the point where the moon and the stars meet? You.

If I can’t touch the moon, why look at it? If I can’t kiss your lips, why look at them?

When you smile, you look better on the adorable moon.

Your beauty rivals that of the full moon.

You are my life’s moon. Every night before going to bed, I want to look at you.

You are my moon’s sun. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather bang on.

You transform the Halfmoon moon into the Full Moon.

You made me howl, so you must be a full moon.

Because you shine even when it’s dark, you must be the moon.

Your smile eclipses the moon.

The morning sun looks like a dim moonlight glimmer when you smile.

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