165+ Apple Pickup Lines (Cheesy, Funny, Crazy)

Apples are one of the tastiest fruits to be present in the market. Even the pickiest of eaters love the taste of a ripe, juicy red apple. These apples taste great and are amazing for health.

That is why if you ever find someone to love who is tasty, beautiful, and good for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being, you should definitely not let them go. To help you reach those people, here are some you can use

Cheesy Apple Pickup Lines

These are the cutest, adorable ones that will surely get your crush’s attention on your words.

These are perfect for when you want to be the reason for their beautiful smile. 

Some drinks taste good, but an appletini tastes better.

I am very cap-apple of loving you. 

I am more than cap-apple of being with you. 

I hope you like apples because you will apple-solutely have some when with me. 

If you ever want to live apple-y after with me, consider coming with me. 

I would be more than happy to make you feel completely appy. 

I would be the happiest girl when I am with you. 

I just want to make you as appy as possible. 

I would be more cute when I am blushing like an apple. 

I hope you know that anything can happle when you are with me. 

You would be amazing as my apple fizzy drink. 

You taste as sweet as an apple. 

You are the good one amongst all of the rotten ones. 

I do believe that finding a good apple is important. 

You are the apple I would climb a tree for. 

Your apple of the cheeks is so bright red. 

Your cheeks remind me of apples, and I would bite down on them so hard if I could. 

Your red cheeks remind me of apples, and I can not help but wonder if you would taste the same.

If you were the poison apple, I would still take a bite out of you. 

You look so beautiful when you are red. 

Your cheeks are like ripe apples, bright and begging to be tasted. 

You should cosplay as an apple this Halloween because I am dying to have a bite out of you. 

I can differentiate between a good apple and a bad one. 

I may not be the best, but I can be the sweetest apple for you. 

The only pie I like next to apple pies is you, cutie. 

You are sweeter than apple pies and softer than it too. 

I would take a hardcore fall for you. 

I am more than happy to fall for you. 

I would climb up several feet high just to pick you. 

I can tell from the way you smell that you would be absolutely delicious. 

I am always hungry for apples, and when I am not, I am hungry for you. 

Funny Apple Pickup Lines

These are the ones you should go for whenever you miss their laughter.

Laughter is the best medicine for anything, and you can pretend to be their doctor by providing them with such. 

I am not one for apple-ogies. 

I do not care for the opportunities, but I shall not apple-ogize for flirting with you. 

I apple-ogize for being so hot. 

I could definitely apple-ogize, but why should I?

Apple-ogize for stealing your heart? Hah! Never. 

You are worth more than seven apples, which makes you very precious. 

I always thought I would be tired of eating the same thing every day, but you definitely have me changing my mind. 

I like apples, but I seem to like you better. 

I think you are the cutest when you blush because you definitely run as fair competition against an apple. 

If you were an apple, I would definitely eat you every day, at least once. 

Your core is definitely quite hard. 

I would do everything to get to your core. 

You definitely have a hardcore. 

I am not a liar, but I know a soft core when I see it. 

Your heart is the core I want to get to. 

I love your sweet core so much. 

I would go through the fiery depth of hell just to get to your core. 

I would be the worm that will sneak my way to your core. 

Before you even realize it, I will be in the core of your apple heart. 

You do have quite the apple (ample) heart. 

I will definitely give you apple (ample) opportunities to win me before I decide to pursue you. 

I would love to tase your core once you are feeling like you are up for it. 

You remind me of the softest and sweetest apple pie. 

You have heard about what happened to the apple pie in the American pie movie, yes? Yeah, well, you can be the apple pie, and I will be Jimbo. 

I will love you like Jimbo loves his apple pie. 

Crazy Apple Pickup Lines

These will definitely blow their mind with how out of the world these are. However, these are essentially perfect if you are thinking of pickup lines that will surely impress your crush. 

I would love to go picking with you. 

I love picking a lot of things- apples, clothes, and my lovers. 

Whenever I see you, I believe I could not have picked a better partner. 

I am glad I picked you out of the rotten ones. 

You make me feel like a farmer who found the best apple on his farm. 

Are you an orchard because you do smell edible, and I feel terribly relaxed when I am with you?

I am up for both picking apples and picking clothes if it is with you. 

I would peel those clothes off of you. 

I have never really liked peels on the apples I eat, so let me peel you too. 

I can not wait to sink my teeth into you like I sink my teeth into this apple. 

This apple definitely is quite juicy, but I have a feeling it is only the second juiciest thing in the room. 

I do believe that you are quite juicy, juicier than the apple. 

Did you know that doctors suggest eating your fruits whole instead of juicing them? So when can I eat you whole?

I would be more than happy to eat you whole on a daily basis to make sure the doctor can stay away from me. 

I would give you an apple every day if you ever find yourself like a doctor. 

Can I be in-cider? Do you know? Your favorite part?

I am more than happy to be on your side. You can say that I am a you-cider. 

The only cider I want is to be-cider you. 

Your be-cider looks rather empty. Shall I take my space there?

I think I would always pick you no matter what you were, even an apple. 

We can roleplay as anything you want- but you better not be an apple when I am being a doctor. 

I do think, just like an apple tab, you would be the most important thing to me. 

I do believe that I would be smooth all over you, just like the apple pen on the iPad. 

You remind me of the newest phone model because I definitely need to have you. 

There are definitely better ciders to everything, but I wish life was a little better. 

You make me think of the better ciders of the thing. 

I do have every gossip you could ever want, so I suppose you can call me an in-cider when it comes to that.

Good Apple Chat up Lines

Beginning a conversation can be scary but not anymore with the help of these following oneliners.

They will definitely be the ones to set the conversation going making sure no one is bored. 

Girl, are you an iPhone that is purple? I swear you are not someone I have seen before. 

You are definitely big, but I am good with apple iPhones, so big things do not scare me. 

You remind me of the newest apple iPhone because I swear, you are not very different with that changed hairstyle, but I still want you a lot. 

I would be more than happy to face time in person if you are up for it.

How do you feel about a facetime date, except we meet each other in real life?

Facetime but without the phone screens, would you be up for it?

I am not an iPhone user, but I would love to facetime with you in person when you are up for it. 

I am more than happy to facetime with you late at night when you are lying in my bed. 

Do you need something to be dropped off? I would be more than happy to drop off some love. 

I have more than 1TB of love, and it is all for you. 

I feel like an iPhone 14 pro max because I have many memories of you, and I would be more than happy to have more memories of you. 

I would be more than happy to drop out of the air for you to give you some love. 

I will airdrop you memes as a way to show off my love. 

I do believe that you deserve more than an old iPhone 6 because you do deserve to have an iPhone that just came out, like me. 

I bet we would be in sync without you even realizing it. 

I would be more than happy to sync up with you. 

Let me sync myself with you so that our connection is stronger. 

You are everything that would fill up my iCloud. 

I bet it hurt when you were airdropped from the iCloud for me. 

I hope you are alright after airdropping yourself on my lap. 

I feel like an iPhone because I swear I would be the best assistive touch you have ever felt. 

You can tell me what to do, and I would be more than happy to do everything for you, but better than Siri. 

I would rather be the one waking you up every morning than Siri. 

Best Apple Pickup Lines ever

These are the pickup lines that have been used for so long that these will be the best ones to go for.

These are the best apples from the trees of pickup lines that will ensure you have an amazing conversation with your crush. 

I am jealous that Siri gets to wish you good morning first before me. 

I wish I were a voice assistant because I would be the one to wish you good morning. 

I do wish I was your iCloud because you would trust me with your life. 

You are like the latest iPhone because you are the most precious thing in my life right now. 

Did you know that my iPhone has a magic trick? If you put your number in it, you can see it. 

I know we met a few days ago, but I was wondering if you would like to put your fingerprint on my sensor.

I can let you control me once we are at a remote place, just like my iPhone. 

I am fragile, just like your iPhone. 

You remind me of a MacBook because I can definitely see you on my counter. 

I wonder if anyone has ever compared you with devices because if someone has, I think you would be an iPhone- sleek, precious, and attractive. 

I do think that if you were an application, you would definitely get banned. 

I would download you if you were a third-party app. 

I would be more than happy to put my cyber security at risk if I could be with you. 

I would load you up in my iCloud and see you everywhere. 

I wish you were a file I could download because I would love to have you everywhere with me. 

I am confident that I would pass the shake test. 

I think you are very good at the shake test. 

I have something for you to perform the shake test on when you have time. 

Short Apple Pickup Lines

Simple and short pickup lines will definitely set the mood for every type of conversation.

Here are some chat-up lines to help you blend flirty connotations into conversations effortlessly.

Your dress does indeed get my retina receptors working. 

The camera quality on my iPhone definitely does not do justice to your beauty. 

I think no phone in this world can capture how vibrant you are. 

iPhone can put a thousand cameras on their phone, but you will still look beautiful. 

You should put your phone number on my phone, so that iPhone you are possible. 

No matter how amazing your phone is, nothing can beat the beauty that I get to see when we see each other in person. 

I am not like every other guy. Baby, I am a Pro. I am basically the same, just better at everything. 

I would be more than happy to put you in my backpack and run away. 

You are so cute, and I bet you would fit in the MacBook pocket of my backpack. 

I have heard that an iPad is 9.7 inches. I hope you like anything that is smaller than that. 

The only magical experience I can offer you in bed is my iPhone. 

iPhone battery lasts long, but I will definitely last longer. 

You are like my wireless charger because the moment I touch you, I do feel definitely better.

You make me feel as sleek as that MacBook you carry in your bag. 

Catchy Apple Pickup Lines

If you want to start off a running joke with your crush as a positive memory, then these are the ones for you. 

I do wish I was your MacBook because then I would be in your hand all the time. 

I would rather be your MacBook so that you can push my buttons. 

I know you are good with your fingers. I can see how quickly they move. 

You can treat my lady bits like your keyboard- you can definitely smash the button down there. 

Are you being Siri-ous right now?

I am being very Siri-ous right now. I am so in love with you. 

iPhone with you is iSad because I miss you. 

You make me iSad, which makes my mood iBad. 

I saw you traded in your old phone for a new one. Would you be willing to do the same with your partner?

I would treat you like my iPhone because I will definitely tp you all night and all day. 

I do lose sleep over my iPhone by tapping and playing on it all night, but if you were in my life, I would probably do the same with you. 

Mobile phone addiction is a terrible addiction. Please let me be addicted to you instead. 

I could be addicted to a lot of things, but the only things I am addicted to are y phone and you.  

The only thing that makes me go from iSad to iHappy is Siri reading out your name whenever your notification comes in. 

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