158+ Tricky Algebra Pick Up Lines

With more social media accounts, more people use pickup lines on that. But, unfortunately, when You are with your crush, maths isn’t the only thing that seems hard. So in order to help you impress your crush smoothly, here are some pickup lines that you can use. These pickup lines are relatable, funny, and hilarious when done right. Each and every one of these pickup lines will leave a memorable impression on the people you use them on. 

Good Algebra Pick Up Lines

There is a slight distinction between a good pickup line and an awkward statement. That’s why here are good algebra pickup lines that you can use to make a good impression on your crush s you speak with them about maths.

Maths may be hard to get but getting your crush’s phone number shouldn’t be that hard at all. So these pickup lines would surely help you get their phone number. 

  • I may not be the best at maths, but I definitely know that you’re better than my ex.  
  • You can replace my ex any day. 
  • Please don’t ask me why I need you to replace my ex. 
  • X’s and Y’s, that’s all you care about, but when will you notice me? 
  • As I often work with numbers, I believe your number would be the easiest to work with. So please, do consider sharing your digits with me. 
  • Based on the mathematical knowledge I possess, I have deduced that you are definitely going home with me tonight if you’re into it.  
  • If I can memorize so many formulae, I can for sure memorize the 10 numbers your contact number has. So please, go right ahead. 
  • There is precisely ½ possibility of getting head, but there is a probability of 1 when it comes to you getting head tonight if you come home with me. 
  • Maths is not the only thing hard when I am around you. 
  • Whenever you are with me, my IQ drops because I suddenly can not remember anything, including my digits. 
  • Your standard is high, but I wish it were as low as my IQ. 
  • You’re like the root of -1 because you’re unreal. 
  • Your beauty is like fractals because you’re so undefinable. 
  • So what’s your Sin?
  • If you’re sin π/2, then it’s good. You’re the 1. 
  • You’re sin², and I’ll be cos², and we will be 1. 
  • You’re so 1/cos C. 
  • You’re sweet. You never wonder Y. 
  • I am not a mathemetician, but I will be the right angle for you. 
  • I don’t know why you’re being so obtuse about it. 

Funny algebra Pick Up Lines.

Maths is not the funniest subject, but that doesn’t mean you can not make your crush laugh using a few math puns. In order to help you with that, here are some curated, hand-picked pickup lines that will guarantee a big smile on your crush’s face, thanks to you.

Of course, these pickup lines are the best pickup lines to see if you and your crush both have the same sense of humor. 

  • My love for you has no limits. 
  • If you could make a curve of my love, it’s way too big to be graphed. 
  • Everything in my life may be a variable, but you’re such a constant. 
  • I love you the way I love maths. 
  • If you don’t have a pen, don’t worry about it. If I can memorize the values of PI, I can memorize your number. 
  • I don’t believe in astronomy but definitely, what’s your sine because I want to be the one with you. 
  • If I give you a problem to solve, can you do it? You have to solve for X, and X is basically your contact number. 
  • Are you familiar with less than sign? Yeah, well, I less than three of you because that’s the easiest way to show you my love for you. 
  • LCM is all about the lowest common multiple. Basically, it is the common factor, and honestly, every dream of mine has the LCM of you. 
  • You’re the root of my dreams because you’re all I think about. 
  • I think you can definitely integrate my love for you. 
  • Are you familiar with the logarithm? My love for you grows that way. 
  • I thought my love for you would be linear, but it’s basically like a heart. 
  • I wish I could quantify my love for you instead of just saying it to you. 
  • You make my love grow in geometric proportion. 
  • The only pi I knew until I met you was 3.14. 
  • 3.14 is pi, and you’re basically a cutie 3.14. 
  • I don’t know if you know this, but you’re the 9, and I am the 6 in a 69. 
  • Would you say you’re good at maths? If so, then what do you think will happen if we add ourselves together?
  • You’re so hot that even at 360 degrees, every degree makes you look good. 

Flirty Algebra Pick Up Lines for Her 

Flirtation can be complicated but not as tricky as calculus. If it is hard for you, you’re probably doing it wrong. That’s why just like any maths book, here is a guide you can follow to win your crush’s heart by being subtly flirtatious where the flirting limit tends to be zero! These pickup lines are the guidelines you should follow to your best level if you can.

  • You make me want to 360-degree no-scope you. 
  • People like just pie, but the only pi I like is 3.14. 
  • So, what’s it like being a 10 out of 10 every day?
  • What is the secret behind you being so suitable for me? Are you walking with a protractor?
  • Not even a protractor can measure how hot you are. 
  • No, that’s not a geometry box in my pocket. 
  • So do you think I have a scale in my pocket, or am I simply excited to see you?
  • You’re like my maths homework because I should be doing you, but instead, I am not doing it. 
  • I think you’re like my maths exam because no matter how much I do you, I will never be done. 
  •  The probability of us dating is relatively high, I would say. 
  • If I throw this dice, there’s a ⅙ chance of me getting a head and ⅚ chances of you getting ahead. 
  • Do you think we can reproduce geometric progression or arithmetic progression?
  • I will be the numerator, and you can be the denominator and have our clothes be the fine line separating us. 
  • Do you think we should reduce ourselves to our simplest forms?

Super Cheesy Pick Up Lines 

Just like people love a little cheese on their pizza, so do people love flirty cheesy puns on their pickup line. So to help you with that, here are a few pickup lines you can use to make your mark in your crush’s heart.

A good impression is the best impression you can create, and we are here to help you with that. These pickup lines are easy to think of and easy to use. 

  • If there were a set of my interest and you, you’d be all that’s in it. 
  • Without you, my set would be void. 
  • I am nothing without you, so please give me value. 
  • You’re basically like the number in my life because you certainly gave my life value when we met. 
  • My love is like infinity- you can’t really see it. 
  • My love for you is difficult to be defined. 
  • How good is your geometry? Because those curves are begging me to measure the, 
  • I do want to draw a tangent against that curve of yours repeatedly, preferably at a rhythm. 
  • You’re so beautiful, but you’d look better perpendicular over me. 
  • You would look adorable as you lay parallel next to me on my bed of mine. 
  • That face of yours definitely follows the Golden Ratio because how are you so beautiful and stunning?
  • Have you heard of that theory that all of us exist as fractions? Because if you believe in that, I think we would be the fractions that make each other whole. 
  • One of us is the 9, and the other is the one they need. You decide. 
  • I would say you’re a ten, but then I wouldn’t be the one for you. 
  • You are all the ten I see. 
  • My love for you is like a point. It’s everywhere.
  • From whatever angle I look at you, you’re hot. 
  • From this angle, you definitely seem to be between 45 degrees and 60 degrees. You are definitely a cute angel. 
  • You look hot from every angle, my love.

Short Algebra Pick Up Lines 

Here are some short pickup lines that you can use to show how charming and on your feet you are. The quicker you can come up with these, the better. These are the best type of pickup lines to use in the long run owing to their sense of humor and puns.

These pickup lines are the best pickup lines to make a good impression on yourself. 

  • Have you heard about the root of 2? It is irrational, just like my love for you. 
  • My life is currently void, so I was wondering if you would like to do a substitution with yourself.
  • Have you heard about the exponential curve? Because I think the curve is as unbounded as my love for you. 
  • I can definitely call–you-later!
  • I am so glad I was solving my equation for x because from dv/dt, I got u. 
  • You’re as perfect as the 45-degree angle. 
  • I like addition, so can I add your digits?
  • Do you prefer subtraction? Can we subtract our clothes, then?
  • Do you like division because I am looking forward to dividing your legs? 
  • Do you like multiplication? I am more than okay with multiplying with you. 
  • Your proportions are basically like a curve of the cosine function. 
  • I think you and I together can definitely make one if we just follow the rules of trigonometry. 
  • You’re so secC that I can simply not look away from you. 
  • The value of gravity is 9.8 because that made my jaw drop to the floor. 
  • My jaw has been at your feet since I saw you, and you make my heartbeat appear as a sine function. 
  • You’re hot. I am hot. I think we are an even match for each other. 
  • I definitely have some unique features, so I think I am the prime candidate for your affection. 
  • Odd one out? Yes, I guess I am the odd one out, but hey, I got your attention. 

Rare Algebra Pick Up Lines 

In the world of social media, where pickup lines are used daily, it is really hard to make a good impression. In order for you to make a good impression. To stand out, you need to use pickup lines that have never been used before, and those pickup lines are these ones.

Here you have a comprehensive list of rare, catchy, and trendy pickup lines that you can use to stand out from the crowd.

  • I just want to be in line with you. 
  • I want my fingertips to leave points all over your body. 
  • Tangential thoughts and tangetleman at your service, ma’am. 
  • Would you say you’re good at maths? Then can you solve Y? Does my X need to go?
  • I think you’re a square because you definitely have a lot of right angles. 
  • You are basically like a 45-degree angle because how are you so perfect?
  • I would be the complimentary angle to make your value 1. 
  • I will supplement you in company and mindset, don’t you worry. 
  • People drive people crazy. I would say you derive me insane. 
  • You’re basically like a calculator because you solve all of my issues. 
  • I would not be parallel lines because I want to meet you again. 
  • You definitely make me whole. 
  • At what rate do you think our clothes will disappear and how fast do you think we have to move so we can reach the bedroom before our clothes are completely off?
  • Let’s get into bed and reduce our clothes into the simplest forms. 
  • Would you say our birthday suits are our simplest forms because I am willing to be in that phase with you? 
  • I think you’re hot from every angle that not even any digit in any system can explain.
  • Would you prefer being the numerator or denominator if we were a fraction?
  • I don’t know about you, but I think that fraction is a good position in Kamasutra because the thought of you being on top of me like a numerator is definitely something. 
  • I think you are like a root of -100. Because you’re definitely a ten, but I can’t believe you’re real. 

Cheap Algebra Pick Up Lines

Having a good sense of humor is essential when it comes to making a good impression. That’s why you must know how to mix sophistication with puns. To help you with that, here is a list of pickup lines you can use to make a good impression on the crush who has caught your attention.

These pickup lines are funny, hilarious, and perfect for every occasion.  

  • The only concentric circle I care about is your areola. 
  • What would you say is the area of your breast?
  • Your breasts definitely accentuate those curves of yours. 
  • Your curves excite my protractor. 
  • You must be good at math because your legs have been divided the whole night. 
  • You’re like my maths test because you keep coming into my dream. 
  • You make me want to cry for god just like my maths test does. 
  • Doing you will take a lot of care just like this integration. 
  • I assure you I am good at my finger because I use a calculator for my work. 
  • You must be wondering what the probability of us sleeping together is, and if you consent to it, that probability is definitely a 1. 
  • This chapter is exciting, but I would instead be interested in you. 
  • Maths isn’t the only thing that’s hard when I see you. 
  • I wish I were your maths homework. Because I am definitely want to be hard and get your attention on me while I am on your bed. 
  • Do you prefer doing your homework on your desk or on the bed because I wish I were your homework?

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