176+ Adorable Pickup Lines 

Pickup lines are not simply used to make a good impression and pick up new love interests. These pickup lines can also help you break the ice when you meet new people and help you step out of the box. Here is a list of pickup lines you can use next time you’re nervous and want to be smooth.

Cheesy Adorable Pickup Lines

Being absolutely adorable plays a huge role when it comes to making an impression on someone. That is why there are some cheesy lines that you can use to come off as cheesy, cheeky, and adorable all together the moment you use them on someone. 

  • I hope you arrr well because seeing you smile makes me smile. 
  • Song of Solomon book date? What do you say? Yay or nay, mate?
  • I never thought God would call me, but he did and is asking for you, his lost angel. 
  • God is such a showoff. He did not have to snap so hard while making you. 
  • Bible tells us to multiply, and if you are down, I would be down for it too. 
  • I wonder if I leave my marks on you, would that be my legacy or not?
  • I bet I would scream like a maniac when I ride you like a rollercoaster. 
  • Hands have never been necessary to undress me. 
  • I have a package for you, so if you could just sign on my neck?
  • Semen has fructose, which is sugar, so I am a food source if you are hungry. 
  • I hope you do not have anything of mine in your pants. 
  • I can show you all 50 shades of Grey but in a healthy way.
  • You are on my prayer list as you are everything I have prayed for. 
  • I hope you do not mind using the bible for baby names. 
  • We can have a private bible study session with just you and me.
  • Jesus turned water into wine and you into fine.
  • I can teach you how to bury your treasure if you want to learn properly. 
  • I hope you would be ok with the parrot watching. 
  • I only pirate music. You can check my laptop. 
  • I doubt you could deceive me even if you tried.  

Flirty Adorable Pickup Lines for Her

Being flirty is a boon if you know how to play your cards right. Confidence is key. Hence, here is a handpicked list of pun-tastic cheesy pickup lines that you can use to your advantage to make a good impression- as in a flirty flirt and not a creepy flirt. 

  • You could wear a camo suit from head to toe, and still, I would find you beautiful.  
  • Even if you ever doubt yourself, please know that I would be your number 1 fan all the time. 
  • I am that one percent of germ that sanitizers can not kill. However, I am very persistent, and I do not give up. 
  • I can be like all of those nine dentists who suggest the toothpaste brand, but I prefer being the one that does not. Because I can not wait to make it, you wonder I am like this. 
  • I think we are a perfect couple because our routines are so similar during this pandemic. 
  • I could worry about this game, but you dominate my thoughts. 
  • You don’t just dominate the game; you also dominate my thoughts. 
  • I bet you would be mine either way. We can flip a coin to decide if you want. 
  • I am predictable, but I like being unpredictable, so I have this pancake for you instead of flowers.
  • We can fight one on one if you think you have what it takes to be my girl, but I am already a loser for you.  
  • You are toxic like snake poison, you make my skin burn, and I can not get you out of my system. 
  • You’re the brightest star in my eyes. I would say Sirius, but I only know pole star. 
  • You definitely heal me after the end of a long day because every time we speak, I feel so much better. 
  • I look at you like I look at the sun because I only look at you when you are not noticing. 
  • I like wearing sunglass and staring at you because you are way too hot for my eyes. 
  • I will pin you against the wall like this poster. 
  • I will definitely nail you to the wall, you piece of art. 
  • You fell into my heart in such an elegant way, and I can hardly believe it. 
  • I want to be in your room without the y. 
  • You are definitely attractive enough o get me all hot and bothered. 
  • Someone needs to get me paracetamol because my temperature rises whenever I see you. 
  • I have something to swab your mouth with you. 
  • I am definitely sunburnt and totally not blushing because of how hot you are. 
  • You make me do Dayyyuuuum all the time. 
  • I can not wait to give you the gift of my love and kisses. If only you would take a chance on me.

Crazy Adorable Pickup Lines 

So many people have used adorable pickup lines over the years, so it is necessary for the pickup lines that you are using to have a particular punch in them. That is why these pickup lines have been specifically chosen for their nature. These pickup lines will tell you, “They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.” 

  • Whether it is your heart or your ship, I will steal it all. 
  • What is the most important thing in your life? Well, tell it to watch out because I will be replacing it. 
  • I have a hole you can blow into. 
  • Your trousers look better on me, especially after you have stayed over the night. 
  • You make me forget to breathe because you are way too beautiful.
  • I am a time traveler, and in a few minutes, I can assure you, we will be together. 
  • You are a part of my future. I know what I am saying because I have been through it. 
  • You are like the lamp after a long walk in the darkness. 
  • Do you work in pharmaceuticals because I will never forget you no matter how old I get?
  • You are like my morning coffee because you are all I seek when I wake up. 
  • I am an unpredictable thief because, unlike others, I am chasing for your kisses.  
  • I can make your lips feel less lonely if you are feeling lonely for sure. 
  • I think none of the languages are enough to describe how beautiful you are. 
  • No Combination of 26 letters can explain how beautiful you are to me. 
  • You are definitely hard to handle, but I have always liked a challenge. 
  • You can be a little slimy sometimes, but we like slimy stuff. 
  • I have everything you could need so why do you not see me?
  • You do have violent mood swings, but they are nothing for me because I can definitely take care of you through those. 
  • My ship is long, good quality, and perfect for riding through storms. 
  • You make shivers run down south, and I do not know how to handle myself. 

Best Adorable Pickup Lines Ever

Cute adorable pickup lines are beautiful. They send the message without any doubt, and these are always a surefire way to get them talking to you or at least remain on their mind. These Are an absolute hit whether you use them as a flirtation or a genuine way to start a conversation with someone you’ve never spoken to. 

  • So, should I spam more Instagram pictures of yours with love, or should I wait for your text? 
  • I think someone is impersonating you. It’s NASA because you are out of this planet. 
  • I think you’re an Instagram story because I keep swiping right to see you repeatedly. 
  • I wish you were my cat so I’d sleep with you on my chest every night. 
  • You’re lucky I am not a judge, or else I’d rule for you to stay with me all the time for the rest of your life. 
  • We are like hot cocoa and marshmallow. Perfect for snuggling on a Winter afternoon. 
  • We can play house if you want. I will be the mom, and you can be the dad. 
  • I can unwind you like my hair from my rollers. 
  • I think alcohol will increase our already palpable chemistry. 
  • I think our cake should be strawberry, what do you think?
  • I bet I can calculate my love for you with your height. 
  • You are perfect for me, like a puzzle piece. 
  • I hope the fall from heaven wasn’t too bad. 
  • My phone number will look better on your phone than on my visiting card. 
  • I want to have you on my desk like the 3 square meals I have daily. 

Rare Adorable Pickup Lines

Nothing is more special than hearing adorable pickup lines that are self-made, rare, and unique. That is why here are a bunch of irregular sweet pickup lines that you can use to win over the heart of your particular person. 

  • You are like the oxygen I need because without you, everything burns. 
  • You are like Helium because you make me go He He. 
  • You are so cute, and I wish you knew that you would win against puppies. 
  • In a fair full of animals, you will always be the cutest one I would choose. 
  • I can not wait to drown myself in you. 
  • Your lips are the cup I want to drink my life away from. 
  • I think you are the treasure I was always looking for. 
  • I will protect you with whatever I have for the rest of my life because You are so beautiful. 
  • Your hair reminds me of the chocolate river in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 
  • You scare me, but you excite me, so I can not wait to be with you. 
  • I need to call an ambulance because we need to get you CPR. I have definitely stolen your breath. 
  • Can you call 911? My heart stopped beating the moment I saw you. 
  • I need CPR, maybe a kiss of life, because I can not breathe anymore. 
  • I am definitely struggling to find my phone. Can you give it a ring?
  • I can definitely give you my number if you have lost yours. 
  • I can hold you if you feel a little heavy. 

Quick Adorable Pickup Lines 

Being on your feet quickly is a necessity. Therefore, it is essential to produce cute pick up lines on the go as you speak with a particular person. That is why here is a list of pickup lines that are short, quick, and easy to put in conversations. 

  • I have a ring, and I think it is your size. 
  • I can give you my last name as a gift. 
  • You make me feel like I just ran a marathon. 
  • You must be a martial arts artist because you have definitely knocked me off of my feet. 
  • You are so strong you can wipe the floor with my ass. 
  • You can bench press me easily, and I think that is very attractive.
  • I can be your knight in your shining armor if you want to be my princess. 
  • You can be the queen, and I will be your king. 
  • You must be tired of being the only one with a sense of humor in this friend’s circle, so I am here now to make it better for you. 
  • Are you a grave site because? I would totally dig you up. 
  • I am strong and quite quick on my feet, but you definitely get me all weak. 
  • I want to play with your hair as I knit. 
  • I will succumb to your wills. 
  • I want to take you on a date, maybe feed rabbits some kale. 
  • You are like a dictionary because you have me finding meaning everywhere. 
  • You make me smile like a crazy man. 
  • I hope you are open to cuddling because I want to be as close to you as possible. 
  • Let me be happy with you like a clam. 
  • I want to smile when I am with you. 
  • I am allergic to the distance between us because whenever you disappear, it breaks my heart so much. 
  • I am so jealous of your cats because they get to be with you all the time. 

Pretty Adorable Pickup Lines

Just like your crush is pretty, they deserve stunning pickup lines. That’s why here you have a list of absolutely adorable pickup lines that are easy to put into daily statements and make them realize how beautiful they are in your eyes. Surely they will take it as a compliment as they will feel your sincerity through your words, which will help you secure a place in their heart and mind. 

  • I will give you a thousand toys and chocolates if that is what you want. 
  • You remind me of chocolate because you are so sweet. 
  • I can not wait to lick you off of my fingers. 
  • You are so cute, like a koala. 
  • I am an animal in bed, a sloth to be specific, because I would totally sleep all the time. 
  • I can not wait to be the cutest girl you have ever seen so I can cosplay as your waif. 
  • Listen, I will tell you people were using Autobot in COD. 
  • I can help you shoot. 
  • You definitely shot me with your shot. 
  • You can leave your sneaker at my house. 
  • I can give you my hoodies to wear. 
  • I think you would look better in my bed. 
  • I think your smile is like a switch because it turns me on. I want to hold your hand if you are feeling tired of it. 
  • My hands are perfect as bras if you want some help. 
  • I would totally support you if you wanted to be in my clothes all the time. 
  • It must be Christmas because I told Santa about you. 
  • I will be Santa if you want to be on my lap. 
  • I hope you like red because after I m done, you will be red all over. 
  • When you look at me, you turn me into a tomato. 
  • Pikachu? More like I will pick-a-you. 
  • You are so adorable when you smile because you are like a fluffy hamster. 
  • I think you are the thorn in my side, so come be the rose in my hands. 
  • I think rose would be an understatement if I did give you that. Flowers will never be as beautiful as you. 
  • Baby’s breath is not a flower; it is just you napping on me. 
  • I can not wait to kiss you and feel my love for you grow extensively. 
  • You make me so happy like I am a kid in a kiddie pool. 
  • I want to swim with you and in you. 
  • You are as warm and welcoming as my blanket. 

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